Online Teaching at St. Thomas College is handled and monitored under the auspices of IQAC in collaboration with STEP (St. Thomas E-learning Platform). Hands on Training of MOODLE Platform was organised by IQAC in Room 18 on the following days:
05-06-2020 Friday 9.00 am
08-06-2020 Monday 9.00 am
08-06-2020 Monday 1.30 pm
The sessions were handled by Dr. Johns Naduvath. Besides, departmental level trainings are being provided in each department by Dr. Johns Naduvath, Prof. Rameela Ravindran, Prof. Ashbin Mathew, Dr. Anil George K, Dr. Joyce Jose, Dr. Stishin Paul, Prof. Ajesh and Prof. Mestin.
Besides, an online MOODLE Tutorial was prepared by Prof. Rameela Ravindran K and Dr. Johns Naduvath and Prof. Ashbin Mathew; and the course was availed in the MOODLE platform itself. All faculties of the college enrolled for the online course entitled ‘Introduction to MOODLE’.
All teachers and students of the college were provided with login credentials in the MOODLE platform. Online classes were started on MOODLE Platform from 1-6-2020 onwards.
Published On: June 14th, 2020Categories: IQAC-workshop

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