Student  Publications

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  1. International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer, Multiple linear regression on bioconvective MHD hybrid nanofluid flow past an exponential stretching sheet with radiation and dissipation effects, 135, 106115, 19-05-2022, T S Neethu, A S Sabu, Alphonsa Mathew, A Wakif, Sujesh Areekara
  2. Waves in Random and Complex Media, Bioconvective electromagnetohydrodynamic hybrid nanoliquid flow over a stretching sheet with stratification effects: a four-factor response surface optimized model , 28-04-2022, T S Neethu, Sujesh Areekara, A S Sabu, Alphonsa Mathew, K K Anakha
  3. Proceedings of the centenary intenational conference on advancemen ts in science and humanities, Effect of seasonal variation on odonate diversity of two different ecosystems , 19-03-2019, Nitha Bose C, Dr. Francy K Kakkassery,
  4. Proceedings of Biodiversity of Kerala after Deluge, STUDY ON THE DIVERSITY AND ABUNDANCE OF ODONATES IN THREE DIFFERENT GEOGRAPHICAL DIVISIONS IN KERALA , 23-02-2019, Nitha Bose C, Dr. Francy K Kakkassery,
  5. International Journal of Scientific Research and Reviews, New Additions to The Odonate Fauna of Thrissur District, Kerala With Their Ecological Notes, 8(1), 2373-2381, 09-04-2019, Nitha Bose C, Dr. Francy K Kakkassery,
  6. Journal of Threatened Taxa, On the diversity and abundance of riparian odonate fauna (Insecta) of the midstream Chalakkudy River, Kerala, India, 13(8), 19053-19059, 26-07-2021, Nitha Bose C, Dr. C F Binoy, Dr. Francy K Kakkassery
  8. ZAMM Journal of applied mathematics and mechanics: Zeitschrift für angewandte Mathematik und Mecha, A study on nanoliquid flow with irregular heat source and realistic boundary conditions: A modified e202100167, 25-11-2021, Sujesh Areekara, Joby Mackolil, B. Mahanthesh, Alphonsa Mathew, Puneet Rana
  9. Polymer, Highly Bluish-White Light Emissive and Redox Active Conjugated Poly-N-Phenyl Anthranilic Acid Polyme, 181, 121747, 27-08-2019, K Rohini Das, M Jinish Antony, Shinto Varghese
  10. Polymer, Synthesis and characterisation of water dispersible copolymer submicron spheres of poly-(phenylenedi, 87, 215-225, 04-02-2016, K Rohini Das, M Jinish Antony,
  11. International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer, Significance of nanoparticles’ shape and thermo-hydrodynamic slip constraints on MHD alumina-water n, 129, 105711, 27-10-2021, A.S. Sabu, A. Wakif, Sujesh Areekara, Alphonsa Mathew, Nehad Ali Shah
  12. European Polymer Journal, Accelerated photodegradation of polystyrene by TiO2-polyaniline photocatalyst under UV radiation , 11-05-2021, Dinoop lal S, Sunil Jose T, Rajesh C, Anju Rose Puthukkara P, Savitha Unnikrishnan K , Arun K J
  13. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, Plant mediated synthesis of zero valent iron nanoparticles and its application in water treatment , 19-10-2020, Anju Rose Puthukkara P, Sunil Jose T, Dinoop lal S
  14. Environmental Nanotechnology, Monitoring & Management, Chitosan stabilized Fe/Ni bimetallic nanoparticles for the removal of cationic and anionic triphenyl , 17-05-2020, Anju Rose Puthukkara P, Sunil Jose T, Dinoop lal S
  15. Academic Deliberations on Words,Visuals, and Beyond: Mediatization of Narrative Spaces ., “Truth Revealed in When the Fighting is Over TUMBLEDOWN-A Personal Story , 10-06-2019, Sheeji Raphael
  16. Unclaimed Experiences and Forbidden Zones: Trauma in all its Manifestation, titled The Transition from Despondency to Optimism in Tony Bank’s Storming the Falklands , 22-11-2018, Sheeji Raphael
  17. IJELLH-International Journal of English Language,Literature in Humanities, The Time and Space in Carlos Gammerro’sThe Islands, Volume 6, 129-135, 06-06-2018, Sheeji Raphael
  18. International Journal of Trend in Research and Development (IJTRD), The Lamentation of the Marginalized in Rodolfo Fogwill’s Malvinas Requiem. , 05-08-2017, Sheeji Raphael
  19. Ecology and Cultural Semantics, The Paradixical Paradise in Rohniton Mistry’s Such a Long Journey. Pages 161-168, 05-01-2016, Sheeji Raphael
  20. Thermal Science and Engineering Progress, Sensitivity analysis on radiative heat transfer of hydromagnetic Carreau nanoliquid flow over an elo, 25, 101038, 16-08-2021, Alphonsa Mathew, Sujesh Areekara, A.S. Sabu
  21. Surfaces and Interfaces, Significance of multiple slip and nanoparticle shape on stagnation point flow of silver-blood nanofl, 25, 101267, 10-06-2021, Alphonsa Mathew, Sujesh Areekara, A.S. Sabu, S. Saleem
  22. International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer, Dynamics of water conveying single-wall carbon nanotubes and magnetite nanoparticles subject to indu, 126, 105484, 15-07-2021, Sujesh Areekara, F. Mabood, A.S. Sabu, Alphonsa Mathew, I.A. Badruddin
  23. ZAMM – Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics / Zeitschrift für Angewandte Mathematik und Mec, Triple stratification effects on bioconvective stagnation point flow pertaining carbon nanotubes due, 101(11), e202000375, 12-06-2021, Sujesh Areekara, Alappat Sunny Sabu, Rakesh Kumar, Alphonsa Mathew
  24. Heat Transfer, Statistical analysis on the stratification effects of bioconvective EMHD nanofluid flow past a stret, 50(7), 6680-6702, 08-06-2021, Sujesh Areekara, Alappat Sunny Sabu, Alphonsa Mathew, Balagangadharan Saravanan
  25. Heat Transfer, Three-dimensional hydromagnetic hybrid nanoliquid flow and heat transfer between two vertical porous, 50(7), 6548-6571, 27-05-2021, Alphonsa Mathew, T.S. Neethu, Sujesh Areekara
  26. Heat Transfer, Effects of multislip and distinct heat source on MHD Carreau nanofluid flow past an elongating cylin, 50(6), 5652-5673, 08-04-2021, Alappat Sunny Sabu, Sujesh Areekara, Alphonsa Mathew
  27. Heat Transfer, Statistical approach on 3D hydromagnetic flow of water‐based nanofluid between two vertical porous, 50(5), 5170–5197, 17-03-2021, Thaivalappil Sugathan Neethu, Sujesh Areekara, Alphonsa Mathew
  28. ACS omega, Solid-State Fluorescent Selenium Quantum Dots by a Solvothermal- Assisted Sol−Gel Route for Curcum , 10-08-2021, Anupama K, Tessy Paul, Dr Ann Mary K A
  29. Journal of Bombay Natural History Society, Distribution Mapping and Host Plant Preferences of The Bagworm Eumeta crameri Westwood 1854 from Ker, 118, 141-147, 30-09-2021, Usha A. U., Joyce Jose, T J. Roby
  30. JOURNAL OF VETERINARY AND ANIMAL SCIENCES, Life cycle and development rate of Hemipyrellia ligurriens (Wiedemann) (Diptera:Calliphoridae) durin, 52(3), 292-297, 30-09-2021, REJECT PAUL M P, C F BINOY,
  31. Conspectus: A Journal of English Studies, Reflections on the Role of Motherhood: A Psychoanalytic Reading of Edasseri’s Poothapattu, 13, 10-28, 01-12-2019, NILA RAJEEV
  32. Sahithya Lokam, Kavithayude Karunya Veethikal, 50, 27-33, 15-01-2021, Nila Rajeev
  33. Reliability: Theory & Applications, Dus Transformation of Inverse Weibull Distribution: An Upside-Down Failure Rate Model, 16, 58-71, 25-06-2021, Gauthami P, Chacko V M,
  34. Conspectus: A Journal of English Studies, Hum and Haw in Children’s Historical Novels: Subsidiary Famine Theme and Surplus Motifs in Kirsty Mu, 13, 49, 01-12-2019, Shyama Sasidharan
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  37. NATION IN TRANSLATION, Seminar Proceedings of Centre for Translation Studies, SSUS, Kalady, Kerala, Anglicizing Valmik Ramayana: A Reading Through Select Translations 182-186, 04-08-2018, VISHNUPRIYA CV
  38. Singularities: A Peer Reviewed Transdisciplinary Biannual Research Journal, Exploring the Anthropocene in Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, 8 15-07-2021, Sameera K I
  39. International journal for research in applied science and engineering technology, A study on the free radical scavenging activity of Desmodium Triquetrum, 6, 1568-1573, 12-06-2018, Neethu M U, Dr.Leyon Varghese,
  40. Biodiversity of Kerala after Deluge-Concerns, Implications and Conservation Strategies, MAPPING CNEMASPIS SPECIES FROM NON FORESTED AREAS OF CENTRAL KERALA 48-53, 22-02-2019, Neethu M. U., Joyce Jose, Roby T. J.
  41. Herpetology notes, New locality record of slender day gecko (Cnemaspis gracilis,Beddome,1870) from Ernakulam district,, 14, 823-826, 31-05-2021, Neethu M U, JOYCE JOSE, ROBY THEKKUDAN JOSE
  42. ENTOMON, Ultra structure of second instar larva of Hemipyrellia ligurriens (Wiedemann) (Diptera: Calliphorida, Vol 46 No 1 (2021), 47-52, 31-03-2021, Reject Paul .M.P, C.F. Binoy,
  43. Proceedings of National Seminar on Statistical Approaches Data Science, Estimation of Stress-Strength Model Using Three Parameter Generalized Lindley Distribution 55-63, 06-02-2019, Deepthi K S, Chacko V M,
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