Four Year Undergraduate Programme (FYUGP)


A four-year undergraduate programme (FYUGP) is implemented from June 2024 at St. Thomas College (Autonomous), Thrissur, as envisioned by National Education Policy 2020, and in alignment with “Curriculum and Credit Framework for Undergraduate Programmes (CCFUP)” of the UGC and with the Kerala State Higher Education Curriculum Framework of Kerala State Higher Education Council.

  • Flexibility to move from one discipline of study to another;
  • Opportunity for learners to choose the courses of their interest in all disciplines;
  • Facilitating entry and exit options with UG degree / UG Honours / UG Honours with Research depending upon the number of credits secured;
  • Flexibility for learners to move from one institution to another to enable them to have multi and/or interdisciplinary learning;
  • Flexibility to take a break from studies and continue at a later time;
  • Flexibility to switch to alternative modes of learning (offline, ODL, and Online learning, and hybrid modes of learning);
  • Flexibility to change the Major at the beginning of the Second Year;
  • Opportunity to join Ph.D. programme after completing UG Honours with Research.
  • St. Thomas College offers UG Honours with Research for 10 Programmes.

From the academic year 2024-25 onwards, St. Thomas College (Autonomous), Thrissur, offers 21 Undergraduate Programmes under FYUGP schemes. In addition, the college offers B. Voc (Data Science), B. Voc (Forensic Science) and MSc Psychology (Integrated), for students who have completed their Plus Two. A student is admitted to a Major (Core) and can choose Minors from any discipline/department of his/her choice. As a student obtains at least 133 credits at the end of 3 years, the students may exit with the 3-year degree or shall continue for another year to obtain at least 177 credits to obtain UG Honours degree or UG Honours with Research.

  • Placement Training to all UG students during their Undergraduate Studies at St. Thomas College.
  • 10 Departments offering UG Honors with Research Programme.
  • Opportunity to do additional Add-on Courses for all UG students for skill enhancement.
  • UGC JRF/NET Coaching provided.
  • State-of-the-art Library with 40000 square feet space and One Lakh Books.

St. Thomas College has 10 approved research centres. Therefore, students have the option to do UG Honours with Research in 10 departments.


  • An academic year is divided into two semesters.
  • ‘Semester’ means a term consisting of 18 weeks, with 15 instructional weeks and 3 weeks for examination including internal examinations, evaluation and other academic activities.
  • Internship/apprenticeship/work-based vocational education and training can be carried out during summer vacation.


  • One credit in a semester should be designed for 15 hours of lectures or tutorials or 30 hours of practicum plus 30 hours of learner engagement in terms of course-related activities such as seminar preparation, submitting assignments, etc.
  • A 4-credit discipline specific course (Major and Minor) in theory consists of 4 hrs. of lecture / tutorial classes per week and 60 hrs. of lecture / tutorial classes in a semester.

Programme, Course and Syllabi:

  • ‘Programme’ means the entire duration of the educational process including the evaluation leading to the award of a degree.
  • ‘Course’ comprises papers which are taught and evaluated within a programme, including lectures/ tutorials, laboratory work, fieldwork, project work, vocational training, viva, seminars, term papers, presentations, assignments, presentations, self- study, internship, etc., or a combination of some of these elements.
  • The syllabus of a course is a document which details the topics taught in that particular course as well as the assessment methods and books of study. The syllabus of a programme list all the syllabi of courses a well as many other academic details about the programme.

Should you choose to join with us for your UG studies, you may lodge your application by filling in the form provided at our admissions page (Click Here).

Our college has a team of faculty members assigned with the task of acting as advisors to students. Every department has a Department Coordinator and a Faculty Advisor (FA) who may be contacted to clarify any doubts about the FYUGP programme, offered by the department. Kindly contact the respective advisor to get your doubts cleared. Their contact details may be found by clicking below:

Department Faculty Advisor Mobile Number
Additional Languages Dr. Sr. Sheeba C. V. 7559005796
Botany Dr. Sandhya Vincent Neelamkavil 9846168661
Chemistry Dr. Jinish Antony M. 9895288436
Commerce Dr. Vipin Benny (B.Com Finance)

Prof. Mestin P. C. (B.Com Banking)



Computer Science Ms. Roshini Varghese 8289992973
Economics Mr. Eljo Joseph T 90379 91140
English Dr. Fr. Stishin K. Paul 9846183441
History Ms. Dalia Varghese 8281519100
Mathematics Dr. Saju M. I.

Prof. Ashbin Mathew



Physics Dr. Johns Naduvath 9833454299
Psychology Dr. Deepa Francis M. 9448645415
Statistics Dr. Jeena Joseph 9349901726
Zoology Dr. Joyce Jose 9446812852

Self-Financing Programmes

Department Faculty Advisor Mobile Number
Additional Languages
BBA Anusree Mohan M 8129047592
BCA Ancy Joseph K 8943421398
Commerce Linny Wilson (Finance)

Delma Pulikottil (Taxation)



Criminology and Police Science Dr Swetha Thomas 7558920871
Data Science (B. Voc) Anju Paul 9446491167
Forensic Science (B. Voc)
English Anu Jose 8891741722
Visual Communication