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 The Degree course in Chemistry was started in 1957, affiliated to the University of Kerala. The Masters programme was introduced in 1961. In 1978, University of Calicut approved the Department of Chemistry and its Laboratory as a recognised Research Centre. Since 2013, Post Graduate Diploma course in Industrial Catalysis and Sustainable Chemistry under the innovative programme sponsored by UGC is also being offered to those who have passed M.Sc. in Chemistry. The Department is proud of its prestigious alumni which includes Padmasree Awardee and Recipient of Shanthi Swaroop Bhatnagar Award Prof. E. D. Jemmis, Former Director, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Thriruvananthapuram, Prof. Dr. T. Pradeep, Faculty at Indian Institute of Technology Chennai and Prof. Jaya Krishnan, former Vice Chancellor of Kerala University. From its inception the Department has maintained excellent academic record and is highly acclaimed for the performance of its students and teachers alike. Our post graduate students have consistently been among the top university rank holders. The faculty of chemistry has not only given emphasis to academic excellence but has also taken initiatives such as JAM, GATE and UGC-NET coaching to promote students to pursue higher education. Special attention is given to weak students by providing remedial coaching. In 2016, Dr. Joby Thomas K. was awarded INSA award for the
best teacher and in 2015 he was awarded the M. M. Ghani Award for the Best Teacher in the University of Calicut. Since 2016, Dr. Joshy C. L. is a member of Technical support group of RUSA, Govt. of Kerala. Apart from the academic activities, the Department is also keenly involved in research and extension activities. The department has 6 Research guides and has more than 100 publications in National and International journals to its credit. Our former faculty member, Prof. C. Ravindranath is the present Education Minister of Kerala state. The department offers Certificate course in Industrial Chemistry for UG and Certificate course in
Catalysis & Green Chemistry for PG students.

Contact Number : 0487 - 2338883

Year of Establishment


Names of Programmes / Courses offered (UG, PG, M.Phil., Ph.D., Integrated   Masters;   Integrated Ph.D., etc.)

BSc Chemistry

MSc Chemistry

PG Diploma (Industrial catalysis and sustainable chemistry)

Ph. D Chemistry

Names  of  Interdisciplinary   courses and the departments/ units  involved

Open Course “Chemistry in everyday life”

Annual/ semester/choice  based credit system (programme wise)

Choice based credit semester in UG and  Credit semester system for PG

Participation   of  the  department  in the courses offered by other departments

Complementary chemistry is taught for  BSc Physics, Zoology and Botany 

Research Areas





Dr. Joby Thomas K (HOD)

MSc, MPhil, MBA, PhD

 Assoc. Prof

Inorganic chemistry

Dr.Joshy CL

MSc, PhD

Assoc. Prof

Physical Chemistry

Dr. Joy KL

MSc, PhD

Assoc. Prof

Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry

Dr. Paulson Mathew

MSc, PhD, MBA MPhil, Post Doc

Assoc. Prof

Organic and organometallic

Dr. Sunil Jose

MSc, MTech, PhD

Asst. Prof

Polymer science and engineering

Dr. Jency Thomas

MSc, PhDd


Solid state chemistry

Dr. Jinish Antony M

MSc, PhD

Asst. Prof

Polymer and nanomaterial

Miss Reeja Johnson



Coordination chemistry

Dr. Joseph Joly VL

MSc, PhD,

Post Doc


Material chemistry

Mr. Aji CV


Asst. Prof.

Organic chemistry

Sr. Jisha Joseph

MSc, BEd

Asst. Prof.

Inorganic chemistry

Major/Minor Project (See word file)

Dr. Joby Thomas K

UGC-MRP (2014-2016)


Dr. Sunil Jose T

UGC-MRP (2014-2016)


Dr. Jinish Antony M

UGC-MRP (2014-2016)


Publications (See word file)


Prof. Jose Mechery Memorial Lecture

Dr. Jose Mechery Foundation

National workshop on computational chemistry and molecular design 28th and 29th



  National workshop micro scale analysis 29-07-2015

National Workshop on microscale analysis and Instrumental techniques

11 & 12-03-2015


Seminar: Advances in Mass    Spectrometry (28-03-2015)


National Seminar on Recent Trends in Chemistry


IQAC St. Thomas College, TCR

Prof. K P Antony Endowment Lecture (24-03-2014)

Prof. K.P. Antony Family

Prof. K P Antony Endowment Lecture ( 03-01-2013)

Prof. K.P. Antony Family Sponsored by KP Antony Family

National Seminar on Quantum Mechanics in Chemistry



Prof. K P Antony Endowment Lecture 27-02- 2012

Prof. K.P. Antony Family

National Seminar on Nanoscience and Programming in Chemistry 8&9-12-11


Frontier Lectures in Chemistry



National seminar on breakthrough in analytical chemistry (05-08-2011)



  1. Dharmodayam Company Prize for the best student passing out from M.Sc. Chemistry
  2. Prof. E.P. Joseph Endowment Prize to a student each from I, II and III B.Sc. Chemistry Main from Chemistry Department
  3. Prof. Varghese Pullokaran Memoral  Scholarship  instituted by   Mrs. Annie Varghese, W/o. late Varghese C. Pullokaran to the student who stands first in the I and II  year (combined)* B.Sc Chemistry main.
  4. Prof. K. P. Antony Endowment Prize instituted by his student, Prof. T. Pradeep of the I.I.T., Chennai, for the IV Semester M.Sc. Chemistry student who scores the highest aggregate marks in the first, second and third Semester University Examinations. 
  5. Dr. Simon Porathur Endowment instituted by Dr. Simon Porathur, who was a former student of B.Sc.Chemistry, for the top scorer of B.Sc. Chemistry.
  6. Dr. Simon Porathur Scholarships for three poor but bright students from first, second and third year respectively of B.Sc. Chemistry.  The amount of the Scholarships will be disbursed in two equal  instalments.    
  7. T.R. Nedungadi Memorial Endowment Scholarship instituted by his children Mrs. Vasantha Surendranath and Mr. C. Mohandas for academically bright & economically backward student of I B.Sc. & B.Sc. chemistry continuing upto the final year.
  8. T.R. Nedungadi Memorial Endowment Scholarship instituted by his children Mrs. Vasantha Surendranath and Mr. C. Mohandas for academically bright & economically backward student of Ist Semester M.Sc. Chemistry continuing upto the 4th Semester.
  9. Prof. K.P. Antony Memorial Scholarship instituted by his Wife Mrs. Achamma Antony and family to the top scorer in B.Sc. Final Chemistery
  10. Prof. K.P. Antony Memorial Scholarship instituted by his wife Mrs. Achamma Antony and family to the top scorer in M.Sc. Final Chemistry.
  11. Prof K.P. Antony Memorial Scholarship instituted by Verghese P. Kodenkandath for best6 student admitted for M.Sc. from the final B.Sc Chemistry batch of St. Thomas' College, Thrissur.
  12. Prof. V. achuthan Memorial Scholarship for B.Sc.(Chemistry main only) Top Scorer, instituted by his wife Mrs. Ganga Achuthan & Soon Mr. Ramesh.
  13. Prof. Ittyerah Joseph Memorial Endowment prize, instituted by his student Prof. P. Sivadas Retd.  Prof. of Chemistry, St. Thomas' College, Thrissur to the top scorer of B.Sc. Chemistry Programme  every year. 
Updated on: 14 May 2015

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