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About IT Club

The IT Club @ St. Thomas College was established in 2017 with an aim to bridge the gap between industry and academia.  The club stands to provide its students an opportunity to share and extend their ideas and hence interact with the industry to expand their horizons in the field of IT and its fast-changing technology.

The club was formed as a group of students and teachers, and its purpose is to gather people committed to technology.  The club also organizes various interaction classes within the group and among interested students along with industry visits and interactions with professionals from IT industry.

The club stands to deliver quality student-centred support hub that encourages IT students to improve academically and participate in college and external activities. The IT club targets to provide an environment for students to share and extend their knowledge and hence improve their overall skills both technical and cognitive.

The club believes in fostering corporate social responsibility among its members and thus simulate their social responsibility awareness that will ensure them to grow to responsible citizens and face the society and its ever-growing challenges outside the college and their future workplace.

  1. Ms. Rameela Ravindran K (Organizer)
  2. Ms. Jisha K. (Computer Applications)
  3. Mr. Rejin Varghese (Data Science)
  4. Mr. Nithin Mohanan (Computer Science)
  5. Ms. Maria Sofia (Computer Science)
  • IT Club stands to promote exposure to field of computer technology and networking outside of the regular curriculum
  • Club aims in personality development involving live activities/ interactions in an industrial setting.
  • Industrial Visit
  • Technophilia – Exhibition in association with Centenary year celebration
  • Webinar on UX design and development
  • Hands-on-Training in GITHUB
  • Informatica IT Quiz