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Admission 2024

Sr. Sheeba


Sr. Sheeba (Sr. Sharon CMC) (Asst. Professor, Department of Malayalam) Presented two papers: (i) Varthamanapusthakam the First Indian Travelogue a Postcolonial Reading and (ii) Hope is the Powerful Link between Life and Crisis a Review on Goat days) in an International Conference at Denver, Colorado, USA on 7-10 October.

Sr. Sheeba2020-05-08T05:51:58+05:30

Dr. C S Biju


Dr. C.S. Biju (Associate Professor, Department of English) was the invited Research Expert on Theatre Research to Hiroshi Koike Theater Project, Taman Budhiyan, Yogyakartha, Indonesia from 21-30 August.

Dr. C S Biju2020-05-08T05:37:39+05:30

Dr Paul Jose


Dr. Paul Jose Associate Professor, Department of Commerce made a visit to Thailand as part of an International seminar

Dr Paul Jose2020-05-08T15:28:17+05:30

Collaboration with Cambridge University, UK


On 23rd July, a Cambridge Assessment Team led by Ms. Saraswathi Sudhakar sealed the Intent to Collaborate, between St. Thomas College, Thrissur and Cambridge University, UK in association with Jyothi Engineering College, Cheruthuruthy. Ms. Saraswathy Sudhakar spoke about Cambridge University and CEFR (Common European Frame Work of Reference for Languages) followed by an [...]

Collaboration with Cambridge University, UK2020-05-11T11:20:44+05:30

MoU with Lebanese French University


International Collaboration with Lebanese French University, an Initiative of FINISHING SCHOOL The Finishing School initiated signing of MoU between St. Thomas College and Lebanese French University on 16th July. Dr. Mohammad Sadik, the President, Lebanese French University was a special dignitary.

MoU with Lebanese French University2020-05-10T06:49:28+05:30
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