International Symposium on Media Methods in 21st Century & Laura Mulvey and Peter Wollen Film Festival on 17-18 Feb.2020

An International Symposium on Media and Methods in 21st century was held on 17-18, February 2020 at Conference Hall,DBCLC,Archdiocese of Thrissur.The symposium was conducted by the centre for Media Studies, St Thomas College,Thrissur as part of their 10th Anniversary celebrations in the year 2019-20.It was organized in connection with the decennial extravaganza in association with the Reserch Centre of English,St Thomas College,Thrissur.

The symposuium was an attempt to relocate the intervention of globalization, digital technology, cybernetics and post humanist perceptions of body and space in Media Studies in 21stcentury. The symposium invited researchers and academics to take part in the academic deliberations in connection with the shifts in emphasis in modes of  production and performance in mass media, film and television, literature and visual arts in 21stcentury.LauraMulvey , an eminent film theorist and director ( USA) offered her keynote address on “ Changes: Thoughts across Four Decades of Feminism, Film &Spectatorship”.The symposium also invited research paper presentations.The symposium culminated in grand success and results were very productive in every sense.

Published On: February 17th, 2020Categories: English-symposium

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