Dr. Anto Thomas C. M. A., Ph.D.


Chakramakkil House, IX 88A, Palluvai
Thrissur – 680 522




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  •  Book Article  Missionaries or Mimics? The Brothers Grimm and 19th Century Protestant  German Missionaries in India (In: Marchen, Mythen und Moderne: 200 Jahre Kinder-und  Hausmarchen der Bruder Grimm, Teil 2). Frankfurt, Germany: Peter Lang Edition, 2015. P.
  • 1025-1035. ISBN 978-3-631-64454-6.
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    • Checklists of Alice in Wonderland &Through the Looking Glass translated into Malayalam. (In: Alice in a World of Wonderlands, Volume 3, New Castle, Delaware, USA: Oak Knoll Press,2015. P.610-612.ISBN978-1-584456-331-0
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