Exams & Results The Controller of Examinations


  • The office of the Controller of Examinations functions as the kernel of the evaluation process.
  • Examination Manual approved by the affiliating University is prepared and maintained for the smooth conduct of examinations.
  • Panel of question paper setters is nominated by the Chairmen of the Boards of Studies and selection of question paper setter is by the office of the Controller of Examinations.
  • The internal examinations are also conducted in a centralised manner.
  • There is an internal evaluation and external scrutiny for UG examinations.
  • There is double evaluation for PG examinations.
  • The Chairmen of all Boards of Examiners meet to evaluate the examination process and declare the results.
  • Complete confidentiality is ensured through various measures.

Controller of Examinations

Dr Paulson Mathew, Mob:-  , Email:  ce@stthomas.ac.in, coestthomas@gmail.com

Exam Superintendent

Dr.V.M.Chacko, Ph.No.9961335938 (Chief Exam Superintendent)

Dr. C. F. Binoy, Ph. No. 8921645795  (Senior Assistant Exam Superintendent)