Fr. Simson C. S. , M.B.A, B.Th., B.Ph.

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  • MBA ( Birla Institute)
  • International Management Studies (University of Warsaw, Poland)
  • B.Th. course from Paurastya vidyapitham affiliated to Pontifical Oriental Institute, Rome.
  • Graduated (BA) from the University of Calicut in Philosophy.
  • Diploma in Philosophy from Marymatha Major Seminary affiliated to Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven, Belgium.

Professional Experiences

  • Company: Shrine Basilica of Our Lady of Dolour’sDesignation: Assistant ManagerLearnings/Skills developed:                                                                   Duration: 11th Jan 2016- 10th Feb 2017
    • Learned different workshops of Psychological Personal counseling
    • Refined emphatic and decision-making skills
    • Acquired the skill to conduct training programs for different associations and congregations.
    • Developed interpersonal negotiation skill
  • Company: Archdiocese of TrichurDesignation: Personal Secretary to the Archbishop of Thrissur.Learnings/Skills developed:                                                                   Duration: 8th Feb 2017- 26th Sept 2017
    • Learned an ability to stay calm and tactful under pressure
    • Managing diaries and making appointments
    • Answering the phone and answering queries
    • Learned to be a guardian of the process of meeting especially preparation before the meetings and on the day of the meeting

Industry Exposure

A. Company: Jubilee Mission Medical College & Research Institute, Thrissur, Kerala. ( 1st June 2017- 27th July 2017)

Project Title: Crisis Management at Medical Staff.

Learnings/Skills developed:

    • Learned how to deal with multiple stakeholders & how to convince them
    • Learned different aspects of maintaining work culture in an organization
    • Developed emphatic and decision-making skills.

B. Company: Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd (24th December 2018 – 06th February 2019)

Project Title: Finding and Assessing candidates to fill the position requirements: learning from Talent Acquisition

Learnings/Skills developed:

  • Learned how to develop a competency functional dictionary
  • Acquired the skill to source candidates resume through Naukri .com
  • Developed the knowledge of how to schedule interviews for different positions as per the requirements.
  • Learned how to track the candidate details through telephonic conversation.

C. Company: Jivodaya Hospital (4th February 2019 – 13th February 2019)

Project Title: A study on employee Motivation

Learnings/ Skills developed:

  • Studied the role of motivation in the employee’s satisfaction.
  • Analyzed the factors influencing employee motivation
  • Identified techniques to be adopted to boost employee motivation.

D. Company: Skyline Builders (24th October 2018 – 5th November 2018)

Project Title: Epidemiological and Welfare Studies in Workers Exposed to Cement

Learnings/ Skills developed:

  • Analyzed the welfare status of cement workers in construction
  • understand the occupational health hazards of workers exposed to cement