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Admission 2024
Research Highlights2024-05-24T14:17:05+05:30



  1. Research Centres: 10 research centres Chemistry, Zoology, English, Economics, Commerce, Statistics, Botany, Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science departments to 10 during the assessment period.
  2. 69 Research Guides and more than 150 Scholars
  3. 93 (as on 24.05.2024)  PhD degrees were Awarded from Research Centres of the College
  4. 257 indexed Research articles in Scopus/Web of Science and 166 books/chapters in edited volumes/books were published during last five years
  5. Institutional Scopus h-index is currently 16
  6. Interdisciplinary research works.
  7. One Patent Awarded; another 4 Patent Applications Filed
  8. 12 new Plant Species were discovered by Researchers of Botany Department.
  9. Online Course on Research Publication and Ethics was conducted in association with the Directorate of Research, University of Calicut in 2020, 2021 and 2022. It is approved by University of Calicut as equivalent to RPE paper for course work.
  10. 189 Seminars/Workshops/Endowment/Invited Lectures were conducted on Research/ IPR/Consultancy
  11. 96 Research Collaborations with research publications with Nobel laurate
  12. Received two Fullbright Scholarships
  13. Central Library with 80 research cubicles over 9000 books and digital library system with 48 computers and over 9000 journals and eBooks
  14. Effective Research Council and Ethics Committee with defined Research Policy
  15. Central Instrumentation Facility with over 104 specialised instrumentations


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