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Admission 2024

Quarantine quiz


The Quiz club of St. Thomas' college (Autonomous) had conducted a *Quarantine quiz* from 30th April 2020 to 4th May 2020. We had a huge response..389 participation. And out of which 290 had scored 60% or more and all have been issued a digital certificate. The participants were mostly from different part of Kerala [...]

Quarantine quiz2020-05-17T09:09:15+05:30

Current Affairs Quiz


Current Affairs Quiz was held on 9th August, 2019: Quiz Master of the programme was Mr. Mestin P C (Asst.Professor of Commerce). (Photos to be added )Winners are: First: Ms. Aparna S & Mr. Emmanuel T.R (Department of Physics) Second (Bracketed): Mr. Shilin Shibu & Christeena Giju (Ist Semester Economics ) and [...]

Current Affairs Quiz2020-05-08T02:54:59+05:30

Cricket World Cup Quiz


Cricket World Cup Quiz was conducted on 12th July. Sixtyone students have participated in it and Quiz Master was Mr. Saleel Ahamad V (5th Semester Mathematics).Winners were 1st Prize: Mr. Ajin P.& Mr. Athul Krishna C. G. Athul. 2nd Prize: Mr. Emmanuel T.R & Ms. Aparna S (1st Semester Bsc.Physics) and 3rd [...]

Cricket World Cup Quiz2020-05-08T02:53:00+05:30
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