Research and Development Cell

St. Thomas College provide a platform to conduct high quality research. Ten research centres create and disseminate knowledge with more than 50 research guides and more than 120 research scholars. The quality of research is ensured through the publications in Scopus/Web of Science/UGC Care listed journals and book chapters in renowned publishers like Taylor & Francis, Wiley, Spinger etc. The institute started getting patents for the research outcomes. One patent has been awarded till date, but five are filed. The facility provided to the research students is remarkable. Cabins, cubicles, central library facilities etc provide strong research environment. .

To promote the excellence of students, the College conducts various programmes regularly. Students are directed to present their research outputs in Conferences and seminars.

Research Council is the monitoring body of all research and development activities of the College.

Dr. V. M. Chacko, M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Head(Statistics), Dean of Research

Ph:9961 33 59 38, Email: chackovm[at]