THEME :  Women Daily Health Issues

Participants  all students from V1th semester UG , 11nd &1V th PG

girls students

Date 20/06//2020

Time :2.30pm-4.30pm

Presidential Address Dr.Joy K L

Principal St Thomas ‘College  (Autonomous) Thrissur

RESOURCE PERSON:-Dr. Joyce Jose, Assistant Professor

                           Dept. Of ZOOLOGY

Gender Champion Programme St Thomas ‘College (Autonomous) organised a Programme on  Women Reproductive health on 20/06//2019 via online

U G II nd & IV th  PG Semester zoology (core )  students. The programme was presided by Dr Joy K L Principal, St Thomas ‘College (Autonomous. The resource person Dr Joyce Jose addressed the audience

Major points were

Women’s health concern is influenced by interrelated biological, social, and cultural factors It is generally expected that women can live longer than men it does not necessarily ensure a better quality of life. Profound studies reported that women are more sickly and disabled than men throughout the life cycle. It has been suggested that women are particularly vulnerable, where basic maternity care is unavailable.

1 Due to the involvement of biological factors, women are more prone to sexual exposure of contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including the human immunodeficiency virus(HIV) than do men.

2,Moreover an early marriage and childbirth could be responsible for the prevailing wide variation in the socioeconomic status. Profound studies pointed out the voluntary involvement of the community, paramedical workers, NGO, policy makers and teachers in various developmental programs for the removal of poverty and improve the literacy rate among females.

3 Nutrition and health education should be strengthened via department of health to improve the nutritional status of mother and child, which are intimately linked.

4 A strong and sustained government commitment is therefore needed to improve women’s, health concern

.5 Good health is a key criterion, which contributes to human wellbeing and economic growth. Adequate nutrition for women would help them to serve as productive members of the society to develop the consequent health generations. The government should take necessary and compulsory policies to improve the literacy rate and quality education as well as to provide adequate employment opportunities for women, which might explore positive impact on the women’s health concerns. The government can also improve the health status of women by strengthening and expanding essential health services as well as by frequent counselling on safe sex, awareness on educational and nutritional needs and gender based violence.













Published On: June 20th, 2020Categories: Gender Champion Programme

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