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Admission Open 2023
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General guidelines:

📍One team captain and one team manager should be chosen by each department.

📍Every participant should register through
Before 8.00 PM , 27 February 2022

📍Before 11:30 a.m. on Monday, submit a list of applicants to the fine arts office, along with the department seal, and signatures of department captain and team manager.

📍Names and admission numbers should be mentioned in the list of applicants.

📍There is no limit for participation in off stage events for each departments .

📍A person can compete in up to four on-stage (single) activities.

📍Only two teams from each department are allowed to compete in the debate competition (one team each for malayalam and English debate).

📍Individual participation in group events is unrestricted.

📍Any complaints regarding events should be informed through respective team manager.
With regards
Fine Arts Cell, St Thomas college

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