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Chemistry – Activities2021-09-08T17:14:57+05:30



Chemistry Department Activities


  1. Webinar on Doing Science With Roots Intact, International, 25-05-2020, Forenoon
  2. “International Conference on Chemistry and Physics of Materials-ICCPM2018”, International, 19-12-2018, Three Days
  3. international conference on chemistry and physics of materials, International, 19-12-2018, Three Days
  4. Erudite Lecture on Molecular Science of Nanographene, International, 18-12-2018, One day
  5. Colloquium on Indian Constitution and the Challenges of Today’s India, National, 05-03-2020, Forenoon
  6. National Seminar on Current Topics in Materials Science & Spectroscopy, National, 31-01-2020, One day
  7. nationalseminar on “current topics in material sciences and spectroscopy, National, 31-01-2020, One day
  8. Seminar on Selected Topics in Chemistry, National, 21-12-2019, Forenoon
  9. National Seminar, National, 22-02-2019, Afternoon
  10. KP Antony Endowment Lecture, National, 29-01-2018, One day
  11. Academia & Administration in India: Global Challenges and Local Responsibilities, National, 07-03-2017, Two Days
  12. “Frontiers in Applied Chemistry”, National, 06-02-2017, Two Days
  13. national seminar Frontiers in applied chemistry, National, 06-02-2017, Two Days
  14. KP Antony Endowment Lecture, National, 01-01-2017, Others
  15. Seminar on Lazer- a revolution in Science, National, 01-01-2017, Others
  16. Seminar on Light Matter Hybrid States and Modified Chemical Landscapes, National, 01-01-2017, Others
  17. Seminar on Magic angles spinning solid state NMR spectroscopy applied to complex biomolecules and ma, National, 01-01-2017, Others
  18. Seminar on Nutrients and Nutraceuticals from Seafood, National, 01-01-2017, Others
  19. Jose Mechery Endowment lecture and merit day, National, 28-01-2016, Others
  20. Workshop on Soft Skills for Academic Excellence, Others, 06-03-2020, Afternoon
  21. Centenary Lecture Series Magic angle spinning NMR spectroscopy, Others, 14-02-2019, Afternoon
  22. Erudite Lecture, Others, 20-12-2018, One day
  23. International Conference on Chemistry and Physics of Materials, ICCPM 2018, Others, 19-12-2018, One day
  24. Special Lectures in Chemistry for Higher Secondary School Students, Others, 19-12-2018, One day
  25. Erudite Lecture on Molecular Science of Nanographone, Others, 14-12-2018, One day
  26. Pre-Conference Lecture of IPCC, Others, 02-07-2018, Forenoon
  27. Pre-Conference Lecture on “Stereo-defined Synthesis of Fluorinated Alkenes”, Others, 02-07-2018, Forenoon
  28. Centenary Lecture series, Others, 02-02-2018, Forenoon
  29. Centenary Lecture Series Nutrients and neutracuticals, Others, 01-02-2018, Afternoon
  30. Centenary lecture Series, Others, 05-01-2018, Afternoon
  31. panel discussion on climate change, Others, 07-11-2017, One day
  32. Erudite Lecture on Molecular Science of Nanographic, State, 17-12-2008, One day


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