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About Readers’ and Writers’ Club

The Readers’ club was formed in the college during the academic year 2015-16.

Readers’ and Writers ‘Club was functioning independently since its inception, but later both combined into a single club. The great British Essayist Francis Bacon’s quotation, “Reading Maketh a full man, Conference A ready Man and Writing an Exact man” has taken as this club’s motto. At St. Thomas College, we believe that all students of the college deserve a curriculum which encourages both extensive reading and writing. We aim to promote the concept of reading for pleasure and also creative writing of our students through the activities of this club.

Dr. Sr. Sheeba C.V. (Organizer)
Dr. Syam Sudhakar,
Mr. Francis T.V.,
Mr. Prinson P.T.,
Ms. Swathymol K.S.,
Ms Saleesha V. S.


  1. Active encouragement of reading for pleasure is the core part of every student’s educational entitlement
  2. Extensive reading and exposure to wide range of books make a vital contribution to every student’s educational achievement
  3. Teachers foster a love of reading, that is passed on to students and also encourage students to share their reading experience and make recommendations to each other.
  4. Make all its members not only Good Readers but also Creative Writers too.
  5. Aid its members in the in the creation of original works;
  6. Discuss and critique works of all kinds;
  7. Form a community of mutual support and creative endeavours
  8. Help students to publish their own works as books annually
  9. Conduct Creative Writing Workshops for its members


  • To develop the art of reading
  • To develop the extensive reading habits
  • To explore world literatures
  • To introduce the books released recently.
  • To give a glimpse of major ideas, philosophies and ideologies

Major Programmes Conducted by the Club

  1. Readers’ Day Celebrations
  2. Book Review Competition for Students
  3. Poetry Reading by the Students
  4. Book publication by the Club Members
  5. Creative Workshops for students
  6. Extension Lectures


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