Dept. > Botany > Teaching StaffDr. Ignatius Antony M.Sc., M.Phil., L.L.B., Ph.D

Date of Joining: 22.02.1988
Date of Birth: 17.04.1963
Address: S/o Late K O Antony
Kollannur (H)
TC 19/1112, East Fort, Thrissur 5, 680005
Contact Nos: 9496217317
Education:  M.Sc., M.Phil, L.L.B, Ph.D.
Positions held: Associate Professor, St. Thomas College, Thrissur
Research Areas: Phytoremediation of Domestic Waste Water
  1. First Rank (MPhil-Enviornment Management 2006)
  2. Editorial Board member; Jl. Advances in Arts and Ideas
  3. Director: Institute of Lay Leadership and Training
  4. Director: Institute of Folklore Studies, Thrissur
  5. Certificate of appreciation (Blood Donation), KASACS, Kerala.
  6. Certificate of appreciation (Pain and Pliative), KASACS, Kerala
  7. Dr. M.I.Korath Prize for the Best Student (1983, B.Sc. Botany)
  8. N. Parameshwara Menon prize, Best Student (2nd Year Degree Hindi), 1982
  1. Member, Indian Society for Conservation Biology (ISCB)
  2. Member,  Zoo Out reach Organization(ZOO)
  3. Member,  Association of Microbiologists India (AMI)
  4. Member,  Society for Biotechnologist of India (SBTI)
  5. Member,  Zoo Out research Journal (ZOJ)
  6. Trichur management Association (TMA)
  7. Nature Education Society Thrissur (NEST)
  8. DEEKSHA (Complete Environment Magazine)
  9. Life Member: Millennium Zoology Journal
  1. Advisory Board Member, Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan, Thrichur
  2. Resourse person, Chavakkad Leagal Service Committe
  3. Resourse person, Gandhigram Rural University
  4. Ex NSS Programme Officer 2006-09
  5. Master Trainer Census 2010-11
  6. Observer KEAM 2005-2010
  7. Resource person  Social Legislation, MSW
  8. Resourse Person Sanskrit Deemed University, Guruvayoor
  • Ignatius Antony K., Ancy Davis V. and Regi P. Mathew. 2014. Heavy metal pollution: Awareness formation through environmental education. Conflux Journal of Education.pISSN 2320-9305. eISSN 2347-5706. Vol.1. 72-76.
  • Aryalakshmi K. J., ArunBabu V., Ignatius Antony and Ramasamy E. V. 2014. Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) with Eichhorniacrassipes(Mart.) Solms: An effective way to treat greywater.  Proceedings of the International Symposium on Integrated Water Recources Management.IWRM-2014.Vol.1. 446-452.
  • Ignatius A.K. and Regi P.M. 2013. A study on the awareness about E-waste management practices among the Secondary School teachers. Erudition 59-62.
  • ArunBabu V, Ignatius A.K, Jithin M. K., and E. V. Ramasamy. 2013. Hydrocotyleasiatica: A potential bioremedient of Cadmium: a concern for ayurvedic preparations. Proc. 25thKSC.: 39-41 .
  • Regi P.M. and Ignatius A.K. 2012. A study on the awareness about E-waste management practices among the Secondary School teachers. Proc. National Seminar on sustainable development , pp. 139-143.
  • Rahul K., Ignatius A.K. andE. V. Ramasamy. 2012. Phycoremediation of greywater using selected chlorophyceae members. Proc. National seminar on sustainable development: 70-75.
  • ArunBabu V, Sruthy S., Ignatius A. and E. V. Ramasamy. 2014. Greywater treatment using sub-surface flow constructed wetlands planted with Axonopuscompressus (Sw.) P. Beauv. International Symposium on Integrated Water Recources Management.(IWRM-2014).Abstr.133-134.
  • ArunBabu V, Shamily V.K., Sajithkumar K.J., Ignatius A. and E. V. Ramasamy. 2012. Muncipal solid waste leachate treatment in horizondal surface flow constructed wetlands planted withColocasiaesculenta (L) Schott. Proc. National Seminar on Muncipal solid waste management issues and prospects.Abstr.47-48.
  • ArunBabu V, Ignatius A., Jithin M. K., and E. V. Ramasamy. 2012. Salviniamolesta- a potential aquatic weed for treating cadmiumcontaminated wastewater. International Conference on anthropogenic impact on the environment and bioremediation IICAIEB),Abstr.118-119.
  • Ignatius A., ArunBabu V, Jayasooryan K.K.,  ShyleshChandran M.S. and Ramasamy, E.V. 2012. Cadmium removal efficiency of a cum medicinally important plant Kyllinganimoralis: A phytoremediation approach.  National Seminar on Muncipal solid waste management issues and prospects.Abstr.43-44.
  • ArunBabu V, Neethu Joy, Ignatius A. and E. V. Ramasamy. 2013. Rhizofiltration of Zinc by Plectranthusamboinicus (.Lour) Spreng in a hydroponic system. National Conference on heavy metals in the environment .Abstr.49-51.
  • Ignatius A.K., ArunBabu V, Neethu Joy and E. V. Ramasamy. 2012. Heavy metal removal efficiency of weed Axonopuscompressus in a hydroponic system. National Conference on conservation and management of wetland ecosystems.Abstr.142-143.
  • Regi, P.M. and Ignatius A.K. 2012. E-waste: an ever-growing global threat against sustainable development. National Conference on conservation and management of wetland ecosystems.Abstr.109-110.
  • Ignatius A., ArunBabu V, Jayasooryan K.K. and Ramasamy, E.V. 2012.Decondamiantion of Cadmium polluted water with two weeds: a Phytoremediation approach. First National Biodiversity congress.Abstr. 95.
Books Published:
  • Subin K.J., Abin Varghese, John C.M. and Ignatius A.K. 2012. Concept notes for Practical GIS. Greens Publications, Coimbatore.
  • Subin K.J., Abin Varghese, Liza Mathew K., John C.M. Koshy P.M. and Ignatius A.K. 012.Global positioning System.Greens Publications, Coimbatore.
  • Ignatius A.K. and Subin K.J. 2012.GeoinformaticsScience , Technology and
    applications. Mary matha publications.


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