Dept. > Zoology > Teaching StaffDr. Vimala K John M.Sc., Ph.D.

Date of birth: 06-04-1975
Address: Pidiyath house
Nenmanikkara ,Pudukkadu P O,
Trissur Dist. 
Kerala ,India  680301
Contact Nos: Mob: 9446440296,  9895602874(mob)
Ph: 0480 2750977
Email: ,
  • Post Doctoral Fellow,  Thrombosis Research Unit, Biomedical Technology Wing, Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, 2008, Trivandrum.
  • Ph.D (Mahathma Gandhi University)
  • B.Ed (Mahathma Gandhi University)
  • M.Sc. (Mahathma Gandhi University)
  • Diploma in Nutrition & Wellness   NHI California (Distance Education), USA 2010 
 Ph.D. Thesis: Toxicological effects of endosulphan on laboratory Albino mice
PDF Thesis: Development of anti snake venom Pre Clinical study on  Rabbit 
  • Worked as Secondary School Teacher from June1998-May2000 in St Ann's English Medium School Cengannur during this tenure, familiarization with school curriculum and carrying out Project work of students. In Basic science 
  • From June2000- March2002, worked as a guest Lecturer (HHST) in Government Higher Secondary School Omallor &Government Vocational Higher Secondary School Kaippattor in the department of biology. & during this tenure, familiarization with curriculum and carried out Project work of   students in zoology (Theory and Practical Classes)
  • From April2002- May2007 Research Fellow, in Mahatma Gandhi University under Dr Joseph John K ,Reader Department of Zoology , St Thomas College Kozhencherry During this tenure, familiarization with the techniques and carrying out Hematological, and biochemical tests, histopathological studies, toxicological studies, pesticide residue analysis etc.
Part time Jobs:

Carried out from 2002-2007

  • Three years experience as a guest lecturer in St Thomas College, Kozhencherry   (2003 August -  March2007)  Carried out theory and Practical Classes in physiology & project in  BSc & MSc level
  • One year experience as a teaching faculty in MGM Muthoot     medical center Kozhencherry (2005June -2006June) Carried out theory Classes in Physiology& projects in BSc Nursing Class)
  • One year experience as a teaching faculty in School of Medical   Education Pathanamthitta (2006June -2007March), part time Carried out theory and practical Classes in physiology& projects in BSc& MSc level)
Research Interest: Toxicology, Biochemistry, Zoology
  1. Effect of thiodan on some biochemical parameters of Common Indian Frog Euphylectus hexadactylus 
    J. of Tissue Research Vol (4) 221-225(.2005)
  2. Effect of endosulphan on alkaline phosphate Activity in blood and liver of Albino Mice 
    J. Zool. Society of Kerala (1&2): 58-63(2006).
  3. Effect of endosulphan on histopathological alterations in the Vital Tissues of Swiss Albino Mice .
    Int.J. Pharmacol.  Biol.Sci.Vol.4 2009.15-22.(2009)
  4. Effect of endosulphan on ATPase, Lactic Dehydrogenase and Succinic Dehydrogenase activity in tissues of Albino Mice.
    J of Tissue Research Vol (6) 231-256 (2008).
  5. Effect of organ chlorine pesticides on hematological  Parameters of Albino Mice.
    J of Tissue Research Vol (5) 262-269 (2008).
  6.  Effect of endosulphan in morphology and behavioral changes in Albino Mice.
    J of Science Millennium Vol.(2) 30-35,(2009)
  7. Effect of endosulphan on the major nutrients in the vital tissues of Swiss Albino Mice.
    Int.J.Pharmacol.Biol.Sci.Vol 5,225-240 , (2009).
  8. Effect of endosulphan on Acetyl choline esterase activity in target tissues of Albino Mice
    Int.J.Pharmacol.Biol.Sci.Vol ,6, 215-220 ( 2012).
  9. Effect Of Endosulphan On Lactic Dehydrogenase Activities In The Vital Tissues Of Swiss Albino Mice.
    IJPCBS 2012, 2(3), 275-279 (2012)
  10. Effect of endosulphan on Total ATPase in the brain tissue of Swiss Albino Mice.
    Int.J.Cell biology.Vol ,12,  ( 2012 accepted).
  • Effect of Endosulphan on the Alkaline Phosphate Activity In Tissues of Albino Mice.
  • Toxicological Effects of Endosulphan on Laboratory   Albino Mice
  • Effect of Endosulphan on the Histopathology of the Vital Tissues of Swiss Albino Mice.
  1. Participated in the Quality system implementation, in- house training on ISO 17025 Quality Manual, System Procedures and Work Procedures that are practiced in the lab.
  2. Participated in the Indo US Workshop on cell  & Apoptosis held at Mar Athenasious College Thiruvalla on Nov 21-23, 2007
  3. Participated in the Workshop on Curriculum   development in zoology, by M G University held at St Thomas College Kozhencherry on Feb 5-12, 2007.
  4. Participated in National Seminar held by U G C& Coconut development board Kerala on Pesticide pollution held at St Thomas College Kozhencherry   on March 20 -23.,2007
  5. Participated in the National Seminar held by U G C on Environmental Education on St Thomas College Kozhencherry March 12-15, 2006
  6. Participated in the U G C Workshop on Research Practices at St Thomas College Kozhencherry on Nov: 12-15, 1997
  1. In vivo drug testing for pharmacological, toxicological effects on mice and rodent models.
  2. Pharmacological and Toxicological experiments in animal models (rodents).
  3. Immunodiffusion Technique
  4. Biochemical tests like, hematological and enzyme analysis.
  5. Haematological Parameters are RBC,WBC, Total hemoglobin,Packed cell volume,Platelet count,Mean Corpuscular Volume,Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration,P T and APTT,% Hemolysis in blood plasma,Total blood glucose
Enzyme analysis: Acid Phosphatase & Alkaline Phosphatase, Succinic Dehydrogenase, Lactic Dehydrogenase,Total Adinosine Tri Phosphatase,Acetyl Cholinestersae  & SGPT
Bio chemical estimations: They are Total Protein, Total Albumin, Total Glycogen, Total lipid,Serum Creatinine


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