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About Music Club

St.Thomas College provides several opportunities to the students in the field of music through Music Club.It has proudly provided a number of highly talented and well-known celebrities in music.Music Club in the college has an important role in finding out the inborn music talents among the students and nurturing to its fullness.Music Club consists of five faculty members and around 65 students every year.Music Club members serve the college by conducting beautiful prayer songs and orchestras in every official meetings of the college.

  • Dr.Fr.Thomas Edakkalathur (Organiser)
  • Dr.Daisland Thattil
  • Dr.Jilmy P.Joy
  • Dr Ann Mary K.A.
  • Ms.Swathymol K.S.
  • To identify the students who have interest in singing.
  • To encourage students to learn more about music and voice modulations.
  • To provide the opportunity for members to sing both the classical and non-classical indian music and also western music.


In 2017 Music club staged two orchestras and both were concentrated on duet songs and choral singing.

Intercollegiate Music Competition

Music club conducted an Intercollegiate semiclassical music competition in Nov.30,2020 named HAMSADHWANI 2020.
5 Colleges and 7 members participated in the competition.

Solo Competition

Music club has conducted a solo competition on 31 March.2022 for the college students and 10 members participated.

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