Institution Analecta

1889 - St. Thomas School (even then called College) opened by the Vicar Apostolic of  Trichur  Rt.Rev. Adolphus 

**********Edwin Medlycott, Ph.D.
1893 - Incomplete High School. 
1895 - Rev. Fr. John Menacherry appointed the Vicar  Apostolic of Trichur.
1901 - July :The School shifted to the present site by  Rt.Rev. John Menacherry.
1904 - August : The school recognised as a complete High School.
1904 - December :First batch matriculated.
1918 - May 4 : Demise of Bishop Medlycott at Bangalore.
1919 - April : The High School raised to the rank of a Second Grade College in Arts, affilated to   the University of Madras
1919 - June - 23 - Admission to Ist PUC started.
1919 - August - Formal Inauguration by His Highness Sree Rama Varma, the Maharaja of  Cochin
**********Patron : Bishop John Menacherry.
**********Manager : Rev. Fr. Francis Vazhappilly.
**********Principal : Rev. Fr. John Palocaren B.A.
1919 - December 19 - Demise of Bishop Menachery.
1921 -The Boarding House shifted from the College campus to Thop 
1921 - July - Bishop Francis Vazhappilly, Patron of the College.Rev. Fr. A.J. Ukken,  Manager.   Mr. P. Sankaran Nambiar, B.A. (Honours),  **********Officiating Principal.
1922 - Further affiliation in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry (Intermediate)
1924 - January : Rev. Fr. Palocaren, M.A. (Edin.) Principal
1925 - March : Affiliation sanctioned as a First Grade College in  History Group.
**********Manager:   Rev. Fr. M. Edakkolathur, 
1926 - June : B.A. Course started in Group I Mathematics
1927 - June : Suppression of Boarding House and starting of Major Seminary at Thope.
1927 - October 14 - Mahatma Gandhi addressed a meeting of staff and students
1928 - Madras University First General Commission inspected the College.
1934 - Two Hostels built (St. Mary's & Cosmopolitan)
1935 - September 19: Sir Sri Rama Varma, the Maharaja of Cochin, visited the College.
1936 - Main block of College buildings extended and made two storeyed (Medlycott Hall)
1937 - Seminary building in Thope was converted into a Hostel  called St. Thomas Hostel. The title " Monsigneur" 
**********conferred on the Manager and the Principal. 
1938 - October - Madras University Second Commission  (Vice - Chancellor and Registrar visited the College.
1939 - Affiliation in Hindi for the Intermediate and B.A.
1941 - Separate Science Block constructed (Menacherry Hall)
1942 - May 12: Demise of Bishop Vazhappilly.
1944 - Silver Jubilee of the College (i.e., the 55th year of educational service of the institution).
1944- May : Rt. Rev.  George Alapatt, Ph.D., the Bishop of Trichur became Patron of  the College & 
**********Rt. Rev. Msgr. A. Puduchery, Manager
1945 - Extensive playground laid out in Thope.
1946 - March - Madras University Third General Commission inspected the College
1948 - August  19 - Demise of Msgr. Palocaren
1948 - September 20 - Prof. Joseph Pettah M.A., officiating Principal.
1949 - May 1 - Rev. Fr. Joseph Kallingal M.A., Principal.
1951 - May - Affiliation in Natural Science (Intermediate) and B.Sc. (Physics)
1951 - June - Started St. Thomas Boarding House instead of the Hostel at Thope.
1954 - Madras University Fourth General Commission visited the College.
1955 - Affiliation in B.A. ( Statistics)
1956 - June - Pre University Course started. Stadium in the College playground constructed.
1956 - August 23 - Laying of the foundation stone of the new Science Block by Sri Panampilly Govinda Menon,
********** the Chief Minister of Travancore-Cochin.
1957 - June - Affiliation to Kerala University. Three year Degree course started in Economics, Mathematics, 
**********Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Commerce.
1957 - June - 18 - Rt. Rev. Msgr. Paul Chittilappilly, B.A., B.T., Manager
1957 - October -  Sri.V.K.Krishna Menon, the Defence Ministerof India, visited the College. Prof. C.D. Deshmukh, 
**********the Chairman of the University Grants Commission, also visited the College.
1958 - January -  Dr. John Mathai, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Kerala, visited the College.
1958 - Three year Degree course in Botany and Statistics
1959 - Pavilion in the College play ground.
1959 - February 14 - Inauguration of the new Science Block(Vazhappilly Hall, Palocaren Hall  & Tisserant Hall) by 
**********His Eminence Valerian Cardinal Gracias, the Archbishop of *Bombay
1960 - June - Rev. Fr. Ittiera Mampilly M.A., Principal.
1961 - M.Sc. in physics and chemistry started.
1962 - Kerala University General Inspection Commission visited the College.
1963 - May 31 Rev. Dr.  Thomas Mootheden M.A.,D.D.         Principal.
1964 -January 20 - Mrs. Laksmi N. Menon, the Union Minister, visited the College.
1964 - June - Integrated two year Pre-degree course. Last batch of one year Pre-Universitycourse for the benefit 
 **********of eligible candidates. M.Sc. (Maths) and M.A. (English) started.
1965 - June - M.A. ( Economics) started. A new building opened in St. Mary's Hostel which *is renamed St. Thomas' Hostel. a 
 **********new addition made to the Science Block
1966 - June -Started the  B.Sc. (Special course in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry) .St. George's Hostel for 
 **********staff and Post Graduate students inaugurated.
1967 - June B.A. (Pattern II) History & English started
1968 - July 23 - Calicut University inaugurated and the College gets affiliated to it.
1968 - August - Commencement of the last batch of B.Sc. (Special) course and the first batch of  M.Com and 
 **********M.Sc. Botany
1969 - January - Golden Jubliee Celebration (i.e., the 80th year of the institution). 
1969 - August - M.Sc. Zoology started.
1970 - Science Block completed with the addition of George Alappatt Block.
1970 - August 16 - Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Kundukulam, the Bishop of Trichur, the Patron.
1971 - College comes under the COSIP scheme of UGC.
1971 - July 1-Rev. Fr. Nicholas Anthikad, B.Sc.(Honours) STL, (Rome) M.A. (Nova Scotia), Principal.
1971 - November 18-Farely Richmond, Director of the Asian Theatres, University of Michigan, visited the College.
1972 - Post Graduate Inspection Commission visited the College.
1972 - September 1-After a prolonged strike of the private college teachers of the state, payment of salary to the collegiate 
**********staff by the Kerala Government commences. 
1973 - July - Suppression of Cosmopolitan Hostel
1973 - November 6 - Demise of Bishop Alappatt at Karanchira
1974 - February 23-Rt. Rev. Msgr. Iype Irimpen, Manager,  and he becomes Bishop of Palghat in September.
1974 - September 10 - Rt. Rev. Msgr. John Maliekkal, Manager.
1975 - March 30 - Scheme of Pensionary Benefits for private College staff notified by the Government.
1975 - April 30 - Visit of UGC Survey Committee.
1977 - College selected for COHSSIP by UGC
1978 - June 13 - Principal Rev. Fr. Nicholas Anthikad on leave ( upto March 26, 1979 ) Prof.T.O.Mathew 
 **********appointed officiating Principal in the leave-vacancy.
1978 - September 30 - Rt. Rev. Msgr. Paul Chittilappilly DCL. Manager
1979 - June 1-Rev. Fr. Nicholas Anthikad relinquished Principalship. Prof T.O. Mathew M.A. appointed as Principal.
1979 - August 1 - Shift system for the Pre Degree classes was started with three batches of students
1980 - February 14 - The Four Day Diamond Jubliee ( i.e., the 91st year of the institution clebrations of the
 **********College inaugurated by Sri. N. Sanjiva Reddy, President of *India, who also laid the foundation 
 **********stone of the proposed new Library and Reading Hall.
1980 - February 25 - Calicut University General Commission visited the College.
1980 - August - Affiliation in Fourth Group Commerce in Pre Degree.
1981 - May 7 - Principal Prof. T.O. Mathew retired.
1981 - May 8 - Rev. Fr. Paul Alappat, M.A., B.D. Principal.
1982 - August 19 - Shift System for the Pre Degree Fourth Group started.
1984 - December 18 - M.Sc. Statistics started.
1987 - May 12 - Manager Rt. Rev. Paul Chittilappilly on leave
1987 - May 12 - Rt. Rev. Msgr. Ignatius Chalissery appointed  acting Manager.
1988 - May 19 - Rt. Rev. Msgr. Paul Chittilappilly appointed  Bishop, Diocese of Kalyan.
1988 - May 19 -  Rt. Rev. Msgr Ignatius Chalissery, Manager.
1989 - Rev. Fr. Paul Alappatt, MA., elected to the Syndicate of the University of Calicut, fromthe Principal's 
1993 - March 19 - Platinum Jubliee celeberations inaugurated by the Honourable Minister for Education 
**********Shri. E.T. Mohammed Basheer. Foundation stone of the JublieeMemorial Indoor Stadium blessed by 
**********the patron Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Kundukulam.
1993 - May 23 - Purvavidyarthisangamam inaugurated by Shri. E.M.S. Namboodiripad.
1994 - Jan. 8 - Platinum Jubliee (i.e., 105th year of the institution) Valedictory Functionsinaugurated by 
**********Sri. P.V. Narasimha Rao, the Honourable Prime Minister of India.
**********Sri. K. Karunakaran, the Chief Minister of Kerala presided over the function. 
1994 - Jan. 18 - Rev. Mother Theresa received a delegation of the College community.        
1994 - March 25 - Foundation stone of the Platinum Jubliee Memorial Building blessed by the*Patron 
**********Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Kundukulam.
1994 - March 31 - Principal Rev. Fr. Paul Alappat, retired.
1994 - April 1 - Rev. Fr. Antony Porathur M.A. Ph.D. appointed  as Principal.
1994 - Sept. : U.G.C. Vocationalisation of B.Com. Degree course with  Travel and Tourism Management.
1995 - Jan. 24 - Rev. Dr. Bosco Puthur appointed as Manager.
1997 - February 15 - Most Rev. Dr. Jacob Thoomkuzhy, Archbishop of Trichur, Patron.
1997 - July 3 - Indoor Stadium inaugurated. The Management takes measures to control
**********the student politics and frequent strikes which led to a prolonged confrontation 
**********which was settled with the mediation of Sri. P. J. Joseph, Minister for Education, Govtof Kerala.
1998 - April 26 - Demise of Archbishop Mar Joseph Kundukulam, former Patron.
1998 - June - Delinking of Pre Degree begins. 3 batches suppressed.
1999 - February 20 - Manager, Rev. Dr. Bosco Puthur relieved
1999 - February 21 - Rt. Rev. Msgr. Joseph Kakkassery appointed as Manager.
1999 - June - B.Com Travel and Tourism Degree Course regularised
1999 - December - Fr. Antony Porathur, PhD, elected to the Syndicate of the University of Calicut, from the 
**********Principal's constituency.
2000 - Renovation of the Arts Block (Old Blocks) started. 
2001 - March - Pre Degree delinked from the College.
2001 - August - B. Sc. Computer Science started
2002 - January - Computerisation of the Library started.
2002 - June 3 - Renovated Arts Block (Old Blocks) blessed by His Grace Mar Jacob Thoomkuzhy, M.A.,DCL
**********Archbishop of Thrissur
2002 - July 9 - Decided to admit women-students to the P.G. Courses
2002 - November - BSc Electronics and MSW courses started. Measures for NAAC accreditation started 
**********under the leadership of Fr. Antony Porathur PhD, Principal, and Sri. Varghese O. Vazhappilly,
**********Co-ordinator of the Steering Committee.
2003 - Januray 23. Rev. Msgr. Joseph Kakkassery, the Manager relieved.
 **********Rev. Msgr. Andrews Thazhath, B.D., DOCL, appointed Manager.
2004 - February 16. The College got accredited at the B+ + level (83 %) by the National Assessment and 
**********Accreditation Council (NAAC) on the basis of the physical verification of the Self Study Report 
**********of the College by a NAAC Peer Team *led by Prof. Sasidhara Prasad, Vice-Chancellor of the 
**********University of Mysore, between 11th and 13th of February.          
2004 - May 1- Rev. Msgr. Andrews Thazhath, the Manager of the College, nominated Auxiliary Bishop of the 
**********Archdiocese of Trichur.        
2004 - May 25 - Decided to admit women-students to the B.A. and B.Sc. Degree Coursesfrom the academic 
**********year 2004 - 05 onwards.
2004 - May 31- Rev. Fr. Antony Porathur PhD, the Principal, retired.
2004 - June 1- Sri A. M. Francis M.Com., Head of the Department of Commerce, appointed Principal of the College. 
2004 - October 2 - 3 Visit of Padmavibhushan Prof. K. N. Raj, (formerly Economic adviser to Govt. of India, one time
**********Vice Chancellor of the University of Delhi, a Memberof the United Nations Committee on Development 
**********Planning, a Corresponding Fellow of the British Academy and a University Grants Commission National
**********Professor), Dr. I. G. Patel and Dr. Bimal Jalan (both former Governors of *the Reserve Bank of India) 
**********and Ashok Mitra, former Finance Minister of West Bengal, in connection with the National Conference
**********organized by the Dept. of Economics in association with International Labour Organisation of UNO, 
**********the Planning Commission of Govt. of India, the Economic and Political Weekly, and the Malcom and 
**********Elizabeth Adiseshiah Trust. 
2004 - October 14 -  MSc Computer Science and MSc Electronics (both as self-financing courses) started.
2005 - November 30 - Foundation stone for a new block of college laid by Mar  Andrews Thazhath, the 
**********manager of college
2006 - December 12 - Sacredotal golden jubilee block inaugurated
2007 - January 30 - Dr. Andrews Thazhath , BD, DOCL, the manager relieved. Msgr. Raphael Thattil, DOCL 
**********appointed as manager. Rev. Fr. Raphael *Vadakan, appointed as vicar general
2007 - 51 sacredotal Golden Jubaliee Scholarships instituted in the current year for academically bright and 
**********economicaly weak students
2007 - March 18 - Mar ndrews Thazhat, former manager of the college become archbishop of Thrissur, patron.
**********dddecided to admit women students to the B. Com from 2007-08 onwards
2008 - March . completion of computerisation of college office2008 - March 31 - Sri A M Francis M Com , Principal, retired.
2008 - April  1 - Rev. Fr. Dr.Davessy Panthalokaran. M .A.(Eng), M.A(Soc), M.A(Phil), Ph.D , Lecturer Selection
**********Grade , Dept of nglish, appointed as principal 
2008 - June 18 - Navathi celebrations inaugurated by His Beatitude Cardinal Varkey Vithayathil , The Arch Bishop 
**********of Syro Malabar Church
2008 - November 10 'VISION 2020' , inaugurated by Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam , Former president of India
2009 - January 12 - Valedictory functions of the Navathi Celebrations , Sri Vayalar Ravi,  Hon. Minister of Foreign 
**********affiars & Parlimentary affiars , Govt. of India, Padmasree Dr. K J Yasudas, Sri K P Rajendren,
********** Hon Revenue Minister of Kerala were the chief guests.
2010 - March 31 - Rev. Dr. Devassy Panthallookkaran Ph.D., principal retired.
2010 - April 1 - Dr. P.O. Jenson M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D., Dept. of  Statistics appointed the principal of the college.
2010 - April 17 - Dr. Raphael Thattil became the auxiliary bishop of Trichur Archdiocese.

2011 - January 08- The College got reaccredited for a further period of five years with CGPA of 3.58 on a four

point scale at ‘A’ Grade securing third position in Kerala, on the basis of the physical verification (2010

September 27 to 29) and study report by the NAAC Peer Team led by Prof. K.M Kaveriappa, Former

Vice-Chancellor of the university of Mysore.

June 01- The existing Arts and Science Blocks were renamed as Administrative and Academic Blocks

respectively by the Manager, Mar Raphael Thattil.

2012 - March 03 - The college paid homage to the Founding Fathers of St. Thomas’ College in connection with

the post centennial Silver Jubilee of the Archdiocese of Trichur. Msgr. John Palocaren (125th birth

anniversary) and Fr. Thomas Moothedan (100th birth anniversary) were specially remembered. Dr

Mohinder Singh and Dr. Cyriac Thomas, members of National Commission for Minority Educational

Institutions were the Chief Guests of the programme.

July 28-Hon’ble Chief Minister of Kerala Sri. Oommen Chandy visited our college.

August 16 - The College was given protection by the order of the Hon’ble Highcourt of Kerala.

August 22-Bachelor of Visual Communication and BCA courses started.

September 01- All students’ political organisations and all their activities inside the college campus


November 01- A small Chapel was blessed and inaugurated with the Holy Presence.

2013 - March 14 - The Department of Economics has been raised to the status of a Research Department and

started offering Ph.D. in Economics.

April 8 - The Department of Statistics has been raised to the status of a Research Department and started

offering Ph.D. in Statistics.

June 7 - The Department of Commerce has been raised to the status of a Research Department and started

offering Ph.D. in Commerce.

June 15 - Bachelor of Business Administration and B.Com courses in self financing stream were started.

August - 16 Hon’ble Justice M.S.A. Siddiqui, Chairman of National Commission for Minority Educationl

Institutions addressed a gathering here

December 16 - Gandhi Smrthi Open Air Theatre (In memory of Mahatma’s visit) was inaugurated by His

Grace Mar Andrews Thazhath

2014 - February 04 - The Department of Botany has been raised to the status of a Research Department and started

offering Ph.D. in Botany.

May 5 - B.VOC Courses in Digital Film Production and Medical Laboratory Technology sanctioned.

May 21- Diploma in Visual Communi- cation under the scheme community college


June 26 - The UGC granted Autonomus Status to the college from 13.06.2014 onwards

for a period of Six years i.e. 2014-2019

September 04 - M.Sc. Computer Science Course (Aided), Bachelor of Multimedia

Communication & Master of Visual Communication started.

September - 16 Sri. Oommen Chandy, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Kerala formally

declared the Autonomous Status at a Solemn function held here.

2015 - March 26 - The Department of Mathematics has been raised to the status of a Research Department and

started offering Ph.D. in Mathematics.

2016 - March 11 – H. E. Dr. Joao da Camara, the Portugal Ambassador to India visited the College for

releasing the translation work of the Portuguese Epic Os Lvsiadas by Dr. C. J. Davees.

April 01 - UGC has given “College with Potential for Excellence” (CPE) status to the College with effect

from 01.04.2016 to 31.03.2021.

May 25 - Prof. Sri. C. Ravindranath, former student and teacher becomes the new

education minister of Kerala.

June 10 - Department of Physics has been raised to the status of a Research Department.

July 01 - Foundation stone for the Centenary Campus at cheroor laid by Mar Andrews Thazhath in the

presence of Adv. V.S. Sunilkumar Hon'ble Minister for Agriculture, Kerala State.

August 16 - First Graduation Ceremony of PG students under the autonomous stream of the college

September 23 - Msgr. John Palocaren Sqare with roofing is inaugurated

December 5 to 7 - NAAC Peer team visit for physical verification

December 16 - The college reaccredited with A Grade by NAAC in the third cycle

2017 - February - Blessing of renovated Medlycott Hall of the college

May 6 - Declaration of Centenary Celebration of the College


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