Research Advisory Council Members

Research Advisory Council

    1. Dr. Martin K A (Principal, Chairman)
    2. Dr. V.M.Chacko (Dean of Research)
    3. Dr. Joyce Jose (Joint. Coordinator)
    4. Dr. Anto Thomas C
    5. Dr. C S Biju
    6. Dr. Biju John
    7. Dr. Sr. Alphonsa Mathew
    8. Dr. Paulson Mathew
    9. Dr. Vimala Jose
    10. Dr. Anto P V
    11. Dr. Joby Paul
    12. Dr. Sabu P J
    13. Dr. Viju M J
    14. Dr. Syam Sudhakar
    15. Dr Stishin K Paul
    16. Dr. Sunil Jose
    17. Dr. Jency Thomas
    18. Dr. Jinish Antony M
    19. Dr. Joseph Joly V L
    20. Dr. Sr. Julie Andrews
    21. Dr. Viji M
    22. Dr. Johns Naduvath
    23. Dr. Vimal Kumar T V
    24. Dr. Ann Mary K A
    25. Dr. T A Sajesh
    26. Dr. Nicy Sebastian
    27. Dr. Binoy C F
    28. Dr. Vimala K John
    29. Dr. Saju M I
    30. Dr. Thomas M T
    31. Dr. Vipin Benny
    32. Dr. Joe Kizhakooden
    33. Dr. Jeena Joseph
    34. Dr. Nees Paul
    35. Dr. Mejoy Jose
    36. Dr. Sheeba C V
    37. Dr.Anusree M R
    38. Dr Jiju A Mathew
    39. Dr Fr Anil George K
    40. Dr Geethu Elizabath
    41. Mrs.Rameela Ravindran
    42. Mr.Emmanuel Thomas
    43. Dr Daisland Thattil
  2. 1) Principal (Chairman)
    2) Three experts (one Faculty member from the University Department /and two senior
    research guides from the College, to be nominated by the Principal). If there are no
    University departments for a particular discipline, one faculty member from outside,
    will be nominated.
    3) One person nominated by the Vice-Chancellor
    4) Supervising teacher of the research scholar concerned.
    5) Head of the Department, if he/she has Ph.D.
  3. Ex-Officio Members
    • Dr. Martin K A (Chairman)
    • Dr. Xavier Joseph (Vice Chancellor Nominee)
    • Dr. Chacko V M (Dean of Research, Senior Research Guide)

    Research centre in Botany:

    • Dr. Jose T Puthur (Expert from University Dept.)
    • Dr. Vimala Jose (Expert from research centre)

    Research centre in Economics:

    • Dr. Zabeena Hameed C(Expert from University Dept.)
    • Dr. Sabu P J (Expert from research centre)

    Research centre in English:

    • Dr. Janaky Sreedharan (Expert from University Dept.)
    • Dr. Anto Thomas C (Expert from research centre)

    Research centre in Chemistry:

    • Dr. N K Renuka (Expert from University Dept.)
    • Dr. Paulson Mathew (Expert from research centre)

    Research centre in Commerce:

    • Dr. Aparna Sajeev (Expert from University Dept.)
    • Dr. Biju John M (Expert from research centre)

    Research centre in Mathematics:

    • Dr. Preethi Kuttippalakkal (Expert from University Dept.)
    • Dr.Saju M I (Expert from research centre)

    Research centre in Physics:

    • Dr.P.P.Pradyumnan (Expert from University Dept.)
    • Dr. Joe Kizhakooden(Expert from research centre)

    Research centre in Statistics:

    • Dr. K.Jayakumar (Expert from University Dept.)
    • Dr. Sajesh T A (Expert from research centre)

    Research centre in Zoology:

    • Dr.Sabu K. Thomas (Expert from University Dept.)
    • Dr. Binoy C F (Expert from research centre)