Old Student’s Association (OSA)

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Objectives of the Association
1. To provide opportunities for the old students of St. Thomas’s College ,trichur to come into contact with their Alma Master and with one another.
2. To co-operate with the management for further growth and expansion of the college.
3. To collect funds for instituting merrit scholarship for the college. Membership in the association is of the following three classes.
a) Old students of the college who pay an amount of Rs. 2000/- shall be patron member and shall have all the privileges of the members of the association for their lifetime without any additional subscription.
b) Old students of the college who pay an amount of Rs. 200/- shall be life members and shall have all privileges of the association for their life  time without any additional subscription.

President : Sri. PM Thomas M.Com 9387110974
Secretary : Sri. CA Francis M.A, B.Ed 9495039792
Treasurer : Eljo Joseph T M.A 9037991140

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