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  1. PQE 
  2. List of documents to be submitted along with the Ph.D application
  3. Revised guidelines for the Research supervisors regarding any time Ph.D registration
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  9. PhD Second Stage Admission 2022.  
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  11. PhD Admission 2022
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  1. PhD Admission 2022-Research Centres of St.Thomas College(Autonomous), Thrissur
  2. PhD Commerce 2022 Interview & Viva-Voce
  3. PhD Chemistry 2022 Interview & Viva-Voce
  4. PhD Statistics 2022 Interview & Viva Voce
  5. PhD Mathematics Interview & Viva Voce
  6. PhD English 2022 Interview & Viva Voce
  7. PhD Zoology 2022 Interview & Viva Voce
  8. PhD Botany 2022 Interview & Viva Voce
  9. Schedule of PhD Second Stage Admission 2022
  10. PhD Second Stage Admission 2022.  
  11. University Notifications & Orders
  12. New Vacancy (Subject to the approval of University)

The admission to PhD will be based on the directions of University of Calicut.  For the latest admission details, the candidates are requested to visit Directorate of Admission, University of Calicut before starting admission process at St.Thomas College(Autonomous), Thrissur

Useful Information

Application for Final Thesis Submission

Remuneration Bill for adjudication of Ph.D Thesis

Remuneration Bill for the conduct of Open Defence

Remuneration Bill PQE Script Valuation

Remuneration Bill for the conduct of PQE Viva

Application for Extension of Validity of Registration for Research

General Format for submitting Journal

Identity Card Format for Ph. D. Scholars

Application for Research Guideship

Ph.D PQE Attendance Format for Course Work

Notification /Time Table on PhD Preliminary Qualifying / Course Work Examination (PQE) December 2019

Application Form Preliminary Qualifying Examination – Ph.D Programme

Application for Recognition as Research Centre

Application for Renewal of Recognition of Research Centre

 Change of Title of Thesis

 Reconstitution of Calicut University Human Ethical Committee (CUHEC) 2017 – Order

Reconstitution of Calicut University Human Ethical Committee (CUHEC) – Latest Order

Format of Application for the Approval of Human Ethical Committee

Forwarding of Syllabus and Other Details for Conducting Course Work Examination

 Implementation of Plagiarism Check Policy

 Modalities of Course Work-Decision of Research Council

 Implementation of Syndicate Decision – 12.07.2017

Details of revised fee structure for M. Phil and Ph. D programme in University of Calicut

 Facility for Part time Research extended to the Librarians of affiliated colleges of the University of Calicut-Order.

Application for Travel-grant to Research Scholars for International Conferences

Guidelines for Travel grant to Research Scholars for International Conferences

Application form for Ph.D Registration

Issuance of Identity Cards free of cost to Members of Staff/Pensioners entrusted with the Administration Branch-Order.

List of documents to be attached for various purposes for various Ph.D registration

Format for certificate on plagiarism check

Application for conversion of mode of research