The Degree Course in B.A. Statistics was started in the year 1955 under the Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics affiliated to the University of Madras. In the year 1958 the B.A. Course was converted to three year B.Sc. course in Statistics under the University of Kerala. The Department of Statistics was established in the year 1984 and the M.Sc. course in Statistics commenced in the same year with Operations Research, Numerical Mathematics and Computer Programming as optional subjects. Department was elevated as Research centre of the Calicut university in the year 2013. Prof.Sebastian J Kulathinal (1984 – 1994), Prof. V.D. Johny (1994 – 2000), Prof A P Jose(2000 – 2003), Dr. T.B. Ramkumar(2003 – 2014) served as the Heads of Department. Prof. A. P. Jose was the Vice principal (2001 – 2003) of the college. Eminant teachers Prof .Krishnakumar (NAAC coordinator 2013), Prof. M. K. Jose, Prof. A. S. Raffy, Prof. P. K. Sasidharan and T. D. Xavier served the department for several years. Dr.P.O.Jenson (Rtd, Principal, 2009-2018) was the associate professor of the department. The department offers Certificate course in Statistics for UG and Certificate course in Statistical Data Analysis for PG students. In 2018 UGC has sanctioned B.Voc Data Science Course to the college. Dr.T.A.Sajesh was the Coordinator of the Course. The department has MoU with KILA (Kerala Institute of Local Administration, Mulangunathukavu, Kerala Govt). Dr V M Chacko was the coordinator for Autonomous Review Inspection Committee held on 2-3 June 2022. Dr Sajesh T A is the IQAC Coordinator from 2022 onwards.

The department conducts day observations every year. National Statistics Day celebrates on June 29 and National Population day celebrates on July 11 every year.  Department host National seminars, one day seminars, institutional visits, talks by experts, quiz competitions, etc every year.  The successful students in degree courses are directed to either higher studies at various universities/national institutions/colleges or jobs. The department became a research centre in 2013. More than 10 research students are pursuing PhD of Calicut University from the centre.

The faculty members of the department are having high potential in research. All of the faculty have publication in international reputed journals and books. The faculty members are giving consultancy to various projects/thesis of research fellows

Programmes Offered

  • B. Sc. Statistics (Complementary Courses:  Mathematics , Computer Science)
  • M.Sc. Statistics
  • Ph.D.  Statistics

Certificate Programmes

  • Statistical Computing using SPSS
  • Statistical Computing using R

Regular Activities

  • Observation of  National Statistics Day June 29.
  • Observation of National Population day July 11.
  • National Seminar
  • Webinars and Lecture Series
  • Opportunita Di Lavoro
  • Industrial / Institutional Visits