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1         Jinish Antony M. and K. R. Das, (2016),Synthesis and characterisation of water dispersible copolymer submicron spheres of poly-(phenylenediamine-co-N-sulfopropyl aniline) via random copolymerization 87, 215-225 Polymer

2.        Anne jose M, Smitha Varghese and Jinish Antony M, (2016),In situ chemical oxidative polymerization for ordered conducting polythiophene nanostructures in presence of dioctyl sodium Sulfosuccinate Vol 55A, March, page 292-297. Indian Journal of chemistry   

3.        TS Swathy, MA Jose, MJ Antony, (2016),    AOT assisted preparation of ordered, conducting and dispersible core-shell nanostructured polythiophene–MWCNT nanocomposites 103, 206-213 Polymer

4.        Thomas, J. & Ramanan, A.,    (2016) , What Triggers Supramolecular Isomerism in Nonmolecular Solids? A case study of Copper Pyridazine Halides November, Volume 128, Issue 11, pp 1687–1694 Journal of Chemical Sciences     

5.        Vinod Rapheal palayoor, Joby Thomas kakkassery, Shaju Shanmugan Kanimangalath, sini Varghese, (2016), Chemical modification at the surface and corrosion inhibition response of two semicarbazones on carbon steel in HCl medium. 10.1007/s40090-016-0101-0,2016 Int. J Ind. Chem.             

6.        Jayakrishnan, K. Joseph, A. Paulson Mathew, Siji, T. B., Chandrasekharan, K, and Muraleedharan, K., (2016), Synthesis, Z-Scan and Degenerate Four Wave Mixing characterization of certain novel thiocoumarin derivatives for third order nonlinear optical applications 58. 171-182, Optical Materials

7.        Subramanian Bhupathy,•Jins V J,•Santhan Babu and Joyce Jose, (2016),Distribution and conservation status of the caenophidian snake, Xylophis captaini Gower & Winkler, 2007 in the Western Ghats, India. 2016. 110(5):908-912 Impact Factor: 0.926 India. Curr. Sci.

8.        Krishnan A and Francy K. Kakkassery, (2016),         Statistical Analysis of Laraval and Pit Size of AntLion (Family: Myrmeleontidae) with short notes on its trailing behavior. Volume 5 Issue . 1728 – 1731 International Journal of Science and Research

9.        Krishnan A and Francy K. Kakkassery, (2016),         An Assessment of AntLion Prey by analysing its prey remanents inside pits in selected districts of Kerala. 7(10), pp. 13782-13786.          International Journal of Recent Scientific Research

10.      Vimala K John and Karthika P., (2016), Effects of Malathion and Cypermethrin on the behaviour and brain Protein content in Koi carp(Cyprinus carpio). 34-41 Vol 3 (1)ISSN 2394-966X IJNRLS

11.      Joyce Jose, (2016),     Remote Sensing- For Conserving Animals and in the bargain conserving environment. In the Proceedings of National Seminar: Species The Passion-II organized by the depatrment of Botany 

12.      Roby T.J, Joyce, Jose(2016), An assessment of wetlands and paddy fields loss in Thrissur district using GIS techniques. March 23-24, Proceedings of National Seminar on “Conserving biodiversity in Agro ecosystems a growing concern" conducted by PSMO college Tiruangadi, Malappuram. Kerala.           

13.      Sunil Sunny Chalakkal, Rajalakshmi M & Vijayakumar R,   (2016),“An Effective Clustering Method with Search Structure for Large Multidimensional Dynamic Indexes”, vol. 10, no. 8, pp. 75-85. (ISSN: 1995-0772) Annexure Journal of Advances in Natural and Applied Sciences

14.      Sunil Sunny Chalakkal, Rajalakshmi M &  Vijayakumar R, (2016), Distributed Weighted Fuzzy C- Means Clustering Method with Encoding Based Search Structure For Large Multidimensional Dynamic Indexes, (ISSN: 18184952, 19916426)

15.      Benson. C. C, Deepa V, Lajish V. L and Kumar Rajamani,  (2016), “Brain Tumor Segmentation from MR Brain Images using Improved Fuzzy c-Means Clustering and Watershed Algorithm”, (ICACCI),  212-217.Proc. IEEE International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics

16.      Benson C. C, Lajish V. L and Kumar Rajamani, (2016),       “A Novel Skull Stripping and Enhancement Algorithm for the Improved Brain Tumor Segmentation Using Mathematical Morphology”, 8(7), 59-66. International Journal of Image, Graphics and Signal Processing

17.      Davees C. J.,   Lusiyadukalude Ithihasam (Malayalam) (2016), Translation of the Portuguese Epic Os Lusíadas (1572) by Luís Vaz de Camões. Published by Current Books, Thrissur. 978-81-226-1339-1

18.      Davees C. J. (2016), "A Romantic Mind in its Making: Coleridge and the Epistemology of Religion". (Vol:2, Issue 5, February  ISSN 2349-8684, Roots: International Journal of Multidisciplinary Researches.                       

19.      Davees C. J., (2016),   "Ethical Action: Philosophical Impossibility and Imaginative Possibility". (Vol.2, No.3) September ISSN 2454-3314 The Investigator: An International Refereed Journal of Multidisciplinary Explorations.  

20.      Raphael Joseph, (2016), ‘Book Review: Arun Kolatkar- Collected poems in English’. Sage Publication. Vol 1. Issue 1. (62-65)       Urbanisation.  

21.      Raphael Joseph, (2016), ‘Book Review: Ronjoy Sen – A Nation at Play: History of Sport in India’ (Forthcoming) Journal of Third World Studies

22.      Anu Paul, (2016), “Power Politics in Slave Narratives: Experience of Slavery in Jacob’s and Douglass’ Narratives”. Vol. 3 Issue I, January (114 - 119) 2016 Singularities A Transdisciplinary  Biannual Research Journal.

23.      M. J. Viju, (2016),       Philosophical and Theoretical Perspectives of Educational Technology (ET) and its Application to Facilitate Teaching/ Learning in 21st Century ISSN 0973-5208 ELTAI Journal

24.      M. J. Viju, (2016),  The Emergence Of ICT Revolution And The Need Of Integrating ICT To Improve Academic Standards In Higher Education And ELT In India, ISSN 2454-5511 Vol.I,Issue 4       GEORJ           

25.      Syam Sudhakar, (2016),Drenched by the Sun.  SSOA, Sydney

26.      SAJU M.I. & LILLY P.L (2016),  IJTPC      The Role of Primitive Polynomial in the Constructions of Public key Cryptosystem Vol.11, May 2016 pp.1-4

27       Alphonsa Mathew & Anil George K, (2016),            IJMSEA Unsteady MHD Convective Nano Fluid Flow Through Porous Mediumpast a Plate With Soret Effect, Chemicaland Thermal Radiations in the Presence of Hall Current and Rotations Vol.10, No.3, December Pp:1-21 ISSN 0973-9424

28       Viji M. & R. S. Chakravarti, (2017), BULL.KMA    Modules Over Incidence Algebras Considered for the June  issue (To appear)           

29       Vinod Raphael, Joby Thomas K, (2016), Chemical modification at the surface aand corrosion inhibition response of two semicarbazone on carbon streel in HCl medium International Journal of Industrial Chemistry Springer DOI 10.1007/540090-016-0101-0.

30       Aby Paul, Joby Thomas K, (2016), Chelating competency and antibacteriak properties of E-2-1H-indol-3yl-meteneamino-5-bromobenzoic acid and its metal chelates International Journal of Research in Chemistry and Environment   6(2), 2016, 50-54

31       Nimmy  Kuriakose, Joby Thomas K,  (2016), E-3-thiophen-2-ylmethyleneamino-benzoic acid: structural and corrosion inhibition studies Chemical science Review and Letters 5(17), 14-20

32       Vinod Raphael, Joby Thomas K, (2016), Interaction of two water soluble heteroclic hydrazones on copper in nitric acid: Electrochemical, surface morphological, and quantum mechanical investigations             International journal of Metals DOI 10.1155/2016/ 6509469

33       Nimmy  Kuriakose, Joby Thomas K, (2016), Analysis of structure and corrosion inhibition properties of E-4-5—2-phenylhydrazonomrthyl thiophen -2-yl benzoic acid International Journal of Chemical Science and Research          6(11) 07-17

34       Nimmy Kuriakose, Joby Thomas K,(2016), Quantum mechanical and electrochemical investigations on corrosion inhibition properties of Novel heterocyclic Schiff bases Current Chemistry Letters Accepted Article ID –GS-CCL-2016-16

35       Vinod Raphael, Shaju K S, Joby Thomas K , (2016), Monitoring the interaction of two heterocyclic compound on carbon steel by electrochemical polarisation Noise and quantum chemical studies International Journal of Corrosion Accepted Article ID; 4204532.

36.       Lims Thomas & Baiju Chakkery (2016),  Social Work Education : Integration of Theory & Practice Published by Shanlax International Publications, Chennai, ISBN : 978-9385-977-244.

  1. Febin K Francis, Lims Thomas, Princy T Sebastain (2016), Comparative study on the marital quality of couples with and without pre-marriage education, Deeksha, Vol.14, No.2 Pages 50-58 ISSN 2250-3919 
  2. Lims Thomas & Akhil S Kumar (2016), Bridging the Digital Divide: Corporate Social Responsibility for the Development of Rural India, LISSAH Journal, Vol 2 No.1, Pages : 37-45 ISSN: 2349-8382
  3. Lims Thoms& Akhil S Kumar (2016), Comparative Study on Emotional Intelligence of professionals and non- professionals in Alwye, South Asian Journal on Participatory Development, Vol 16, No.1 Pages : 113-120, ISSN : 0976-2701
  4. Lims Thomas & Delisia Baby (2016),  Coping patterns among the wives of alcoholic abusers in a rural area, Depaul Journal of Scientific Research, Vol 3, No.3, Pages : 37-51, ISSN : 2394-4412
  5. Lims Thomas& Akhil S Kumar (2016),  Social Work: Streamlining CSR in India for Sustainable Social Change, Social Work Foot Prints, Vol 6, No.3, Pages :  307 -319, ISSN : 2230-8830
  6. Lims Thomas, Om Krishna Shrestha, B R Nikku (2016), International Social Work at Nepal   School of Social Work, International Journal of Arts, Science and Humanities, Vol 2, No.1, Pages 10-22, ISSN: 2321-788X (IF – 1.459)
  7. Lims Thomas & Siji M K (2016), Children’s Attitude towards their Parents with Special reference to Thrissur Corporation, Journal of School Social Work, Vol : 12, No. 10, Pages 5-11, ISSN : 0976-3759
  8. Lims Thomas, John K V & Akhil S Kumar (2016),  Social Networking in Youth : Determinants & Patterns, EPRA International Journal of Research & Development,  ISSN : 2455 – 7838   (Paper accepted)) IF – 3.476
  9. Pragya Shah, Akhil S Kumar & Lims Thomas (2016),  Family Therapy as a Social Work Intervention : A Case Study, Viidyavarta, Vol 15, No. 3, Pages 47-52, ISSN : 2319-9318 (IF – 3.102)
  10. Lims Thomas & Binesh C J (2016),  Knowledge of Sexuality among adolescent boys : An Intervention Study, International Journal of Multidisciplinary Educational Research, Volume 5, 9(5) pp 16-27, ISSN 2277-7881 IF – 4.527
  11. Lims Thomas & Binesh C J (2016), An inquiry to the misconceptions of adolescent sexuality, International Journal of Advance Research and Innovative Ideas in Education, Volume 2, Issue 5. pp 870-876 ISSN 2395-4396 IF – 4.06
  12. Lims Thomas & Reshma Paul ( 2016) , An inquiry to the Work Life Balance of Female College Teachers in Thrissur. International Journal for Innovative Research in Multidisciplinary Field. Volume 2, Issue 10, pp 26-32, ISSN : 2425 -0620 IF – 2.6
  13. Lims Thomas & Baiju Chakkery (2016) , Social Work Education : Integration of Theory & Practice Published by Shanlax International Publications, Chennai, ISBN : 978-9385-977-244
  14. Lims Thomas & Villi Varghese (2016), Life Skill based Education for Positive Adoloscent Development, Health Action, ISSN : ( Paper accepted)
  15. Joby Thomas and Gokulachandran T.M., (2016), Physical Chemistry Vol 3. Manjusha Publications. February 2016
  16. C.V.Sheeba, Maranaveettil Padunanthinulla Paana. Padanavum Prasakthium, Oruma publication, Thiruvandapuram. ISBN 9789384329266.
  17. Hareesh Kumar AG and Dr. Thomas Paul Kattookaran,  (2016),      Tax to GDP in India World Management Conference- December 13-15, IIM Ahemedabad (Accepted for Presentation).
  18. Hareesh Kumar AG and Dr. Thomas Paul Kattookaran,  (2016), NBFCs in India-A viable alternative for value chain financing Agricultural Situation in India  ISSN: 0002-1679, June
  19. Hareesh Kumar AG and Dr. Thomas Paul Kattookaran, (2016), Maturity Transformation Practices by NBFCs in India: An Evaluation, Vinimaya ISSN: 09708456. July- September.
  20. Hareesh Kumar A G and  Dr. Thomas Paul Kattookaran, (2016),Remarks of Economic Crisis on Indian Banking Industry: An Evaluation, International Conference on Financial Markets and Corporate Finance (ICFMCF) –August 12 and 13, IIT Madras
  21. V.M.Chacko, (2016), X-Exponential Bathtub shaped failure rate model  (Accepted for Publication), Reliability Theory and Applications
  22. M. Manoharan and T. D. Xavier 1.2016, Stochastic Modeling of Multi-state Disease Dynamics under Random Environments, Second International Symposium on Stochastic Models in Reliability Engineering, Life Science and Operations Management (SMRLO), DOI: 10.1109/SMRLO.2016.69.
  23. Sebastian, N. and Gorenflo, R. 1., (2016), Fractional differentiation of the product of Bessel functions of the first kind, Analysis, 36, No. 1, 39-48.
  24. V.M.Chacko, (2016), Statistical Computing using SPSS: A Case study on Vehicle Price Data , Proceedings of Refresher Course in Computer Science.

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1. Shadow Banking in Kerala- Hareesh kumar A G & Dr Thomas Paul 

2. Maturity Transformation Practices by NBFCs in India: An EvaluationHareesh kumar A G & Dr Thomas Paul Kattookaran,%202016(1).pdf

3. Secular Stagnation: An Introduction- Hareesh kumar A G & Dr Thomas Paul Kattookaran

4. NBFCs in India—A Viable Alternative for Value Chain Financing- Hareesh kumar A G & Dr Thomas Paul Kattookaran