FERIA’18 was a grand successful exhibition organized by the ED Club members in order to promote entrepreneurship values in students.This colourfulexibitionconducted at PALOCARAN SQUARE on 28TH and 30TH of August 2018 from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. The auspicious event Inaugurated  by Mr. K. B. RAJAN (Assistant District Industries Officer). ED Club facultymembers Prof. SINDHU GEORGE, Prof. JILNA JOHN, Prof. NEES PAUL, Prof. SOUMYA JOS. P, Prof. JOBY SEBASTAIN, Dr. JOSEPH JOLY V. L. and Prof. GLORIA JOSE coordinated the program.In this exibitionaround 60 ED Club members put up 9 stalls with wide varietyof homemade and creative products for sale.

First stall, was Centenary Year special stall with the miniature books created by ED Club members highlighting the milestones of St.Thomas College during the 100 years. Second stall was named by “KANNASUM KADALASUM”  itwas assigned with craft items like dry flowers, dream catchers, flower pots and other home decorating items for sale. Third stall was “HAI TAYI MITTAYII” where homemade healthy sweets, chocolates, puddings and cakes were arranged. Fourth stall was “AMADA PETTI” which consist of self made ornaments like earrings, bangles, chains etc, In the fifth stall there were collection of dress materials and it was named as “SOOCHIYUM NUOLUM”. And crockery items were arranged in sixth stall whichwas named as“THATTIYUM MUTTIYUM”. Different types of pickles and chips were displayed in the Seventh stall named as “UPPUM MULAKKUM”. “KUTHI VARA”was our  eighth stall which was a colourful platform with amazing talents of our students. Nineth stall was arranged for Mehandhi Designing and nail art. FERIA promoted extra ordinary skills of club members in creating different products and also a platformfor marketing them. This exhibition also motivated each member to take an initiative as an entrepreneur and to understand the business and their marketing functions.

Published On: August 29th, 2018Categories: College News, Entreprenueurial Club - Activities

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