Publications and Presentations of Students


Name of Journal, Level, Title, Volume, Page No, Date of Publication, First Author, Second Author, Other Authors, Standard Code Type, Standard Code

  1. Conspectus: A Journal of English Studies, Others, Aesthetics of Reformation and Transcendence: Experiments in an Art Form and Subversion , 25-10-2019, M.P. Harikrishnan
  2. The Investigator, International, Ethos of Ayyavazhi: Dharma of Reformation, 2 25-10-2019, M.P. Harikrishnan
  3. Unclaimed Experiences and Forbidden Zones: Trauma in all its Manifestation, National, titled The Transition from Despondency to Optimism in Tony Bank’s Storming the Falklands , 22-11-2018, Sheeji Raphael , ISBN, 978-93-5346-453-0
  4. Singularities: A Peer Reviewed Transdisciplinary Biannual Research Journal, International, Exploring the Anthropocene in Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, 8 15-07-2021, Sameera K I , ISSN, 23483369
  5. Myth Fantasy and Quest for Identity in Science Fictions and Movies, Others, Brave New Worlds: The Socio – Political Undercurrents of Contemporary Dystopian Novels 103 – 107, 15-03-2018, Vishnu Prasad T R
  6. Sahithya Lokam, International, Kavithayude Karunya Veethikal, 50, 27-33, 15-01-2021, Nila Rajeev , ISSN,
  7. LITERARY INSIGHT, International, Survival of the Fittest: Social Conflict and Class Wars in Contemporary Young Adult Dystopian Fictio, 10 15-01-2019, Vishnu Prasad T R, Viju M J ISSN, 0975-6248
  8. IJELLH, International, Fallen Women of Shakespeare in Vishal Bhardwaj’s cinematic adaptation, Omkara (2006) , 14-05-2019, Reeja
  10. Teresian Journal of English Studies, International, Literary Geography: Projection of Memory and Space , 12-06-2018, Midhila Jos
  11. Academic Deliberations on Words,Visuals, and Beyond: Mediatization of Narrative Spaces ., National, “Truth Revealed in When the Fighting is Over TUMBLEDOWN-A Personal Story , 10-06-2019, Sheeji Raphael , ISBN, 978-93-88742-12-2
  12. Impact: International Journal Of Research In Humanities, Arts And Literature, International, Re-creating Kodungallur Bharani in Print: Narratives and Performance”, 7 10-01-2019, Nimisha K jAYAN , ISSN,
  13. IJELLH-International Journal of English Language,Literature in Humanities, International, The Time and Space in Carlos Gammerro’sThe Islands, Volume 6, 129-135, 06-06-2018, Sheeji Raphael , ISSN, ISSN-2321-7065
  14. Journal of Interfaces in Arts and Culture, Others, Delineation of Power in War Literature: A Study on the The Island’s and Malvina’, 1 06-06-2018, Sheeji Raphael
  15. MESMAC International conference Journal, Others, Human-Animal Liaison: A Study on Ang Lee’s film Life of Pi , 06-02-2018, Reeja
  16. The Creative Launcher, International, Sources of Tolkien: Influence of Myths and Legends on J. R. R. Tolkien in Shaping His Own Mythology, 2, 13 – 21, 05-10-2017, Vishnu Prasad T R , ISSN, 2455-6580
  17. International Journal of Trend in Research and Development (IJTRD), International, The Lamentation of the Marginalized in Rodolfo Fogwill’s Malvinas Requiem. , 05-08-2017, Sheeji Raphael , ISSN, 2394-9333
  18. Ecology and Cultural Semantics, State, The Paradixical Paradise in Rohniton Mistry’s Such a Long Journey. Pages 161-168, 05-01-2016, Sheeji Raphael , ISBN, 978-81-7255-077-6
  19. NATION IN TRANSLATION, Seminar Proceedings of Centre for Translation Studies, SSUS, Kalady, Kerala, National, Anglicizing Valmik Ramayana: A Reading Through Select Translations 182-186, 04-08-2018, VISHNUPRIYA CV , ISBN, 978-93-88888-04-2
  20. The Investigator, International, Ecocritical Reading of Margaret Atwood’s The Year of the Flood, 6 02-03-2020, Sameera KI
  21. Conspectus: A Journal of English Studies, International, Reflections on the Role of Motherhood: A Psychoanalytic Reading of Edasseri’s Poothapattu, 13, 10-28, 01-12-2019, NILA RAJEEV , ISSN, 0973-0990
  22. Conspectus: A Journal of English Studies, International, Hum and Haw in Children’s Historical Novels: Subsidiary Famine Theme and Surplus Motifs in Kirsty Mu, 13, 49, 01-12-2019, Shyama Sasidharan , ISSN, 0973-0990
  23. Exposure: The Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, National, Mapping Root and Route of Diasporic Transnational Formations: Mobility and Locality in Kirsty Murray, 6, 15-23, 01-06-2020, Shyama Sasidharan , ISSN, 2454-6429
  24. New Academia: An International Journal of English Language, Literature and Literary Theory, International, Globalisation V/s Ethnicity: Manifesting the Identity with Race and Culture in Picture Books., 7 01-01-2018, Sheme Mary P.U