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Antique Club

Antique Club at St.Thomas College ,Thrissur ,organizes various programmes to develop a passion for the  past and history, so that its knowledge could be transferred to the next generations. It updates knowledge about our past and trains the students to develop an explorative attitude. It also provides insights about the significance of Private history and necessity of their preservation.

Ms.Dalia Varghese (Organizer)
Dr. Anu Paul
Fr. Ginson C.J
Dr. Blessy Paul C

To have better understaning of role of antiques in history

To reconstruct  private history

To update the knowledge

To develop discovery attitude

To prepare exhibits and models

To conduct field studies  / visits

  • Quiz

Quiz programme was organised by the members of Antique Club on 06/03/2021 at St Thomas College (Autonomous), Thrissur. Quiz was conducted in three rounds covering MCQs, Visual and Objective rounds respectively. Moreover, the event was conducted through online mode and had several participants. Ms Dalia Varghese was the coordinator of the programme while Ms Anu Paul the joint coordinator. Finally, Hridya Jose bagged the first prize and was awarded the prize money.

  • Field visit

On 7th December 2019, we, a few students from fourth and sixth semester BA English and History accompanied by our teachers (Antique club),Ms.Dalia Vargheese and Ms, Blessy Paul C visited the famous Sakthan Thampuran Palace Museum situated at Vadakkechira, Thrissur. We all got together at 9.45 am in front of the gate and entered the museum together. The palace was indeed a place to behold. To keep the articles intact and secured, photography was not allowed inside. Entering the museum, we saw the things used by the royalty – the King’s chariot, the utensils used, the statues of deities etc. We were also lucky enough to see the palace architecture. The living room and the King’s bedroom were quite breath-taking. The paintings of the king were also shown.

After viewing the things used then, we saw different scripts used at that time. Monolithic statues of various deities were also impressive. Inside the courtyard, we also sighted various burial methods. The land area is also massive, and it was clear that the king took serious care of the palace’s protection. The visit was truly wonderful. Everything we saw and understood made us feel proud of our heritage. How history teaches about the old culture was well highlighted in the museum. We had great fun while learning about the palace history. The day was truly spectacularar


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