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  1. Research is conceived as the centre of excellence and scholarship. Six new research centres have started functioning in the past five years.
  2. All teachers with PhD are encouraged to take guideship and actively take part in research supervision.
  3. As a result of consistent perseverance of the research council, there is a significant hike in the number of research projects of the college.
  4. Research projects from DST, UGC, KSCSTE and other governmental and non-governmental agencies are also supported technically by the research council.
  5. PhD and Post Doctoral research are always considered as a bench mark for faculty appointment.
  6. The Research Council based on University regulations stipulates norms for research admission, progress, publication and completion of research dissertations and projects to promote more innovative research.
  7. Research orientation is an integral part of pedagogy and practice of learning in the UG and PG curriculum and as a result many students are placed as research scholars and fellows in many national and international institutes. College offers UGC-NET coaching with research orientation. There is a rapid hike in the number of JRF and NET winners in the PG classes as a result of such ventures. (81 JRF-NET holders during last five years)
  8. ‘Research Scholars Meet’ conducted every year is a very prestigious event organized by the research council to instil research interest and aptitude among research scholars. PG students also participate in the event so that they can develop research aptitude and interest.
  9. A national level research seminar on emerging trends in research is conducted every year under the initiative of research council.
  10. Students’ scholarships: Eighteen students were awarded DST-INSPIRE Scholarship and many other students were awarded various Higher Education Scholarships. Merin K, B. Sc. Physics student was selected to participate in the international conference on basic science in South Korea and Germany.
  11. Staff members are encouraged to do research under the UGC sponsored Faculty Development Programme. Duty permission for paper presentation in seminars / conferences, to use the libraries, research laboratories, bio-informatics facility Centre and Central Instrumentation facility in other institutions. Internet connectivity is provided for their research programs.


Faculty Exchange programme:

  1. Dr.Vimal Kumar T. Department of Physics, International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Tokyo.
  2. Dr.Anto Thomas C.  Sorbonne University, Paris, France.
  3. Dr.C.J.Davees, Coimbra University, Lisbon, Portugal.
  4. Dr.C.S.Biju., University of Exeter, Charles Wallace Trust, U.K.

Exchange programmes with national and international bodies have significantly helped in improving the exposure and teaching quality of the teachers. New pedagogical methods of international standard are adopted in the classroom. This has also helped in designing a cutting edge curriculum for UG and PG classes and to impart research orientation in the syllabi.

Invited Speakers for various programmes
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