Sheeba Raphael, M.Sc., B.Ed

Assistant Professor,
Research & Post- Graduate Dept. of Zoology
St. Thomas College (Autonomous), Thrissur


Educational Qualifications:
M. Sc. Zoology

Pursuing PhD in Entomology

3 years teaching experience in St. Thomas College, Thrissur.

Paper Presentations:

  1. Feeding behaviour and distribution patterns of a Peri domestic Zygentoma species with a note on Cannibalism, National, Dept.of.Zoology,Unty.of Calicut , 04-12-2018 , Unty.of Calicut
  2. Preliminary characterisation of carbohydrate, cholesterol and protein content in Silverfish, National, Dept. of Zoology,Unty.of Calicut , 12-03-2018 , University of Calicut.
  3. Patterns of host plant and butterfly assemblage interactions in human habitations, a case study from Thrissur, National, Govt.Brennen College,Thalassery , 28-01-2018 , Kannur.
  4. Cellulose feeding insects as innovative remedy for organic waste management with emphasis on Silverfish, Others, St.Mary’s College,Thrissur , 05-12-2017 , Thrissur.


  1. Feeding Behaviour and Distribution Patterns of peri-domestic Zygentoma Species with a Note on cannibalism, Proceedings, Annual Conference of ESI, National, 50-51, 06-12-2018
  2. Preliminary Characterisation of carbohydrate, Cholesterol and Protein content in Silverfish, Proceedings of the Frontiers of Biological Research, National, 3-48, 12-03-2018
  3. Patterns of Host plant and Butterfly assemblage interactions in Human Habitations, A Case study from Thrissur, Proceedings of Kerala Science Congress, National, 184-185, 28-01-2018, 16-01-2018


  1. Studying Evolution of Developmental mechanisms with Hydra: genes, signals and stem cells, Webinar, Departments of Biosciences and Zoology, Union Christian College, National, 04-12-2021, Aluva
  2. ” Using Mendely for systematic review’‘, Webinar, ST. MARY’S COLLEGE, National, 27-11-2021, SULTHAN BATHERY
  3. “Gene Editing- Definitions and Perspectives” , Webinar , The National Academy of Sciences India, Prayagraj, Kerala Chapter, In association with Department of , National , 09-10-2021 , Aluva
  4. ‘Interpretation of biological data with bioinformatics’ , Webinar , Department of Zoology, K. K. T. M. Government college , State , 22-09-2021 , Pullut
  5. “Increasing Farmers’ Income: Way Forward” , Webinar , Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur (Rajasthan). , National , 18-06-2021 , Rajasthan
  6. Research, Consultancy and start up: How to go about it. , Webinar , IQAC, RESEARCH COUNCIL, START UP & INNOVATION CELL OF ST.Thomas College, Thrissur , State , 16-06-2021 , Thrissur
  7. Silent Valley- A natural Heritage to Western Ghats, Webinar, Research and Post-graduate Dept.of Botany, St.Thomas College , State , 05-06-2021 , Thrissur
  8. “Environmental Ethics & Ecological Restoration: Issues and Strategies”, Webinar, Directorate of Research, Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur (Rajasth , National , 05-06-2021 , Udaipur (Rajasthan).
  9. “Organic Animal Production: Opportunities and Strategies in India”, Webinar, Niche Area of Excellence on Organic Poultry Production, Maharana Prathap Unty , National , 01-06-2021 , Rajasthan
  10. Mega software for Sequence Analysis, Workshop, Dept.of Botany and Research Committee, St.Joseph’s College for Women , State , 28-05-2021 , Alappuzha
  11. “OUR SOLUTIONS ARE IN NATURE”, Webinar, Directorate of Research,Maharana Pratap Unty of Agriculture & technology , National , 22-05-2021 , Udaipur,Rajasthan
  12. ” Bee Engaged: Build back Better for Bees”, Webinar, Directorate of Research, Maharana Pratap Unty of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur, Rajasthan, National, 20-05-2021, Rajasthan
  13. National Science Day, Seminar, Dept.of Zoology in Association with IQAC, St.Thomas College,Thrissur , National , 26-02-2021 , Thrissur
  14. World Wet land Day, Webinar, Department of Zoology in Association with IQAC, State, 09-02-2021, ST.Thomas College, Thrissur
  15. Amphibians of Kerala, Webinar, Carmel College, Mala, State, 05-12-2020, MALA
  16. Insect Taxonomy, Webinar, ST. PETER’S COLLEGE, KOLENCHERY- department of Zoology in association with IQAC, National, 25-09-2020, Ernamkulam
  17. Perspective of molecular approaches in Entomology, Webinar, Dept.of Zoology, Christ College, International, 17-09-2020, Irinjalakkuda
  18. Webinar on Research and Publication Ethics, Webinar, Research Council & IQAC of St.Thomas College, Thrissur , State , 06-08-2020 , Thrissur
  20. Emerging Zoonotic Diseases, Webinar, Research & Post graduate Dept. of Zoology, St. Thomas college, State, 06-07-2020, Thrissur
  21. Webinar on E content Tips, Webinar, St.Thomas college,Thrissur , Other , 30-05-2020 , Thrissur
  22. Webinar on”Covid 19: Meet the challenges! Capture the opportunities”, Webinar, Department of Computer Science, Union Christian College, Other, 28-05-2020, Aluva
  23. Online learning Apps and Tools for Higher Education, Webinar, Iqac, St.Thomas college, Thrissur , Other , 27-05-2020 , Thrissur
  24. Webinar on NAAC accreditation for Autonomous or Affiliated colleges, Webinar, St.Thomas college , Other , 22-05-2020 , Thrissur
  25. National Webinar on ORGANIZED AND SUCCESSFUL LIFE SCIENCE RESEARCH – DESK TO UNIVERSAL, Webinar, Departments of Botany & Zoology, National, 15-05-2020, Thrissur
  26. Survival games played by bacteria, Webinar, School of chemical and Biotechnology,SASTRA deemed to be University , Other , 14-05-2020 , Tamilnadu
  27. Webinar on Outcome Based Education, Webinar, St.Thomas college,Thrissur and Kerala State Higher Education Council , Other , 13-05-2020 , St.Thomas college,Thrissur
  28. Revised NAAC Manuel and Challenges of 4th cycle Accreditation, Workshop, IQAC,St.Thomas college,Autonomous , Other , 18-02-2020 , Thrissur
  29. Building Excellence-A Faculty Workshop, Workshop, XIME Kochi, Other, 14-02-2020, Kochi
  30. Workshop on Academic integrity and ethical Practices in Research and Publications, Workshop, Research council,St.Thomas college,Thrissur , Other , 02-11-2019 , Thrissur
  31. One day Workshop on Revised NAAC Accreditation Process, Workshop, IQAC at St.Thomas college(Autonomous) Thrissur , Other , 03-08-2019 , Thrissur
  32. Biodiversity of Kerala after Deluge, Seminar, St.Thomas College , National , 22-02-2019 , Thrissur
  33. Predatory Mites as Biocontrol agents, Others, Unty.of Calicut and St.Thomas College,Thrissur , Other , 17-03-2018 , Thrissur.



  1. Online Course/Lecture Series Dept.of Botany, Calicut UNIVERSITY, State, 30-05-2021, Calicut University
  2. Online Course/Lecture Series, Yale University, International, 15-01-2021, Yale School of Nursing
  3. Online Course/Lecture Series, University of Colorado, International, 20-10-2020
  4. Online Course/Lecture Series, Research Council and Department of Library and Information Studies of St Thomas College (Autonomous), State, 12-08-2020, Thrissur
  5. Online Course/Lecture Series, Duke University and offered through Coursera, International, 30-06-2020
  6. Online Course/Lecture Series, MHRD, National, 04-06-2020, DELHI
  7. Online Course/Lecture Series, KPCTA, State, 03-06-2020, Calicut University
  8. Online Course/Lecture Series, Yale University and offered through Coursera, International, 01-05-2020.

Institutional Responsibilities

  1. DQAC of Dept. of Zoology
  2. Member in Fine- Arts Club.
  3. Member in Organic Farming Club.
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