Research Facilities

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CIF Committee Members

Dr. Martin K A, Principal-In Charge(Ex-officio)

Dr. V M Chacko, Dean of Research(Ex-officio)

Dr. Joyce Jose, Joint Coordinator, Research Council(Ex-officio)

Dr. Binoy C F, Dean of Science(Chairman)

Dr. Joby Paul, Research Guide (Botany)

Dr. Vimal Kumar, Research Guide (Physics)

Dr. Joseph Joly, Research Guide (Chemistry)

Dr. Vimala John, Research Guide (Zoology)

Mr. Pauljo Paul

St. Thomas’ College (Autonomous), Thrissur has established a X-ray diffraction (XRD) system (PANalytical) for all researchers from academic institutions and industries, to characterize their powder and thin film  samples.  Interested individuals can now take full advantage of analysis conducted on XRD

Instrument Model: PANALYTICAL, Aeris Research ( Source:  Cu Kα )

Service Charges (01/01/2022 onwards) : 270 Rs(inclusive of taxes) per sample for academic institutions  ( 30 Rs extra per sample for samples which send through postal) and  500 Rs( inclusive of taxes) per sample for industries.


Dr. Johns Naduvath, Email:, Ph: 9833454299

Dr. Joseph Joly, Email:, Ph: 8157959487

Please fill the request form for XRD characterization.