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Finishing school (1)

Finishing School, St Thomas College (Autonomous) offers an in-depth training programme and real- world experience in the field of social graces and decorum.

The inputs given by the finishing school would assist the students in developing:

First impressions

– Communication skills

– Positive posture and body language

– Social media etiquette

– Presentation, Grooming & Hygiene

– Dining etiquette

– Public speaking

Business & Corporate Etiquette :   Creating  First Impression

Assertiveness and Self Confidence

Attire, Grooming & Hygiene

Handling Business Protocols

Communication Strategies

Walk The Talk

Leadership Training : Emotional Intelligence

Team Building & Interpersonal Skills

Time Management & Goal Setting

Critical Thinking & Creative Problem Solving

Negotiation Skills

Stress, Crisis & Conflict Management

Handling Procrastination

International Etiquette : Culture Sensitization

Travel Tips

Attire & Grooming

Language & Accent

Guest & Gifting Etiquette

Dining/Restaurant Protocols

Handling Varied Cuisines & Tricky Food

Interested students may register using this form( preferably Second year UG and First year PG students)

1. Mr. Ajesh Antony(Convenor) 2. Dr. Rani Jasmine Thomas N. (J. Convenor) 3. Dr. Thomas M. T. 4. Dr. Ann Mary K. A. 5. Mr. Rasin R. S.

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