Student  Publications

Sl. No.Name of StudentBatchName of JournalLevelTitleVolumePage NoDate of Publication
1Sujesh A SR1MM2018ZAMM Journal of applied mathematics and mechanics: Zeitschrift für angewandte Mathematik und MechaInternationalTransport phenomena in hydromagnetic convective Carreau nanoliquid flow over an elongating cylinder:----26-09-2022
2AboobackerR1MM2018Advances and Applications in Mathematical SciencesInternationalNEW DESIGN OF S BOX BASED ON GALOIS FIELD OF ODD CHARACTERISTIC AND ANALYSIS OF ITS CRYPTOGRAPHIC AT21 (10)5935-594618-08-2022
3Sujesh A SR1MM2018Waves in Random and Complex MediaInternationalBulirsch-Stoer computations for bioconvective magnetized nanomaterial flow subjected to convective t----28-07-2022
4Sujesh A SR1MM2018Case Studies in Thermal EngineeringInternationalThe numerical simulation of nanoparticle size and thermal radiation with the magnetic field effect b3710224708-07-2022
5Sujesh A SR1MM2018Journal of the Indian Chemical SocietyInternationalSignificance of magnetic field and stratification effects on the bioconvective stagnation-point flow99(8)10061501-07-2022
6Sujesh A SR1MM2018Cogitations on Advances in Physical and Mathematical SciencesNationalSignificance of ESHS and LHS on the MHD hybrid nanofluid flow towards a stagnation point on a stretc--6424-06-2022
7Sujesh A SR1MM2018Waves In Random and Complex MediaInternationalRegression analysis on MHD Darcy-Forchheimer hybrid nanoliquid flow over an elongated permeable shee----16-06-2022
8Sujesh A SR1MM2018International Communications in Heat and Mass TransferInternationalMultiple linear regression on bioconvective MHD hybrid nanofluid flow past an exponential stretching13510611519-05-2022
9ANAKHA K KR1ST2019Waves in Random and Complex MediaInternationalBioconvective electromagnetohydrodynamic hybrid nanoliquid flow over a stretching sheet with stratif----28-04-2022
10Sujesh A SR1MM2018Waves in Random and Complex MediaInternationalBioconvective electromagnetohydrodynamic hybrid nanoliquid flow over a stretching sheet with stratif----28-04-2022
11ANAKHA K KR1ST2019Complex & Intelligent SystemsInternationalA new neutrosophic model using DUS-Weibull transformation with application----14-03-2022
12ANAKHA K KR1ST2019International Journal of Statistics and Reliability EngineeringInternationalDUS-Kumaraswamy Distribution: A Bathtub Shaped Failure Rate Model8(3)359-36704-02-2022
13Sujesh A SR1MM2018ZAMM Journal of applied mathematics and mechanics: Zeitschrift für angewandte Mathematik und MechaInternationalA study on nanoliquid flow with irregular heat source and realistic boundary conditions: A modified102(3)e20210016725-11-2021
14Sujesh A SR1MM2018International Communications in Heat and Mass TransferInternationalSignificance of nanoparticles' shape and thermo-hydrodynamic slip constraints on MHD alumina-water n12910571127-10-2021
15Usha A UR1ZG2016Journal of Bombay Natural History SocietyNationalDistribution Mapping and Host Plant Preferences of The Bagworm Eumeta crameri Westwood 1854 from Ker118141-14730-09-2021
16REJECT PAUL. M. PR1ZG2019JOURNAL OF VETERINARY AND ANIMAL SCIENCESNationalLife cycle and development rate of Hemipyrellia ligurriens (Wiedemann) (Diptera:Calliphoridae) durin52(3)292-29730-09-2021
17Sujesh A SR1MM2018Thermal Science and Engineering ProgressInternationalSensitivity analysis on radiative heat transfer of hydromagnetic Carreau nanoliquid flow over an elo2510103816-08-2021
18Anupama KR1PH2018ACS omegaInternationalSolid-State Fluorescent Selenium Quantum Dots by a Solvothermal- Assisted Sol−Gel Route for Curcum----10-08-2021
19Nitha Bose C.R1ZG2017Journal of Threatened TaxaInternationalOn the diversity and abundance of riparian odonate fauna (Insecta) of the midstream Chalakkudy River13(8)19053-1905926-07-2021
20Sujesh A SR1MM2018International Communications in Heat and Mass TransferInternationalDynamics of water conveying single-wall carbon nanotubes and magnetite nanoparticles subject to indu12610548415-07-2021
21Sameera K. I.R1EH2016Singularities: A Peer Reviewed Transdisciplinary Biannual Research JournalInternationalExploring the Anthropocene in Cormac McCarthy's The Road8--15-07-2021
22GAUTHAMI PP1ST2019Reliability: Theory & ApplicationsInternationalDus Transformation of Inverse Weibull Distribution: An Upside-Down Failure Rate Model1658-7125-06-2021
23Sujesh A SR1MM2018ZAMM - Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics / Zeitschrift für Angewandte Mathematik und MecInternationalTriple stratification effects on bioconvective stagnation point flow pertaining carbon nanotubes due101(11)e20200037512-06-2021
24Karthika SR1MM2017Indian Journal of Pure and Applied MathematicsInternationalUnit elements in the path algebra of an acyclic quiver52138–14010-06-2021
25Sujesh A SR1MM2018Surfaces and InterfacesInternationalSignificance of multiple slip and nanoparticle shape on stagnation point flow of silver-blood nanofl2510126710-06-2021
26Sujesh A SR1MM2018Heat TransferInternationalStatistical analysis on the stratification effects of bioconvective EMHD nanofluid flow past a stret50(7)6680-670208-06-2021
27Neethu M UR1ZG2017Herpetology notesInternationalNew locality record of slender day gecko (Cnemaspis gracilis,Beddome,1870) from Ernakulam district,14823-82631-05-2021
28Sujesh A SR1MM2018Heat TransferInternationalThree-dimensional hydromagnetic hybrid nanoliquid flow and heat transfer between two vertical porous50(7)6548-657127-05-2021
29Anju Rose Puthukkara.PR1CH2015European Polymer JournalInternationalAccelerated photodegradation of polystyrene by TiO2-polyaniline photocatalyst under UV radiation----11-05-2021
30Sujesh A SR1MM2018Heat TransferInternationalEffects of multislip and distinct heat source on MHD Carreau nanofluid flow past an elongating cylin50(6)5652-567308-04-2021
31REJECT PAUL. M. PR1ZG2019ENTOMONNationalUltra structure of second instar larva of Hemipyrellia ligurriens (Wiedemann) (Diptera: CalliphoridaVol 46 No 1 (2021)47-5231-03-2021
32Sujesh A SR1MM2018Heat TransferInternationalStatistical approach on 3D hydromagnetic flow of water‐based nanofluid between two vertical porous50(5)5170–519717-03-2021
33NILA RAJEEVR1EH2019Sahithya LokamInternationalKavithayude Karunya Veethikal5027-3315-01-2021
34Sujesh A SR1MM2018Heat TransferInternationalStatistical analysis on three - dimensional MHD convective Carreau nanofluid flow due to bilateral n50(4)3641-366030-12-2020
35Neethu T SR1MM2017Thermal Science and Engineering ProgressInternationalStatistical analysis of MHD convective ferro-nanofluid flow through an inclined channel with hall cu2210081617-12-2020
36Deepthi K SR1ST2017Advances and Applications in StatisticsNationalReliability Estimation of Stress-Strength Model using three parameter Generalized Lindley distributi6569-8901-11-2020
37Anju Rose Puthukkara.PR1CH2015Journal of Environmental Chemical EngineeringInternationalPlant mediated synthesis of zero valent iron nanoparticles and its application in water treatment----19-10-2020
38Deepthi K SR1ST2017Stochastic Models in Reliability EngineeringInternationalAn Upside-down Bathtub Shaped failure rate model using DUS Transformation of Lomax Distribution----30-07-2020
39ANITHA.T.VR1PH2018AIP Conference ProceedingsInternationalStructural and opto-electrical study of as- grown CuS thin film doped with Sn by facile chemical ba2244, 110002 (2020)--26-06-2020
40SHYAMA SASIDHARANR1EH2019Exposure: The Journal of Social Sciences and HumanitiesNationalMapping Root and Route of Diasporic Transnational Formations: Mobility and Locality in Kirsty Murray615-2301-06-2020
41Anju Rose Puthukkara.PR1CH2015Environmental Nanotechnology, Monitoring & ManagementInternationalChitosan stabilized Fe/Ni bimetallic nanoparticles for the removal of cationic and anionic triphenyl----17-05-2020
42Tessy PaulR1PH2018MATERIALS TODAY; PROCEEDINGSInternationalSpectroscopic investigations on Se/RE doped sol gel derived silica matrices331323-132614-05-2020
43ANAKHA K KR1ST2019Reliability: Theory and ApplicationsInternationalOn Exponential-Weibull Distribution Useful in Reliability and Survival Analysis1520-3215-03-2020
44Sameera K. I.R1EH2016The InvestigatorInternationalEcocritical Reading of Margaret Atwood's The Year of the Flood6--02-03-2020
45Sajana O. KR1ST2015Communications in Statistics-Simulation and ComputationInternationalMultidimensional outlier detection and robust estimation using Sn Covariance----20-02-2020
46Aiswariya K. S.R1BT2016Proceedings of the 18th Prof. K V Thomas Endowment National Seminar on New Frontiers in Material andNationalPhytosynthesised silver oxide nanoparticles assisted catalytic degradation of dyes--37-4128-01-2020
47Rameena K JamalR1BT2016New Frontiers in Materials and Environmental Sciences(NFMS-2020)NationalAn Evaluation of Uptake and Physiological response to Iron Oxide Nanoparticles in Allium cepa L.plan--111-11628-01-2020
48Seena KKR1BT2017Indian HydrobiologyNationalSeasonal Influences on Phytoplankton Diversity in Tributaries of River Bharathapuzha, Palakkad Distr----11-12-2019
49NILA RAJEEVR1EH2019Conspectus: A Journal of English StudiesInternationalReflections on the Role of Motherhood: A Psychoanalytic Reading of Edasseri's Poothapattu1310-2801-12-2019
50SHYAMA SASIDHARANR1EH2019Conspectus: A Journal of English StudiesInternationalHum and Haw in Children's Historical Novels: Subsidiary Famine Theme and Surplus Motifs in Kirsty Mu134901-12-2019
51M.P. HarikrishnanR1EH2015Conspectus: A Journal of English StudiesOthersAesthetics of Reformation and Transcendence: Experiments in an Art Form and Subversion----25-10-2019
52M.P. HarikrishnanR1EH2015The InvestigatorInternationalEthos of Ayyavazhi: Dharma of Reformation2--25-10-2019
53Jithin K VR1BT2019Indian Journal of ForestryNationalLepisanthes ferruginea (Sapindaceae)-A new distributional record for the main land India4231-3321-10-2019
54Hridhya M VR1BT2017Proceedings of the Centenary International Conference on Advancements in Science and HumanitiesInternationalA review on nanoparticle-plant interactions: possible routes, uptake, translocation and biotransfo--326-33419-10-2019
56Sajana O. KR1ST2015International Journal of Scientific Research in Mathematical and Statistical SciencesInternationalEmpirical robust multivariate regression parameter estimation using median approach565--7101-10-2019
57Rohini Das KR1CH2017PolymerInternationalHighly Bluish-White Light Emissive and Redox Active Conjugated Poly-N-Phenyl Anthranilic Acid Polyme18112174727-08-2019
58Deepthi K SR1ST2017Journal of the Indian Society for Probability and StatisticsNationalGeneralized X-Exponential Bathtub Shaped Failure Rate Distribution20(2)157-17119-07-2019
59Swathy T SR1CH2017Colloids and Surfce AInternationalNormal and reverse AOT micelles assisted interfacial polymerization for polyaniline nanostructures578 (2019)12362702-07-2019
60Binsi.M.PaulsonR1CH2015Current Chemistry LettersNationalInteraction of Two Heterocyclic Schiff Bases Derived from 2-Acetyl Pyridine on Mild Steel in Hydroch----17-06-2019
61Sajana O. KR1ST2015Communications in Statistics-Theory and methodsInternationalSn covariance496133-613816-06-2019
63Sheeji RaphaelR1EH2016Academic Deliberations on Words,Visuals, and Beyond: Mediatization of Narrative Spaces .National“Truth Revealed in When the Fighting is Over TUMBLEDOWN-A Personal Story----10-06-2019
64ReejaR1EH2017IJELLHInternationalFallen Women of Shakespeare in Vishal Bhardwaj’s cinematic adaptation, Omkara (2006)----14-05-2019
65Dinoop Lal.SR1CH2014Environmental Nanotechnology, Monitoring & ManagementInternationalSolid-phase photodegradation of polystyrene by nano TiO2 under ultraviolet radiation----11-05-2019
66Binsi.M.PaulsonR1CH2015International Journal of ElectrochemistryInternationalSynthesis, cyclic voltammetric, electrochemical and gravimetric corrosion inhibition investigations----02-05-2019
67Ragi.KR1CH2015International Journal of ElectrochemistryInternationalSynthesis, cyclic voltammetric, electrochemical and gravimetric corrosion inhibition investigationsvol. 201910.1155/2019/109414801-05-2019
68Binsi.M.PaulsonR1CH2015Oriental Journal of ChemistryInternationalElectrochemically synthesised Poly(2-aminobenzenesulphonic acid) An efficient protection for carbon----24-04-2019
69Nitha Bose C.R1ZG2017International Journal of Scientific Research and ReviewsNationalNew Additions to The Odonate Fauna of Thrissur District, Kerala With Their Ecological Notes8(1)2373-238109-04-2019
70Aiswariya K. S.R1BT2016Proceedings of the Centenary International Conference on Advancements in Science and HumanitiesInternationalRole of Humic acid in the stability of nanoparticles – A review--302-31023-03-2019
71Nitha Bose C.R1ZG2017Proceedings of the centenary intenational conference on advancemen ts in science and humanitiesStateEffect of seasonal variation on odonate diversity of two different ecosystems----19-03-2019
73Neethu M UR1ZG2017Biodiversity of Kerala after Deluge-Concerns, Implications and Conservation StrategiesNationalMAPPING CNEMASPIS SPECIES FROM NON FORESTED AREAS OF CENTRAL KERALA--48-5322-02-2019
74Keerthana NandakumarR1BT2017Proceedings of the National Seminar on Emerging Trends in Genomic ResearchNationalVariation of Microbial Count in different formulations of Fruit Enriched Yogurt--130-13622-02-2019
75JISNA MARY .N.SP2SW2015International Journal of research in Social ScienceInternationalSocial entrepreneurship among post graduate students in bishop Herber college: A comparative nalysis965-7111-02-2019
76Deepthi K SR1ST2017Proceedings of National Seminar on Statistical Approaches Data ScienceNationalEstimation of Stress-Strength Model Using Three Parameter Generalized Lindley Distribution--55-6306-02-2019
77Keerthana NandakumarR1BT2017Proceedings of the 31st Kerala Science CongressStateMicrobial Quality Analysis and Standardization of Fruit Enriched Rice Based Probiotic Yogurt--203-02-2019
78Aiswariya K. S.R1BT201631st Kerala Science Congress Proceedings 2019StateEffect of Phytosynthesised Silver oxide nanoparticles on the degradation of an anionic dye - Coomass--11502-02-2019
79Vishnu Prasad T RR1EH2017LITERARY INSIGHTInternationalSurvival of the Fittest: Social Conflict and Class Wars in Contemporary Young Adult Dystopian Fictio10--15-01-2019
80Nimisha K. JayanR1EH2015Impact: International Journal Of Research In Humanities, Arts And LiteratureInternationalRe-creating Kodungallur Bharani in Print: Narratives and Performance”7--10-01-2019
81Seena KKR1BT2017Albertian journal of Multidisciplinary researchNationalPhytoplankton diversity indices of Kalpathy river, Palakkad----09-01-2019
83LAKSHMI RR1ST2019Journal of Computer and Mathematical SciencesNationalRobust Quadratic discriminant rule based on kurtosis method----11-12-2018
84Binsi.M.PaulsonR1CH2015International journal of corrosionInternationalPrevention of reinforcement corrosion in concrete by sodium lauryl sulphate: electrochemical and gra----02-12-2018
85Deepthi K SR1ST2017Reliability: Theory and ApplicationsInternationalWeibull-Lindley Distribution: A bathtub shaped failure rate model139-2001-12-2018
86Beenu ThomasR1ST2017Reliability: Theory and ApplicationsInternationalWeibull-Lindley Distribution: A Bathtub Shaped Failure Rate Model139-2001-12-2018
87Sajana O. KR1ST2015Journal of Computer and Mathematical SciencesInternationalof multidimensional outlier using multivariate spatial median91875--188101-12-2018
88Sheeji RaphaelR1EH2016Unclaimed Experiences and Forbidden Zones: Trauma in all its ManifestationNationaltitled The Transition from Despondency to Optimism in Tony Bank’s Storming the Falklands----22-11-2018
89PriyankaPrabhakaranR1ZG2016International Journal of Scientific Research and ReviewsInternationalEcological Preferences of two Diving Beetles (Coleoptera: dytiscidae) from Olakkayam Waterfalls, Ke72061-207001-10-2018
90Vishnupriya C VR1EH2018NATION IN TRANSLATION, Seminar Proceedings of Centre for Translation Studies, SSUS, Kalady, KeralaNationalAnglicizing Valmik Ramayana: A Reading Through Select Translations--182-18604-08-2018
91ALINA K. SEBASTIANP1BT2014Journal of Pharmacognosy and PhytochemistryNationalHPTLC and GC-MS analysis of Parthenocissus renukae Anto & Pradeep73449-345231-07-2018
92Seena KKR1BT2017International journal of Research and anlytical reviewsInternationalReview on Microalgae:A potential source----02-07-2018
93Neethu M UR1ZG2017International journal for research in applied science and engineering technologyInternationalA study on the free radical scavenging activity of Desmodium Triquetrum61568-157312-06-2018
94Nimmi C DominigoseR1BT2017TaiwaniaInternationalParthenocissus renukae, a new species of Vitaceae from South India----12-06-2018
95Ms Midhila JosR1EH2018Teresian Journal of English StudiesInternationalLiterary Geography: Projection of Memory and Space----12-06-2018
96Sheeji RaphaelR1EH2016IJELLH-International Journal of English Language,Literature in HumanitiesInternationalThe Time and Space in Carlos Gammerro’sThe IslandsVolume 6129-13506-06-2018
97Sheeji RaphaelR1EH2016Journal of Interfaces in Arts and CultureOthersDelineation of Power in War Literature: A Study on the The Island’s and Malvina’1--06-06-2018
98KRISHNAPRIYA.V.UP1CH2016royel society of chemistry(Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics)InternationalRoles of different amino-acid residues towards binding and selective transport of K+ through KcsA K+vol20, issue2517517-2931-05-2018
99Binsi.M.PaulsonR1CH2015International journal of industrial chemistryInternationalEfficacies of sodium nitrite and sodium citrate-zinc acetate mixture to inhibit steel rebar corrosio----04-04-2018
100SHILPA WILSON TU1CH2014Colloids and sufaces BInternationalSynthesis of ultra small Rhodium Nanoparticle congregated over DNA and its applications on CatalysisS0927-7765(18)30663-5--30-03-2018
101Usha A UR1ZG2016Frontiers in Biological ResearchNationalPreliminary mapping of spatio-climatic preferences and polyphagy in different species of bagworms (I189-9523-03-2018
102Vishnu Prasad T RR1EH2017Myth Fantasy and Quest for Identity in Science Fictions and MoviesOthersBrave New Worlds: The Socio - Political Undercurrents of Contemporary Dystopian Novels--103 - 10715-03-2018
103ReejaR1EH2017MESMAC International conference JournalOthersHuman-Animal Liaison: A Study on Ang Lee’s film Life of Pi----06-02-2018
105Parvathy C AR1ZG2017International Journal for Research in Applied Science & Engineering Technology (IJRASET)InternationalFish diversity, abundance and Traditional fish harvesting methods at Kole Wetlands of Thrissur, KeraVolume 6 Issue II, ISSN: 2321-9653.--30-01-2018
106Parvathy C AR1ZG2017International Journal for Research in Applied Science & Engineering TechnologyInternationalStudy on the Ichthyofaunal Diversity of Kole Wetlands of Puzhakkalkole with Emphasis on Its Water QuVolume 6 Issue I, ISSN: 2321-9653.--22-01-2018
107Sheme Mary P.U.R1EH2012New Academia: An International Journal of English Language, Literature and Literary TheoryInternationalGlobalisation V/s Ethnicity: Manifesting the Identity with Race and Culture in Picture Books.7--01-01-2018
108Usha A UR1ZG2016“Faunal Diversity And Recent Trends In Animal Taxonomy”NationalBag Morphology of Commonly Occurring Bagworms (Family: Psychidae) in Kerala - A Taxonomic Tool1118-12120-12-2017
109Aiswariya K. S.R1BT2016International Journal of Engineering, Science and MathematicsInternationalRole of Nanotechnology in the Enhancement of Human Health – A Review645-5217-12-2017
110Reshma AshokR1BT2018TaiwaniaInternationalEriocaulon pradeepii, a new species of Eriocaulaceae from South India62(4)371-37410-11-2017
111Rameena K JamalR1BT2016Journal of Pharmacognosy and PhytochemistryNationalDetermination of phytochemicals by GC-MS in methanol extract of Elephantopus scaber L.6(6)807-81310-10-2017
112Vishnu Prasad T RR1EH2017The Creative LauncherInternationalSources of Tolkien: Influence of Myths and Legends on J. R. R. Tolkien in Shaping His Own Mythology213 - 2105-10-2017
113Deepthi K SR1ST2017Reliability: Theory and ApplicationsInternationalA 'One Parameter' Bathtub Shaped Failure Rate Distribution1238-4301-09-2017
114Beenu ThomasR1ST2017Reliability: Theory and ApplicationsInternationalA 'One parameter' Bathtub Shaped Failure Rate Distribution1238-4301-09-2017
115Sheeji RaphaelR1EH2016International Journal of Trend in Research and Development (IJTRD)InternationalThe Lamentation of the Marginalized in Rodolfo Fogwill’s Malvinas Requiem.----05-08-2017
116ALINA K. SEBASTIANP1BT2014International Journal of Advanced ResearchInternationalEvaluation of anti-bacterial activity of Cissus aristata Blume. against human pathogenic bacteria5--05-05-2017
118Mubasheera K.R1ZG2016Frontiers in Biological SciencesNationalmorphometric study of two common species of Lycaenidae(Lepidoptera, Insecta) common cerulean and gra----14-03-2017
119Usha A UR1ZG2016SCIENTIANationalA Study on the Expression of Some Selected Human Morphogenetic Traits in Thrissur District1294-10020-12-2016
120Ranjini S.R1ZG2016International Journal of Recent Scientific ResearchInternationalPRELIMINARY STUDIES ON THE SPIDER FAUNA IN SELECTED AGRO-ECOSYSTEMS OF KOZHINJAMPARA PANCHAYAT, PALA713740-1374301-10-2016
121Swathy T SR1CH2017POLYMERInternationalAOT assisted preparation of ordered, conducting and dispersible core-shell nanostructured polythioph103 (2016)206–21317-09-2016
122Afsana KhanR1BT2018International Journal Of Advanced ResearchInternationalOphioglossum raphaelianum(Ophioglossaceae) - A New species from South India41268-127310-05-2016
123Rohini Das KR1CH2017PolymerInternationalSynthesis and characterisation of water dispersible copolymer submicron spheres of poly-(phenylenedi87215-22504-02-2016
124Aiswariya K. S.R1BT2016South Indian Journal of Biological SciencesNationalCharacterizations of five rice varieties using morphological traits and seed storage protein profili215206-01-2016
125Sheeji RaphaelR1EH2016Ecology and Cultural SemanticsStateThe Paradixical Paradise in Rohniton Mistry’s Such a Long Journey.--Pages 161-16805-01-2016
126Usha A UR1ZG2016The Journal of Zoology StudiesInternationalA study on insect diversity of a selected area in Wadakkanchery (Thrissur, Kerala)Vol.2(3)38-5015-10-2015