The main objective behind conducting Interdepartmental innovative cake competition is to prepare students to be baking and pastry professionals through hands-on experience and the development of competency based skills while emphasizing management and creativity. Self made cakes were sold in the campus and students were able to earn while learning. Developed marketing skills and learned the pricing policies.The competition was a eye opening for  few students to realise they have some hidden talents and that can be their source for income earning in the future.Few students started business on making cakes after this competition. Started getting orders from staff, friends and outsiders during Christmas. 15 teams participated from various departments. Sreelakshmi KR and Maria from the department of Computer Science won First Prize and Ms. Laniya Shajan, Department of Commerce won the second Prize.

Published On: December 16th, 2019Categories: College News, Entreprenueurial Club - Activities

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