As part of social extension activity Department of Commerce SF organised “Carita Calcio -2024,Football for Charity” at Thope Stadium on 16th January 2024. The event was inaugurated by Rev.Dr.Martin K A , Principal,St.Thomas College, Thrissur in the presence of Dr.T. Sreekumar HOD of Commerce SF.It was coordinated by Assistant Professor Jophy. T. J and Assistant Professor Mary Liya K .R. of Department of Commerce SF under the guidance of Rev.Dr.Finosh Keetika and student coordinators Mohammed Yaseen A M and Bhathrinath M C .

Six B.Com class teams competed in the event.
3 rd year B.Com (Taxation)became the winning team and 1st year B.Com (Finance) was the runners up. Best players of the matches were Swafvan Ummer and Solomon P L respectively.
Vote of thanks was proposed by Ms.Mary Liya K R. Department of Commerce SF.

Published On: January 16th, 2024Categories: Commerce (SF) - Activities

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