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Admission 2024
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  1. Research is conceived as the centre of excellence and scholarship. Six new research centres have started functioning in the past five years.
  2. All teachers with PhD are encouraged to take guideship and actively take part in research supervision.
  3. As a result of consistent perseverance of the research council, there is a significant hike in the number of research projects of the college.
  4. Research projects from DST, UGC, KSCSTE and other governmental and non-governmental agencies are also supported technically by the research council.
  5. PhD and Post Doctoral research are always considered as a bench mark for faculty appointment.
  6. The Research Council based on University regulations stipulates norms for research admission, progress, publication and completion of research dissertations and projects to promote more innovative research.
  7. Research orientation is an integral part of pedagogy and practice of learning in the UG and PG curriculum and as a result many students are placed as research scholars and fellows in many national and international institutes. College offers UGC-NET coaching with research orientation. There is a rapid hike in the number of JRF and NET winners in the PG classes as a result of such ventures. (81 JRF-NET holders during last five years)
  8. ‘Research Scholars Meet’ conducted every year is a very prestigious event organized by the research council to instil research interest and aptitude among research scholars. PG students also participate in the event so that they can develop research aptitude and interest.
  9. A national level research seminar on emerging trends in research is conducted every year under the initiative of research council.
  10. Students’ scholarships: Eighteen students were awarded DST-INSPIRE Scholarship and many other students were awarded various Higher Education Scholarships. Merin K, B. Sc. Physics student was selected to participate in the international conference on basic science in South Korea and Germany.
  11. Staff members are encouraged to do research under the UGC sponsored Faculty Development Programme. Duty permission for paper presentation in seminars / conferences, to use the libraries, research laboratories, bio-informatics facility Centre and Central Instrumentation facility in other institutions. Internet connectivity is provided for their research programs.


Faculty Exchange programme:

  1. Dr.Vimal Kumar T. Department of Physics, International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Tokyo.
  2. Dr.Anto Thomas C.  Sorbonne University, Paris, France.
  3. Dr.C.J.Davees, Coimbra University, Lisbon, Portugal.
  4. Dr.C.S.Biju., University of Exeter, Charles Wallace Trust, U.K.

Exchange programmes with national and international bodies have significantly helped in improving the exposure and teaching quality of the teachers. New pedagogical methods of international standard are adopted in the classroom. This has also helped in designing a cutting edge curriculum for UG and PG classes and to impart research orientation in the syllabi.

Invited Speakers for various programmes
YearName of the workshop/ seminarNumber of ParticipantsDate From – ToLink to the Activity report on the website
2020-2021Santa Soire 2K19 - Workshop and Training on LED Stars and Rice Lights-- Entrepreneurship and Skill Development3016-12-2019 to 16-12-2019
2020-2021Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design-Skill Development23805-06-2020 to 05-06-2020
2020-2021The Rise of Evidence-Based Policing-Skill Development22708-06-2020 to 08-06-2020
2020-2021The use of non-invasive, contactless digital autopsy in post mortem examination of COVID-19 death, the United Kingdom coronial service experience-Skill Development23011-06-2020 to 11-06-2020
2020-2021Forensics the missing link in the combat against wildlife crime-Skill Development24115-06-2020 to 15-06-2020
2020-2021Self Publishing Report- Research Methodology 32019-06-2020 to 19-06-2020
2020-2021Applied Criminology-Skill Development26324-06-2020 to 24-06-2020
2020-2021Evidence Multistat- A fully automated analyser to detect New Psychoactive substances and Roadside drug testing-Skill Development14027-06-2020 to 27-06-2020
2020-2021Enhancing and Analyzing Video Evidence-Skill Development17328-06-2020 to 28-06-2020
2020-2021End to end Automated DNA Forensic solutions and Databasing-Skill Development22004-07-2020 to 04-07-2020
2020-2021Detection of deception through modern forensic psychological investigation techniques’-Skill Development2405-07-2020 to 05-07-2020
2020-2021Procedural Justice and Legitimacy in Policing-Skill Development23106-07-2020 to 06-07-2020
2020-2021Blockchain in Case Management-Skill Development19911-07-2020 to 11-07-2020
2020-2021Firearms Examination and Identification- An overview-Skill Development29611-07-2020 to 11-07-2020
2020-2021Maximize your forensic lab efficiency with advances to capillary electrophoresis (CE) workflow-Skill Development6417-07-2020 to 17-07-2020
2020-2021Psychological Autopsy-Skill Development5718-07-2020 to 18-07-2020
2020-2021Community Policing-Skill Development8521-07-2020 to 21-07-2020
2020-2021Webinar on Android APP development - Skill Development38824-07-2020 to 24-07-2020
2020-2021Webinar on Research Publication and Ethics 2020160906-08-2020 to 06-08-2020
2020-2021Laser spectroscopy for space exploration application - Research Methodology15813-08-2020 to 13-08-2020
2020-2021Webinar On Full Stack Development - Skill Development5018-08-2020 to 18-08-2020
2020-2021Psychological Health During Covid 19-Skill Development44119-08-2020 to 19-08-2020
2020-2021Renacido Final- Innovation and Skill Development1608-09-2020 to 08-09-2020
2020-2021Rapid DNA technology for time-sensitive investigations-Skill Development11311-09-2020 to 11-09-2020
2020-2021Active galactic nuclei - Research Methodology16722-09-2020 to 22-09-2020
2020-2021The Art of Scientific Writing and Publishing - Research Methodology and Skill Development8426-09-2020 to 26-09-2020
2020-2021 Organic farming Survey - Skill Development31227-09-2020 to 10-10-2020
2020-2021Webinar on introduction to foreign languages - Skill Development20017-10-2020 to 17-10-2020
2020-2021Workshop on rapid prototyping in the era of aurduino - Skill Development14717-10-2020 to 18-10-2020
2020-2021Campaign - 'Green call Be a Part of Solution not Pollution' - Skill Development4902-12-2020 to 02-12-2020
2020-2021Webinar on 'Accademic and research prospects of social work in higher educatuion' - Skill Development4917-12-2020 to 17-12-2020
2020-2021Webinar on 'Day with farmer' - Skill Development3918-12-2020 to 18-12-2020
2020-2021Criminology- Transforming Theory into Practice-Skill Development13630-12-2020 to 30-12-2020
2020-2021Session on process of Innovation Development-Preparation of Business Model Canvas - Entrepreneurship7029-01-2021 to 29-01-2021
2020-2021Workshop on Design thinking, Critical thinking and Innovation design in Blockchain Technology - Skill Development13029-01-2021 to 29-01-2021
2020-2021Three Day Workshop on “Statistical Data Analysis Using SAS” - RESEARCH METHODOLOGY , SKILL DEVELOPMENT2304-02-2021to 06-02-2021
2020-2021National Seminar-Species the Passion - RESEARCH METHODOLOGY8015-02-2021 to 15-02-2021
2020-2021Santhome Products-Ellunda - Entrepreneurship2017-02-2021 (1 week)
2020-2021National webinar on recent developments in statistics and probability - Skill Development14518-02-2021 to 19 -02 -2021
2020-2021Social Work Intervention in Community Development- KESS - Skill Development2119-02-2021 to 19-02-2021
2020-2021EMPRESSA 2021 - SKILL DEVELOPMENT5024-02-2021 to 25-02-2021
2020-2021National Seminar on Coral Reef Conservation6326-02-2021 to 26-02-2021
2020-2021National seminar on “influence of electronics in instrumentation and trends in VLSI design” - Skill Development16010-03-2021 to 10-03-2021
2020-2021Observation of World Social Work Day 2021 at AMALA - Skill Development3415-03-2021 to 15-03-2021
2020-2021DÉCOR-Skill Development915-03-2021 to 15-03-2021
2020-2021Intellectual property: rights, need and awareness -IPR21116 -03-2021 to 20-03-2021
2020-2021Research Scholars Meet-2021-Research Methodology16122-03-2021 to 22-03-2021
2020-2021Sixth Prof. Jose Mechery Endowment Lecture on “Light-Matter Hybridization”- Skill Development5427-3-2021 to 27-3-2021
2020-2021Webinar on patent application- IPR4209-07-2021 to 09-07-2021
2020-2021Workshop on “prototype design and development using IOT” - Skill Development7116-07-2021 to 16-07-2021
2020-2021Webinar on Building an Innovation or Product fit for the Market - Skill Development13228-07-2021 to 28-07-2021
2020-2021Intellectual Property Rights- IPR5429-07-2021 to 29-07-2021
2020-2021Special International Expert Webinar - Research Methodology and Skill Development32930-7-2021 to 30-7-2021
2020-2021Start Up and Related Eco System-Skill Development6330-07-2021 to 30-07-2021
2020-2021Webinar on Publication in Credible Journals- IPR, Research Methodology9812-08-2021 to 30-07-2021
2020-2021Webinar on 'International Day of Person with Disability' - Skill Development4904-12-2021 to 04-12-2021
2020-2021Workshop & Training on TURNITIN-iThenticate User Workflow-IPR13016-12-2021 to 16-12-2021
2019-2020National Seminar-Species the Passion - Research Methodology 11626-06-2019 to 27-06-2019
2019-2020Taste Bud Challenge - - Skill Development4518-07-2019 to 18-07-2019
2019-2020Hands on training in techniques used in Phytochemistry - Research Methodology and Skill development1519-07-2019 to 19-07-2019
2019-2020Child friendly local governance-KILA - Skill Development2024-06-2019 to 24-06-2019
2019-2020Smart Chef Quiz - Skill Development4025-07-2019 to 25-07-2019
2019-2020Workshop on PRA - Skill Development5120-08-2019 to 21-08-2019
2019-2020Maggie star master chef contest and workshop - Skill Development6502-09-2019 to 02-09-2019
2019-2020THIRAYUM THEERAVUM 2019 - Focus Group Discussion - Research Methodology 2430-09-2019 to 05-10-2019
2019-2020THIRAYUM THEERAVUM 2019 - Survey - Research Methodology 2430-09-2019 to 05-10-2020
2019-2020One Day Workshop on “Python Programming” - Skill development2305-10-2019 to 05-10-2019
2019-2020One day workshop on “Advanced Excel” - Research Methodology and Skill development2812-10-2019 to 12-10-2019
2019-2020Motivational Speak on My story -Inovators Life and Crosswords 8211-11-2019 to 11-11-2019
2019-2020Jagratha Samithy in Panchayath - Research Methodology2406-12-2019 to 06-12-2019
2019-202025th anniversary of english research centre international seminar - Research Methodology & Skill Development30012-12-2019 to 12-12-2019
2019-2020Bake N Flake - Skill Development6212-12-2019 to 12-12-2019
2019-2020Nano crib making competition and sale- Entrepreneurship5016-12-2019 to 16-12-2019
2019-2020Innovative star making competition and sale - Entrepreneurship2016-12-2019 to 16-12-2019
2019-2020Intercollegiate innovative cake competition and sale - Entrepreneurship2518-12-2019 to 18-12-2019
2019-2020Mistletoe 1.9 - Entrepreneurship5018-12-2019 to 18-12-2019
2019-2020Eminence: Electronics startup and innovation club - Entrepreneurship3418-12-2019 to 18-12-2019
2019-2020Workshop on Plant Taxonomy - Research Methodology & Skill Development3019-12-2019 to 19-12-2019
2019-2020National seminar on Selected Topics in Chemistry- Research Methodology & Skill Development7221-12-2019 to 21-12-2019
2019-2020Workshop on plagiarism publishing and information skills for research- Research Methodology4521-12-2019 to 21-12-2019
2019-2020Rasagula.20 Food Fest - Skill Development5021-01-2020 to 21-01-2020
2019-2020Best out of waste competition - Entrepreneurship7027-01-2020 to 27-01-2020
2019-2020National seminar on “Current Topics in Materials Science and Spectroscopy”- Research Methodology and Skill Development1131-01-2020 to 31-01-2020
2019-2020National Seminar on Design concepts in Electronic hardware and Electric drives - Skill Development12031-01-2020 to 31-01-2020
2019-2020Exodus 2020-National techno-cultural fest - Skill Development30004-02- 2020 to 05-02-2020
2019-2020SPSS Training - Research Methodology1705-02-2020 to 06-02-2020
2019-2020Frontiers in Biosciences -Research Methodology and Skill Development7614-02-2020 to 14-02-2020
2019-2020 International Symposium - Media & Method In 21 St Century - Skill Development5517-02-2020 to 18-02-2020
2019-2020Intersections: arts and literature- Skill Development18718-02-2020 to 18-02-2020
2019-2020Workshop-Hands on MATLAB Research Methodology and Skill Development7021-02-2020 to 21-02-2020
2019-2020Hands on training in Microbiology techniques - Research Methodology and Skill Development2822-02-2020 to 22-02-2020
2019-2020Understanding cinema - Research Methodology and Skill Development10025-02-2020 to 25-02-2020
2019-2020 Workshop on Hardware- Skill Development3201-03-2020 to 01-03-2020
2019-2020Financial literacy seminar on funding sources for start ups - Skill Development5005-03-2020 to 05-03-2020
2019-2020Covid 19 craft making challenge- Entrepreneurship5220-04-2020 to 20-04-2020
2019-2020Organized and Successful Life Science Research - Desk to Universal - Research Methodology & Skill Development13115-05-2020 to 16-05-2020
2019-2020Tracking criminals using behavioral sciences: Application of digital forensics technologies-Skill Development23926-05-2020 to 26-05-2020
2019-2020Recent advancements in digital forensics-Skill Development23628-05-2020 to 28-05-2020
2019-2020Automation of digital evidence processing-Skill Development31229-05-2020 to 28-05-2020
2019-2020Application of revolutionary biochip array technology in Forensic Toxicology-Skill Development30730-05-2020 to 30-05-2020
2019-2020HPTLC and Forensic Applications-Skill Development23130-05-2020 to 30-05-2020
2019-2020Webinar on Intellectual Property Rights - Intellectual Property Rights150001-10--2020 to 01-10--2020
2019-2020Webinar on 'Gender Based Violence' - Skill Development4925-11-2020 to 25-11-2020
2018-2019National Seminar-Species the Passion - Research Methodology14828-06-2018 to 29-06-2018
2018-2019Observation of Elder Abuse Awareness Day - Skill Development1618-06-2018 to 18-06-2018
2018-2019Pre-Conference Lecture on “Stereo-defined Synthesis of Fluorinated Alkenes”- Research Methodology and Skill Development 8002-07-2018 to 02-07-2018
2018-2019Workshop on Block Chain IIT delhi becon event internship and participation program - Skill Development6010-07-2018 to 02-07-2018
2018-2019Maggie Creative Kitchen - Skill Development8011-07-2018 to 11-07-2018
2018-2019Maggie star master chef contest - Skill Development4012-07-2018 to 12-07-2018
2018-2019A session on Mental Health - Skill Development1705-07-2018 to 05-07-2018
2018-2019POCSO Awareness Class - Skill Development3111-07-2018 to 11-07-2018
2018-2019Fireless Cooking Contest - Skill Development6012-07-2018 to 12-07-2018
2018-2019Session on Learning and Development Disability- Pullazhy - Skill Development1714-07-2018 to 14-07-2018
2018-2019CREATIVO 2018 - Entrepreneurship2831-07-2018 to 31-07-2018
2018-2019IIT Delhi Event - Skill Development15010-08-2018 to 11-08-2018
2018-2019Flood Relief Volunteering - Skill Development1718-08-2018 to 25-08-2018
2018-2019Thani Naadan organised in connection with Centenary Expo - Skill Development6029-08-2018 to 29-08-2018
2018-201931-08- Chef's corner Live Dhamaka organised in connection with Centenary Expo - Skill Development 5830-08-2018 to 30-08-2018
2018-2019SEMINAR ON DISASTER MANAGEMENT Kerala police academy - Skill Development3407-09-2018 to 07-09-2018
2018-2019Focus Group Discussion - Research Methodology1414-09-2018 to 14-09-2018
2018-2019FERIA'18 - Entrepreneurship 6016-08-2018 to 18-08-2018
2018-2019Lecture Series in Statistics and its Applications - Research Methodology4018-09-2018 to 18-09-2018
2018-2019Munoottu Flood Relief Programme - Skill Development2023-09-2018 to 23-09-208
2018-2019 Street play - Skill Development1709-10-2018 to 09-10-2018
2018-2019Girl Child Day Programme - Skill Development1411-10-2018 to 11-10-2018
2018-2019Thomas Christians -Anti colonial struggle in the 16th century postal reflections -Research Methodology1612-10-2018 to 12-10-2018
2018-2019SOS Signature Campaign - Skill Development1720-10-2018 to 20-10-2018
2018-2019ASSER training - Research Methodology1722-11-2018 to 23-11-2018
2018-2019One day Seminar on “Recent Trends in Data Science” - Research Methodology and Skill development 4401-12-2018 to 01-12-2018
2018-2019National Workshop on Probability and statistics - Skill Development2503-12-2018 to 07-12-2018
2018-2019National level B-Plan championship - Skill Development4206-12-2018 to 08-12-2018
2018-2019Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights - Intellectual Property Rights9412-12-2018 to 12-12-2018
2018-2019Doughy delights 2018 -we bake u take - Entrepreneurship3517-12-2018 to 17-12-2018
2018-2019Big Data Analytics and Signal Processing- Research Methodology10017-12-2018 to 17-12-2018
2018-2019“International Conference on Chemistry and Physics of Materials-ICCPM2018”- Research Methodology and Skill development 12419-12-2018 to 21-12-2018
2018-2019GIS mapping Anammanada - Skill Development1727-12-2018 to 09-01-2019
2018-2019International Seminar on Machine Learning -Research Methodology and Skill development 45010-01-2019 to 10-01-2019
2018-2019Seminar on “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence” - Research Methodology and Skill development 2315-01-2019 to 15-01-2019‎2019.pdf
2018-2019National Mathematics day-Skill Development4615-01-2019 to 15-01-2019
2018-2019Pi day-Skill Development9017-01-2019 to 17-01-2019
2018-2019One day workshop on “Advanced Excel” -Skill Development3319.01.2019 to 19-01-2019
2018-2019Exodus IT Fest 2019 - Skill Development25004-02-2019 to 05-02-2019
2018-2019National SeminarBiodiversity of Kerala after deluge: Concerns, implications and Conservation strategies -Research Methodology 13722-02-2019 to 23-02-2019
2018-2019Insight to MATLAB (State Level Seminar) - Research Methodology and Skill development 30008-02-2019 to 08-02-2019
2018-2019Centenary research scholars’ meet- 2019 and national seminar on qualitative research -Research Methodology 30002-03-2019 to 02-03-2019
2018-2019One Day Seminar and Workshop in UI and UX design -Skill Development15012-04-2019 to 12-04-2019
2018-2019SUMMER CAMP -Devamatha Public School 2019 - Skill Development1708-04-2019 to 09-04-2019
2018-2019National Level Orientation Workshop on Research Writing for Publication - Reasearch Methodology5006-05-2019-08-05-2019
2018-2019POCSO Awareness Campaign (Childline Campaign) - Skill Development1721-05-2019 to 21-05-2019
2018-2019An Invited Talk on “Cloud Computing” - Research Methodology and Skill development3518-05-2019 to 18-05-2019
2018-2019One Day Workshop on “Employability Skill Development” - Skill development2322-05-2019 to 22-05-2019
2018- 2019Documenting Biodiversity using Visual Media Aids- Research Methodology and Skill development 3111-01-2019 to 11-01-2019
2017-2018Prof. Jose Mechery Endowment Lecture on “Molecular Motors”- Skill Development15807-02-2017 to 07-02-2017
2017-2018Prof. KP Antony Endowment Lecture on “Chemistry of Materials”- Skill Development8307-02-2017 to 07-02-2017
2017-2018Elder Abuse Day Programme - Skill Development1415-06-2017 to 15-06-2017
2017-2018National Seminar-Species the Passion II - Research Methodology12416-06-2017 to 17-06-2017
2017-2018Seminar on Pain and Palliative Care - Skill Development1409-08-2017 to 09-08-2017
2017-2018Rasagula 2017 - Skill Development20014-08-2017 to 14-08-2017
2017-2018Samrudhi 2017 - Entrepreneurship6029-08-2017 to 30-08-2017
2017-2018Observation of cerebral palsy week - Skill Development1405-10-2017 to 05-10-2017
2017-2018Spectra 2k17 - Skill Development4816-11-2017 to 16-11-2017
2017-2018Seminar on Entrepreneurial Awareness - Entrepreneurship8420-11-2017 to 20-11-2017
2017-2018National Seminar on Creative Writing - Skill Development and Entrepreneurship8204-12-2017 to 04-12-2017
2017-2018Crafts & Card - Skill Development1820-12-2017 to 20-12-2017
2017-2018 Symposium on the Language of New Cinema- Research Methodology and Skill Development8604-01-2018 to 06-01-2018
2017-2018Centenary lecture Series- Skill Development3005-01-2018 to 05-01-2018
2017-2018Exodus IT Fest 2018 - Skill Development25011-01-2018 to 12-01-2018
2017-2018Seminar on Nutrients and Nutraceuticals from Seafood- Skill Development6701-02-2018 to 01-02-2018
2017-2018Seminar on Lazer- a revolution in Science- Research Methodology and Skill Development5702-02-2018 to 02-02-2018
2017-2018Research Methodology Seminar - Research Methodology7503-02-2018, 03-03-2018, 17-03-2018, 24-03-2018, 07-04-2018
2017-2018Arabian Shanghai Food Fest 2018 - - Skill Development6207-02-2018 to 07-02-2018
2017-2018Familiarization of expyes - Skill Development4512-02-2018 to 13-02-2018
2017-2018National seminar on innovative approaches in statistics - Skill Development3915-02-2018 to 17-02-2018
2017-2018Seminar on Magic angles spinning solid state NMR spectroscopy applied to complex biomolecules and material science- Research Methodology and Skill Development1314-02-2018 to 14-02-2018
2017-2018Research Scholars Meet-2018 -Research Methodology14824-02-2018 to 24-02-2018
2017-20185th National Documentary and Shortfilm Festival - Skill Development100+05-02-2018 to 07-02-2018
2016-2017National Seminar on ‘Nanoscience and Technology’ - Research Methodology4922-06-2016 to 22-06-2016
2016-2017One Day Workshop on Biostatistics-Research Methodology15901-09-2016 to 01-09-2016
2016-2017Seminar on Project Initiation- Skill Development8123-09-2016 to 23-09-2016
2016-2017Workshop On Research & Extension (Physics) - Research Methodology4519-10-2016 to 19-102016
2016-2017An International Conference on emerging trends in applied mathematics and computer science - Research Methodology4013-12-2016 to 14-12-2016
2016-2017Chef's Corner Fresh Cream Cake Demo Class - Skill Development6014-12-2016 to 14-12-2016
2016-2017KSCSTE sponsored Two Day Workshop on Research Methodology , Writing Practices, Language and Soft Skills11020-12-2016 to 21-12-2016
2016-2017 Doughy delights-The cake carnival - Entrepreneurship3022-12-2016 to 22-12-2016
2016-2017National Seminar on Nanophotonics - Research Methodology10910-01-2017 to 10-01-2017
2016-2017National seminar Frontiers in applied chemistry- Research Methodology and Skill Development11806-02-2017 to 07-02-2017
2016-2017Research Scholars Meet-2017-Research Methodology11018-02-2017 to 18-02-2017
2016-2017Seminar on Research Methodology - Research Methodology21022-02-2017 to 22-02-2017
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