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Connect with us! +91 487 2420 435


Global OSA Meet Nov 01, 2021, at 7 pm – Registration

Office Bearers

President: Dr.M.Jayaprakash
Secretary: Dr.K.P.Nandakumar
Treasurer: Mr.Mestin P C

We are Proud of Our Alumni!

                              St. Thomas College is proud of her Alumni. They are our ambassadors. Our alumni are our pride as well as our strength and support. The institution has a unique distinction wherein the very first student of the college, went on to become the manager of the college in the later years. St. Thomas Alumni Association is formally known as Old Student’s Association (OSA) and was officially launched many years ago, but was legally registered in 2016. Upon graduation from the institution, each student is enrolled as a lifelong member of our OSA.

St. Thomas Old Students Association engages with the institution with number of activities. Prominent among them are Alumni Day, Student Endowments, Alumni support for Placements, Endowment Lectures & Chapter Activities. OSA functions in unison with the management for the welfare of students and for further growth and expansion of the college. The alumni association of the college has instituted several scholarships and endowments for the benefit of the meritorious and deserving students.

Here are some of the most illustrious and popular alumni of St. Thomas College, Thrissur. To view, Click below…

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