Dr. Sabu A. S. M.Sc., PhD


Alappat   House , Elthuruth P.O.
Loveland Street , Thrissur (DT),   Kerala – 680611




  • PhD in Mathematics from University of Calicut in 2023
  • M.Sc. in Mathematics from University of Calicut in 2007.
  • B.Sc. in Mathematics from University of Calicut in 2005.

Positions held

  • Assistant Professor in Mathematics (stage 2) in Department of Mathematics, St. Thomas College (Autonomous), Thrissur from 19-06-2018 onwards.
  • Assistant Professor in Mathematics (stage 1) in Department of Mathematics, St. Thomas College (Autonomous), Thrissur from 19-06-2012 to 18-06-2018.

Research Interests

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Nanofluids


  • Best research paper award on 22-03-2021 by research council St Thomas College (Autonomous) Thrissur.
  •  Awarded UGC-JRF in June 2011
  •  Awarded UGC-JRF in December 2011

Professional Activities

  •  Captain, NCC Officer 2014 onwards

Ph.D. Students

  • Nil

Research Papers

[1]     Sabu, A.S., Areekara, S., Mathew, A.: Statistical analysis on three-dimensional MHD convective Carreau nanofluid flow due to bilateral nonlinear stretching sheet with heat source and zero mass flux condition. Heat Transfer, 50, 3641–3660 (2021).

[2]      Sabu, A.S., Mathew, A., Neethu, T.S., Anil George, K.: Statistical Analysis of MHD Convective Ferro-nanofluid Flow through an Inclined Channel with Hall Current, Heat Source and Soret Effect. Thermal Science and Engineering Progress, 22, 100816 (2021).

[3]      Sabu, A.S., Areekara, S., Mathew, A.: Effects of multislip and distinct heat source on MHD Carreau nanofluid flow past an elongating cylinder using the statistical method. Heat Transfer, 50, 5652–5673 (2021).

[4]      Areekara, S., Sabu, A.S., Kumar, R., Mathew, A.: Triple stratification effects on bioconvective stagnation point flow pertaining carbon nanotubes due to induced magnetic field. ZAMM – Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics / Zeitschrift für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik, e202000375 (2021).

[5]      Areekara, S., Sabu, A.S., Mathew, A., Saravanan, B.: Statistical analysis on the stratification effects of bioconvective EMHD nanofluid flow past a stretching sheet: Application in theranostics. Heat Transfer, 50, 6680–6702 (2021).

[6]      Thomas K, V., Thomas K, J., Rapheal P, V., Sabu, A.S., Ragi, K., Johnson, R.: Tinospora cordifolia extract as an environmentally benign green corrosion inhibitor in acid media: electrochemical, surface morphological, quantum chemical, and statistical investigations. Materials Today Sustainability, 13, 100076 (2021).

[7]      Mathew, A., Areekara, S., Sabu, A.S.: Sensitivity analysis on radiative heat transfer of hydromagnetic Carreau nanoliquid flow over an elongating cylinder using Bulirsch-Stoer algorithm. Thermal Science and Engineering Progress, 25, 101038 (2021).

[8]      Areekara, S., Mabood, F., Sabu, A.S., Mathew, A., Badruddin, I.A.: Dynamics of water conveying single-wall carbon nanotubes and magnetite nanoparticles subject to induced magnetic field: A bioconvective model for theranostic applications. International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer, 126, 105484 (2021).

[9]      Mathew, A., Areekara, S., Sabu, A.S., Saleem, S.: Significance of multiple slip and nanoparticle shape on stagnation point flow of silver-blood nanofluid in the presence of induced magnetic field. Surfaces and Interfaces, 25, 101267 (2021).

[10]    Sabu, A.S., Mackolil, J., Mahanthesh, B., Mathew, A.: Reiner-Rivlin nanomaterial heat transfer over a rotating disk with distinct heat source and multiple slip effects. Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 42, 1495–1510 (2021).

[11]    Sabu, A.S., Wakif, A., Areekara, S., Mathew, A., Shah, N.A.: Significance of nanoparticles’ shape and thermo-hydrodynamic slip constraints on MHD alumina-water nanoliquid flows over a rotating heated disk: The passive control approach. International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer, 129, 105711 (2021).

Research Grants

  • Nil

Conferences/Seminar/Workshop Presented

  • A. S. Sabu, MHD nanofluid flow past a stretching sheet containing different shapes of nanoparticles with thermal radiation and Chemical reaction, the 28th International conference (Virtual) of forum for Interdisciplinary Mathematics, Synergies in Computational, Mathematical, Statistical and Physical sciences (FIM 28: SCMSPS 2020), organized by FIM Stella Maris College (Autonomous) and Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering (Autonomous) 23-27 November 2020-Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
  • A. S. Sabu, MHD nanofluid flow containing various shapes of nano particles in a rotating porous channel with chemical reaction and radiation, the international conference on Mathematics 2018, organized by department of Mathematics, St Thomas College (Autonomous) Thrissur and International multidisciplinary research foundation (IMRF), 29-30 June 2018.
  • A. S. Sabu, Radiative MHD flow of nano fluids in a vertical channel with hall current, international conference on Mathematical Impacts in science and technology (BIT MIST-2017), organised by Department of Mathematics, Bannari Amman Institute of technology (Autonomous), Sathya Mangalam, 17-18 November 2017-Erode, Tamil Nadu, India.

Conferences/Seminar/Workshop Attended

  • Applications of Computational Fluid Dynamics (ACFD – 21), Workshop, ICFAI foundation for higher education, National level, 30-08-2021, Online
  • An Introductory Course in fluid dynamics, Webinar, Department of Mathematics, Christ University Bangalore, National level, 24-08-2020, Online
  • Computational Electromagnetics and applications, Workshop, Dept of ETE and ECE, IEE APS Student chapter, RV College of Engineering, National level, 24-08-2020, Bangalore, Online
  • Introduction to maple 2020, Workshop, Binary semantics, international level, 28-06-2020, Online
  • National webinar on fluid mechanics and its application in Engineering science, Webinar, PES institute of Technology and management, National level, 24-06-2020, Online
  • Modern Theory of Dynamical Systems, Webinar, PG Studies and Research in Mathematics, St. Aloysius College (Autonomous), National level, 23-06-2020, Online.
  • Online Training Programme Latex, Training Program, Department of Mathematics, IQAC, St. Thomas College Thrissur, State level, 05-06-2020, Online
  • ‘Fluid Dynamics and its Applications’, Webinar, Government First Grade College Vijayanagara, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, International level, 28-05-2020, Online
  • Big Talk, Webinar, Knimbus, International level, 28-05-2020, Online
  • Online learning Apps and tools for higher education, Webinar, IQAC, St Thomas college Thrissur, State level, 27-05-2020, Online
  • Webinar on NAAC Accreditation for Autonomous Colleges, Webinar, IQAC, St. Thomas College Thrissur, National level, 22-05-2020, Online
  • Webinar on Laplace Transform, Webinar, Department of Mathematics St. Xavier’s College for Women, State level, 20-05-2020, Online
  • Webinar on outcome-based education, Webinar, IQAC, St. Thomas College Thrissur, State level, 13-05-2020, Online
  • Building Excellence-A Senior Faculty Workshop, Workshop, XIME Kochi, Other, 02-01-2020, Kochi.
  • National seminar on Qualitative research, Seminar, Research Council, St Thomas College Thrissur, National level, 02-03-2019, St. Thomas College Thrissur
  • International conference on mathematics 2018, Conference, Department of Mathematics, St. Thomas College Thrissur, International level, 29-06-2018, St Thomas College Thrissur
  • Faculty Orientation programme, Workshop, IQAC, St Thomas College Thrissur, Other, 01-06-2018, St Thomas College Thrissur
  • Acquiring API Scores and submitting PBAS based Proposal under CAS, Workshop, IQAC, St Thomas College Thrissur, National level, 05-08-2017, St Thomas College Thrissur
  • Academic Administration in India, Global Challenges and local responsibilities, A Colloquium on Higher education, Others, St Thomas College (Autonomous) Thrissur, National level, 07-03-2017, St Thomas College (Autonomous) Thrissur
  • Emerging trends in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Conference, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, St. Thomas College Thrissur, International level, 13-12-2016, St Thomas College Thrissur

Conferences/Seminar/Workshop organized

  • Nil

Special Seminars/Invited Talks

  • Invited talk: Mathematical workshop on Analysis, Algebra, and Linear algebra organized by Department of Mathematics St. Aloysius College, Elthuruth, 03-04-2017 Thrissur, Kerala, India.



Industrial/Institution Visit


  • Member, Board of studies in Mathematics, St. Thomas College (Autonomous), Thrissur from June 2019 onwards
  • Member, Kerala Mathematical Association from June 2015 onwards.
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