Tenders & Quotationse-Tender Procedures


The tender is to be submitted as e-tender through https://etenders.kerala.gov.in. Since this is an e-tender, only those bidders who have enrolled in the https://etenders.kerala.gov.in portal with their own Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) can participate in the tender. E-Tender document and other details can be obtained from the above e-portal. Rate quoted should be inclusive of taxes and all other charges.


EMD@1% of the quoted amount should be remitted through SBI Internet banking/ ONLINE NEFT Transaction as indicated in the e Tender notice. All payments including EMD should be made as single payment through online. Detailed technical specifications (including catalogues and other details if any) should be uploaded under the heading Other Important Documents and hard copies of the same should be submitted as per the time schedule indicated. Performance Security equivalent to 5% of the total value of the contract rounded to the nearest rupee should be submitted by the successful bidder for a contract value above Rs.1,00,000/-. All bid/tender documents are to be submitted online only and in the designated cover(s)/envelope(s) on the website. Tenders/Bids shall be accepted only through online mode on the website and no manual submission of the same shall be entertained. Late tenders will not be accepted. For any additional details contact the Principal, St. Thomas College (Autonomous), Thrissur, Kerala State, during working hours (9961335938)

Online Payment modes

The tender document fees and EMD can be paid in the following manner through e-Payment facility provided by the e-Procurement system:


  1. State Bank of India (SBI) Internet Banking: If a bidder has a SBI internet banking account, then, during the online bid submission process, bidder shall select SBI option and then select Internet banking option. The e-Procurement system will re-direct the bidder to SBI’s internet banking page where he can enter his internet banking credentials and transfer the tender document and EMD amount.
  2. National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT)/ Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS):If a bidder holds bank account in a different bank, then, during the online bid submission process, bidder shall select NEFT / RTGSoption. An online remittance form would be generated, which the bidder can use for transferring amount through NEFT / RTGS either by using internet banking of his bank or visiting nearest branch of his bank. After obtaining the successful transaction receipt no., the bidder has to update the same in e-Procurement system for completing the process of bid submission. Bidder should only use the details given in the Remittance form for making a NEFT / RTGS payment otherwise payment would result in failure in e-Procurement system.

As NEFT payment status confirmation is not received by e-Procurement system on a real-time basis, bidders are advised to exercise NEFT mode of payment option at least 48 hours prior to the last date and time of bid submission to avoid any payment issues.

For RTGS the timings that the banks follow may vary depending on the customer timings of the bank branches and settlement from RBI. Bidders are advised to exercise RTGS mode of payment at least 24 hours prior to the last date and time of bid submission to avoid any payment issues.


NEFT / RTGS payment should done according to following guidelines:


  1. Single transaction for remitting Tender document fee and EMD: Bidder should ensure that tender document fees and EMD are remitted as one single transaction.
  2. Account number as per Remittance Form only: Account no. entered during NEFT/RTGS remittance at any bank counter or during adding beneficiary account in Internet banking site should be the same as it appears in the remittance form generated for that particular bid by the e-Procurement system. Bidder should ensure that tender document fees and EMD are remitted only to the account number given in the Remittance form provided by e-Procurement system for that particular tender.

Bidders must ensure that the banker inputs the Account Number (which is case sensitive) as displayed in the Remittance form.  No additional information like bidder name, company name, etc. should be entered in the account no. column along with account no. for NEFT / RTGS remittance.

  1. Only NEFT / RTGS Remittance Allowed: Account to Account transfers, State Bank Group Transfers (GRPT), Payments from NRE Accounts, SWIFT Transfers, IMPS or Cash payments are not allowed and are treated as invalid mode of payments. Bidder must ensure that the banker does NEFT or RTGS (for above 2 lakhs payments as per RBI guidelines) transaction only and specially instruct the banks not to convert the payment type to GRPT or any other payment mode.
  2. Amount as per Remittance form: Bidder should ensure that the amount being remitted is neither less nor higher than the amount shown in remittance form.
  3. UTR Number: Bidders should ensure that the remittance confirmation (UTR number) received after NEFT / RTGS transfer should be updated as it is, in the e-Procurement system for tracking the payment.
  4. One Remittance Form per Bidder and per Bid: The remittance form provided by e-Procurement system shall be valid for that particular bidder and bid and should not be re-used for any other tender or bid or by any other bidder.

Any transaction charges levied while using any of the above modes of online payment has be borne by the bidder. The supplier/contractor's bid will be evaluated only if payment status against bidder is showing “Success” during bid opening.

General Tender Terms & Conditions for e-Procurement


This tender is an e-Tender and is being published online for the St.Thomas College (Autonomous) , Thrissur The tender is invited in 2 cover system from the registered and eligible firms through e-procurement portal of Government of Kerala (https://www.etenders.kerala.gov.in). Prospective bidders willing to participate in this tender shall necessarily register themselves with above mentioned e-procurement portal.


The tender timeline is available in the critical date section of this tender published in www.etenders.kerala.gov.in.


A).Online Bidder registration process:


Bidders should have a Class II or above Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) to be procured from any Registration Authorities (RA) under the Certifying Agency of India. Details of RAs will be available on www.cca.gov.in. Once, the DSC is obtained, bidders have to register on www.etenders.kerala.gov.in website for participating in this tender. Website registration is a one-time process without any registration fees. However, bidders have to procure DSC at their own cost.

Bidders may contact e-Procurement support desk of Kerala State IT Mission over telephone at 0471-2577088/188/388 or 0484-2336006, 2332262 or 0497-2764788, 2764188 or 0483-273294 or  through email: etendershelp@kerala.gov.in or helpetender@gmail.comfor assistance in this regard.


B).Online Tender Process:

The tender process shall consist of the following stages:


i.Downloading of tender document: Tender document will be available for free download on www.etenders.kerala.gov.in. However, tender document fees shall be payable at the time of bid submission as stipulated in this tender document.

ii.Pre-bid meeting: NA

iii.Publishing of Corrigendum: All corrigenda shall be published on www.etenders.kerala.gov.in and shall not be available elsewhere.

iv.Bid submission: Bidders have to submit their bids along with supporting documents to support their eligibility, as required in this tender document on www.etenders.kerala.gov.in. No manual submission of bid is allowed and manual bids shall not be accepted under any circumstances.

v.Opening of Technical Bid and Bidder short-listing: The technical bids will be opened, evaluated and shortlisted as per the eligibility and technical qualifications. All documents in support of technical qualifications shall be submitted (online). Failure to submit the documents online will attract disqualification. Bids shortlisted by this process will be taken up for opening the financial bid.

vi.Opening of Financial Bids: Bids of the qualified bidder’s shall only be considered for opening and evaluation of the financial bid on the date and time mentioned in critical date’s section.


  1. Documents Comprising Bid:


  1. The First Stage (Pre-Qualification or Technical Cover based on 1cover or2 cover tender system):


Pre-Qualification or Technical proposal shall contain the scanned copies of the following documents which every bidder has to upload:

(i) Relevant Brochure

(ii) Dealership Certificate

(iii) Nearest OEM authorized service centre details

(iv) Warranty of OEM (Original Equipment  Manufacturer)

(v) Nearby users list/certificate with personal contact details

(vi) Specification of the item delivering        

(vii) Agreement


The department doesn’t take any responsibility for any technical snag or failure that has taken place during document upload. The items with out the specifications given in Tender Notice will be rejected, if not acceptable as per the requirement of College.


  1. The Second Stage (Financial Coveror as per tender cover system):


The Bidder shall complete the Price bid as per format given for download along with this tender.


Note: The blank price bid should be downloaded and saved on bidder’s computer without changing file-name otherwise price bid will not get uploaded. The bidder should fill in the details in the same file and upload the same back to the website.



Fixed price: Prices quoted by the Bidder shall be fixed during the bidder's performance of the contract and not subject to variation on any account. A bid submitted with an adjustable/ variable price quotation will be treated as non - responsive and rejected.



For submission of bids, all interested bidders have to register online as explained above in this document. After registration, bidders shall submit their Technical bid and Financial bid online on www.etenders.kerala.gov.in along with online payment of tender document fees and EMD.

For page by page instructions on bid submission process, please visit www.etenders.kerala.gov.in and click “Bidders Manual Kit” link on the home page.

                It is necessary to click on “Freeze bid” link/ icon to complete the process of bid submission otherwise the bid will not get submitted online and the same shall not be available for viewing/ opening during bid opening process.





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