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The Department of Languages, which was formerly known as General Department, came into existence with the very inception of the self financing section of St. Thomas' College in June 2007. This department includes faculty members of English, Malayalam and Hindi course of UG classes. The department facilitates students to have a better understanding of the languages and also function with deeper insights to their very existence.

Faculty Members

Prof.K.V.Chandrasekharan MA (Hindi) Ph: 9446147760

Dr.E.D.John MA, Ph.D. (English) Ph: 9446278610

Rev.Fr.Thomas Edakkalathur MA (Malayalam) Ph: 9496913633

Navya N. C. MSc (Physics) Ph: 7293624788

Jemi Louis M.Sc., M.C.A, B.Ed (Mathematics) Ph: 9744834120

Namitha Raphael MA (English) Ph: 9946510291

Francis T. V. MA (English) Ph: 9496643824

Anu Jose MA, M.Phil (English) Ph:8891741722

Sherin C. P. M.Sc. (Mathematics) Ph: 7293390333

    Teaching Staff

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Updated on: 29 Sep 2013

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