Instructions to the candidate:

• Online application for management quota to postgraduate programmes will be available in the candidate login from 13th July onwards and that for undergraduate programmes will be available after the announcement of higher secondary results.
• The application for admission through management quota is completely online and it should be noted that no one is required to come to college for buying or submitting application form for management quota.

How to apply for admission through management quota

1. Candidates can apply for admission through management quota only after filling the regular application online.
2. The candidate may select the option for admission to management quota if s/he would like to be considered under management quota
3. After opting for the admission through management quota, the applicant will be prompted to perform the online fee payment. The application fee is Rs 150/- for postgraduate programmes.
4. After the payment of the fees, the candidate can view all the details which s/he entered during the filing of regular application. The candidate has to fill few more fields and they have to take the print out of the completed application form.
5. The candidate has to present the printed application form before the person/s who is/are recommending them and fill the respective columns with his/her/their name(s), phone number(s) and signature(s). If there is any relation between the applicant and the person(s) recommending them, it can be also mentioned.
6. After obtaining the signatures of the recommending person(s) on his/her application form, the candidate has to scan and upload the application form through their login. The candidate can also upload the scanned copies of recommendation letters from these persons, if any. The candidate is advised to retain these documents with them and they have to produce them in original at the time of admission.
7. The candidate also has to enter the name(s) and phone number(s) of the recommending person and the candidate’s relation with him/her/them in the online application.
8. Closing date of the MQ application 01st August 2020.