Walk  With  a  Scholar

WWS  scheme  proposes  to  arrange  specialized  mentoring programs for students in Under Graduate Programs in Arts, Science and Commerce and  to  provide  guidance  for  their  future.  The  scheme  introduces  the  idea  of mentoring and builds on the concept of mentor as a ‘Guide’ and ‘Friend’.

The mentoring scheme for students will be purely voluntary in nature. It will be open for all students entering the first year of the Under Graduate Programme of Study.

The Scheme aims at giving necessary orientation to needy students, to prepare them for  employment  and  give  them  necessary  guidance,  motivation  and  necessary mental support to identify appropriate areas for higher study as well as employment. 

The mentoring scheme should be planned to identify the opportunities available for the scholars, the areas suitable for them, the manner in which the scholar should proceed before them and evolve ways by which they can be acquired.


Coordinator Prof Renjith Varghese, Dept. of Mathematics
Mobile No. +91 91421 60722