Minor/Major Projects

Shaun Paul Adambukulam UGC minor Studies on diversity and population of Odonates(Dragonflies and Damselflies) in the Kol lands of Thrissur District,Kerala 4,10.000.00 2015-17 ongoing
Dr. Britto Joseph.K UGC minor Develoment of Mass Culture Techniques of Selected Species of Freshwater Cladocera from Thrissur District, Kerala 1,50.000.00 2014-16 ongoing
Dr. Binoy CF UGC minor Biosystematic studies on the Hymenopteran Parasitoids Associated With Some Important Stored Product Pests In Kerala, India. 1,70.000.00 2011-13 completed
Dr. Francy K Kakkassery UGC minor Studies on the Diversity of Freshwater Zooplankton of Kerala and developing Mass Culture of selected species as live feed in Aquaculture 1,60,000.00 2009-11 completed