Library Services

  • Orientation on library resources
  • Access to documents supporting research
  • Electronic database access – NLIST, IMF e-Library
  • Training on electronic database search
  • Reference assistance / literature search
  • Training on electronic reference management
  • Similarity report of articles
  • Awareness about psuedo-journals, plagiarism

INFLIBNET N-LIST (6,000+ ejournals and 30,00,000+ ebooks)
SAGE e-journals
IMF E-Library

The College Library houses about a hundred thousand books and is one of the largest and oldest college libraries in Kerala. The Library is divided into four sections: General, Science, English and a separate section for the self financing courses in Jubilee Block. The General section holds general, multidisciplinary, language and literature books in Malayalam, Sanskrit and Hindi along with the books in humanities and social sciences. This section also has a rich collection of reference books. The Science section contains volumes in natural, physical and mathematical sciences. The English section possesses resources in English language and literature. The Self Financing Section of the library has books in the disciplines of Social Work, Electronics, Computer Applications, Business and Media Studies. The library permits research scholars and students of other colleges and universities to use its resources on request.