The valuable collections include forty sets of Encyclopediae, twenty sets of Dictionaries and Directories of various categories. Some of the collections are very rare, viz. 4 editions of Encyclopædia Britannica, 2 editions of World Book Encyclopedia, Collier’s Encyclopedia (24 volumes), Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia (29 volumes), Compton’s Pictured Encyclopedia (15 volumes), The Book of Knowledge: The Children’s Encyclopædia, International Encyclopedia of Ecology and Environment (30 volumes), Encyclopedia of Visual Art (10 volumes) and Encyclopedia of Animal World (21 volumes). In the collection of Dictionaries there are 20 sets of various types, among them A New English Dictionary (9 volumes), published in 1888, is the rarest and the most valuable. Moreover, A Dictionary of English Language abridged by Robert Gordon Latham from that of Samuel Johnson in 1882, Malayalam-English Dictionary by Hermann Gundert and Malayalam-Portuguese Dictionary by Arnos Padre are available in the Library.

Libraries and Book Counts

General Library  English Library  Science Library Total Books Total Titles
56610 17065 18415 92090 72653

Subject Wise Statistics

Subject Number
Botany 3494
Chemistry 3904
Commerce 7620
Computer Science 2893
Economics 9837
Electronics 650
English & literature 19065
Hindi 6880
History 3034
Malayalam 15955
Mathematics 3914
Physical Education 554
Physics 4259
Political Science 1125
Reference 1102
Sanskrit 1215
Sociology/Social Work 1648
Statistics 2019
Zoology 3989

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