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  2. 31st Kerala Science Congress Proceedings 2019, State, Effect of Phytosynthesised Silver oxide nanoparticles on the degradation of an anionic dye – Coomass 115, 02-02-2019, Aiswariya K S, Vimala Jose ISBN, 81-86366-97-0
  3. International journal of Research and anlytical reviews, International, Review on Microalgae:A potential source , 02-07-2018, Seena K.K. Dr.Ignatius Antony, Dr.Anto P.V.
  4. Proceedings of the 31st Kerala Science Congress, State, Microbial Quality Analysis and Standardization of Fruit Enriched Rice Based Probiotic Yogurt 2, 03-02-2019, Keerthana Nandakumar, P. S. Bhavyasree, M. T. Thomas, ISBN, 81 – 86366 – 97 – 0
  5. International Journal of Advanced Research, International, Evaluation of anti-bacterial activity of Cissus aristata Blume. against human pathogenic bacteria, 5 05-05-2017, Alina K Sebastian, Dr Anto P V ,
  6. South Indian Journal of Biological Sciences, National, Characterizations of five rice varieties using morphological traits and seed storage protein profili, 2, 152, 06-01-2016, Aiswariya K S, Geethu Elizabath Thomas ISSN, 2454-4787
  7. Albertian journal of Multidisciplinary research, National, Phytoplankton diversity indices of Kalpathy river, Palakkad , 09-01-2019, Seena K.K.
  8. International Journal Of Advanced Research, International, Ophioglossum raphaelianum(Ophioglossaceae) – A New species from South India, 4, 1268-1273, 10-05-2016, Dr. Anto P.V, Afsana khan, Franklin Francis and Dr. Ignatius Antony
  9. Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, National, Determination of phytochemicals by GC-MS in methanol extract of Elephantopus scaber L., 6(6), 807-813, 10-10-2017, Rameena K Jamal, Vimala Jose, Nil, ISSN, E-ISSN: 2278-4136 P-ISSN: 2349-8234
  10. Taiwania, International, Eriocaulon pradeepii, a new species of Eriocaulaceae from South India, 62(4), 371-374, 10-11-2017, ANTO P.V, Reshma Ashok ISSN, ISSN: 0372-333X
  11. Indian Hydrobiology, National, Seasonal Influences on Phytoplankton Diversity in Tributaries of River Bharathapuzha, Palakkad Distr , 11-12-2019, Seena K.K.
  12. Taiwania, International, Parthenocissus renukae, a new species of Vitaceae from South India , 12-06-2018, Dr Anto P V
  13. International Journal of Engineering, Science and Mathematics, International, Role of Nanotechnology in the Enhancement of Human Health – A Review, 6, 45-52, 17-12-2017, Aiswariya K S, Vimala Jose ISSN, 2320-0294
  14. Proceedings of the Centenary International Conference on Advancements in Science and Humanities, International, A review on nanoparticle-plant interactions: possible routes, uptake, translocation and biotransfo 326-334, 19-10-2019, HRIDHYA M V, VIMALA JOSE ISBN, “978-81 -93581 9-5-7”
  15. Indian Journal of Forestry, National, Lepisanthes ferruginea (Sapindaceae)-A new distributional record for the main land India, 42, 31-33, 21-10-2019, JIthin K V, P A Jose, M S Sanil, ISSN,
  16. Proceedings of the National Seminar on Emerging Trends in Genomic Research, National, Variation of Microbial Count in different formulations of Fruit Enriched Yogurt 130-136, 22-02-2019, Keerthana Nandakumar, M. T. Thomas ISBN, 978- 81-935819-4-0
  17. Proceedings of the Centenary International Conference on Advancements in Science and Humanities, International, Role of Humic acid in the stability of nanoparticles – A review 302-310, 23-03-2019, Aiswariya K S, Vimala Jose ISBN, 978-81-935819-5-7
  18. Proceedings of the 18th Prof. K V Thomas Endowment National Seminar on New Frontiers in Material and, National, Phytosynthesised silver oxide nanoparticles assisted catalytic degradation of dyes 37-41, 28-01-2020, Aiswariya K S, Vimala Jose ISBN, 978-81-930558-4-7
  19. New Frontiers in Materials and Environmental Sciences(NFMS-2020), National, An Evaluation of Uptake and Physiological response to Iron Oxide Nanoparticles in Allium cepa L.plan 111-116, 28-01-2020, Rameena K Jamal, Dr.Vimala Jose ISBN, ISBN: 978-81-930558-4-7
  20. Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, National, HPTLC and GC-MS analysis of Parthenocissus renukae Anto & Pradeep, 7, 3449-3452, 31-07-2018, Alina K Sebastian, Dr Anto P V ISSN, 2278-4136
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