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Ophioglossum Raphaelianm, Dr.Anto. P.V

Rotala Cheruchakkiensis, Dr.Anto. P.V

Murdannia Nampyana, Dr.Joby Paul

Amomum sahyadricum and Amomum sabuanum, Dr.Thomas V ..P

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Books/ Chapters/ Proceedings etc

The publications of faculty as Books/ Chapters/ Proceedings etc

2019 onward

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Journal Papers

The publications of faculty as research papers
2019 onwards
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Published by Mr. Joby Sebastian (Dept. of Physics)

A Publication edited by Dr. C.F. Binoy & Dr. Mary Anto (Dept. of Zoology)

Disappearing Wetlands of Thrissur
Proceedings of International Conference on Chemistry and Physics of Materials
Proceedings of National Seminar on Statistical Approaches in Data Science
Emerging Trends in Genomic Research
Proceedings of Centenary International Conference on Advancements in Science and Humanities
Proceedings of the International Conference on Climate Change: Adaptation and Mitigation
Applied Statistical Techniques and Stochastic Modelling: Proceedings of National Seminar in Applied Statistics and Symposium on Stochastic Modelling, NSASSSM-2020
Vaikhari: Varshikapathippu 2020
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