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Admission 2024
Adventure Club2024-04-12T23:02:59+05:30
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The adventure club started to promote the student’s ability to go through rough terrain and face challenges and adverse conditions with confidence. The activities of the adventure club promote social commitment and responsibility which may lead to facing challenges during natural disasters like flood landslides, earthquakes, etc… The club activities also promote interaction with backward communities especially tribal villages living in remote mountain settlements, and this can provide out-of-curriculum care in a safe and clean environment. Thus indirectly these students grow physically socially emotionally and intellectually

Dr. C F Binoy (organizer)
Mr. Sabu A.S
Mr. Jophy T J
Mr. Yadhukrishnan
Ms. Anna Rose
Ms. Mary Liya

  • To inculcate social responsibility
  • To protect environment
  • To develop fitness consciously
  • Visit a tribal village in Idukki
  • Environmental awarness activities
  • Mountaineering  crafts and gear
  • Wild life experience shared by photographers Shaji Mathilakam


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