Dr. Vimala K John M.Sc., Ph.D.


Pidiyath house , Nenmanikkara ,Pudukkadu P O,
Trissur Dist. , Kerala ,India  680301




  • Post Doctoral Fellow,  Thrombosis Research Unit, Biomedical Technology Wing, Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, 2008, Trivandrum.
  • Ph.D (Mahathma Gandhi University)
  • B.Ed (Mahathma Gandhi University)
  • M.Sc. (Mahathma Gandhi University)
  • Diploma in Nutrition & Wellness   NHI California (Distance Education), USA 2010

Ph.D. Thesis

  • Toxicological effects of endosulphan on laboratory Albino mice

PDF Thesis

  • Development of anti snake venom Pre Clinical study on  Rabbit


  • Worked as Secondary School Teacher from June1998-May2000 in St Ann’s English Medium School Cengannur during this tenure, familiarization with school curriculum and carrying out Project work of students. In Basic science
  • From June2000- March2002, worked as a guest Lecturer (HHST) in Government Higher Secondary School Omallor &Government Vocational Higher Secondary School Kaippattor in the department of biology. & during this tenure, familiarization with curriculum and carried out Project work of   students in zoology (Theory and Practical Classes)
  • From April2002- May2007 Research Fellow, in Mahatma Gandhi University under Dr Joseph John K ,Reader Department of Zoology , St Thomas College Kozhencherry During this tenure, familiarization with the techniques and carrying out Hematological, and biochemical tests, histopathological studies, toxicological studies, pesticide residue analysis etc.

Part time Jobs

  • Carried out from 2002-2007
    • Three years experience as a guest lecturer in St Thomas College, Kozhencherry (2003 August – March2007) Carried out theory and Practical Classes in physiology & project in BSc & MSc level
    • One year experience as a teaching faculty in MGM Muthoot     medical center Kozhencherry (2005June -2006June) Carried out theory Classes in Physiology& projects in BSc Nursing Class)
    • One year experience as a teaching faculty in School of Medical   Education Pathanamthitta (2006June -2007March), part time Carried out theory and practical Classes in physiology& projects in BSc& MSc level)

Research Interest

  • Toxicology
  • Biochemistry
  • Zoology


  • Effect of thiodan on some biochemical parameters of Common Indian Frog Euphylectus hexadactylus 
    J. of Tissue Research Vol (4) 221-225(.2005)
  • Effect of endosulphan on alkaline phosphate Activity in blood and liver of Albino Mice 
    J. Zool. Society of Kerala (1&2): 58-63(2006).
  • Effect of endosulphan on histopathological alterations in the Vital Tissues of Swiss Albino Mice .
    Int.J. Pharmacol.  Biol.Sci.Vol.4 2009.15-22.(2009)
  • Effect of endosulphan on ATPase, Lactic Dehydrogenase and Succinic Dehydrogenase activity in tissues of Albino Mice.
    J of Tissue Research Vol (6) 231-256 (2008).
  • Effect of organ chlorine pesticides on hematological  Parameters of Albino Mice.
    J of Tissue Research Vol (5) 262-269 (2008).
  •  Effect of endosulphan in morphology and behavioral changes in Albino Mice.
    J of Science Millennium Vol.(2) 30-35,(2009)
  • Effect of endosulphan on the major nutrients in the vital tissues of Swiss Albino Mice.
    Int.J.Pharmacol.Biol.Sci.Vol 5,225-240 , (2009).
  • Effect of endosulphan on Acetyl choline esterase activity in target tissues of Albino Mice
    Int.J.Pharmacol.Biol.Sci.Vol ,6, 215-220 ( 2012).
  • Effect Of Endosulphan On Lactic Dehydrogenase Activities In The Vital Tissues Of Swiss Albino Mice.
    IJPCBS 2012, 2(3), 275-279 (2012)
  • Effect of endosulphan on Total ATPase in the brain tissue of Swiss Albino Mice.
    Int.J.Cell biology.Vol ,12,  ( 2012 accepted).


  • Effect of Endosulphan on the Alkaline Phosphate Activity In Tissues of Albino Mice.
  • Toxicological Effects of Endosulphan on Laboratory   Albino Mice
  • Effect of Endosulphan on the Histopathology of the Vital Tissues of Swiss Albino Mice.


  1. Participated in the Quality system implementation, in- house training on ISO 17025 Quality Manual, System Procedures and Work Procedures that are practiced in the lab.
  2. Participated in the Indo US Workshop on cell  & Apoptosis held at Mar Athenasious College Thiruvalla on Nov 21-23, 2007
  3. Participated in the Workshop on Curriculum   development in zoology, by M G University held at St Thomas College Kozhencherry on Feb 5-12, 2007.
  4. Participated in National Seminar held by U G C& Coconut development board Kerala on Pesticide pollution held at St Thomas College Kozhencherry   on March 20 -23.,2007
  5. Participated in the National Seminar held by U G C on Environmental Education on St Thomas College Kozhencherry March 12-15, 2006
  6. Participated in the U G C Workshop on Research Practices at St Thomas College Kozhencherry on Nov: 12-15, 1997


  • In vivo drug testing for pharmacological, toxicological effects on mice and rodent models.
  • Pharmacological and Toxicological experiments in animal models (rodents).
  • Immunodiffusion Technique
  • Biochemical tests like, hematological and enzyme analysis.
  • Haematological Parameters are RBC,WBC, Total hemoglobin,Packed cell volume,Platelet count,Mean Corpuscular Volume,Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration,P T and APTT,% Hemolysis in blood plasma,Total blood glucose

Enzyme analysis

  • Acid Phosphatase & Alkaline Phosphatase, Succinic Dehydrogenase, Lactic Dehydrogenase,Total Adinosine Tri Phosphatase,Acetyl Cholinestersae  & SGPT

Bio chemical estimations

  • They are Total Protein, Total Albumin, Total Glycogen, Total lipid,Serum Creatinine
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