Sl. No Programme Course
1 B.Com Certificate programme in Entrepreneurship Development Programme
2 BBA Certificate programme in Entrepreneurship Development Programme
  1. Certificate course in Visual Editing
  2. Certificate Course in Short film making
4 BA Economics Introduction to Capital Market
5 BA English Certificate Course in Professional Communication
6 BSc Chemistry
  1. Certificate Course in chemistry of petro chemicals and polymers
  2. Certificate/ Diploma Programme in Industrial Chemistry
7 BSc Computer Science
  1. Introduction to Office Automation
  2. System Assembly and Software Installation
8 BSc Maths Programming with Python
9 BSc Physics
  1. Nano Science and Technology
  2. Electronics Instrumentation
10 M Com Certificate Programme in Tourism and Travel Management
11 MA Economics Economics of Capital Market
12 MA English PG Certificate course in English for Communication
13 MSc Chemistry
  1. Certificate Programme in Catalysis and Green Chemistry
  2. Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Catalysis and Sustainable Chemistry
14 MSc Mathematics MATLAB
15 MSc Computer Science
  2. LATEX
16 BSc Statistics

MSc Statistics

Statistical Analysis using SPSS
Statistical Analysis using R
17 Sound Editing
18 Video Editing
19 VFX Editing
20 Director of Photography
21 Graphic Design
22 Digital Film Production
23 Visual Communication